Step by Step

Season 4 Episode 16

One Truck, Al Dente

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1995 on CBS
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One Truck, Al Dente
Al is learning to drive, but she dents Frank's truck when J.T. lets her drive while Frank and Carol are away at the doctors. Meanwhile, Dana has her wisdom teeth removed, but the pain medication get to her head.

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  • Carol and Frank attend baby classes, Al begs JT to take her driving, and Dana gets a strange reaction to pain medicine after a visit to the dentist.

    This episode was hillarious! After getting her wisdom teeth taken out, sensible, studious, no nonsense Dana has to take pain medication, which she has a strange reaction to, she practically turns into Cody's twin, calls everyone Dude, sings the blues, gets the ice cream headache and laughs manically at everything, to the point where Cody himself starts hiding from her because she's getting on HIS nerves "how many times can someone use the word dude?" he asks.

    Staci Keanan as Dana really proved she could do anything as she totally threw herself into this role, as if she were mimicking the muppets on a high, she really gave Sasha Mitchell competition as Cody took a back seat in being an idiot and just mainly disaproved of Dana, it was really funny to see a different side of Dana, but kind of missed her biting witt. Meanwhile Al is learning to drive and Frank is hating it, he wont teach her, so she enlists the help of JT as he sort of qualifies as a responsible adult, by the fact she really wants to drive,"you have to do everything I tell you!" JT tells her.. big mistake, you can see it coming a mile off, and yes the truck gets wrecked and the side of the house as she crashes into it after JT suggests she "give it more gas!". Jt then comes up with an idea of fixing it so Frank doesn't know...

    Frank has his own problems he's at a parenting class with Carol, and while she takes it way too seriously bathing a doll, as he is watching her rolling his eyes, he manages to drown his, realising his mistake he quickly squeezes the doll soaking everyone, Patrick Duffy's facial expressions as the clueless Frank are hillarious and as he tries to make things better it just gets worse, eventually he is asked to perform how to stop the baby choking "five sharp smacks between the shoulder blades", Frank manages one and the head flies off into another parents baby bath while Carol looks on astonished at a helpless Frank. With great expressions from Suzanne Sommers too, later she is trying to console Frank and tell him he'll be a great father, he responds by nodding, feeling better, then driving away with the baby seat on the roof.

    JT has done quite a good job fixing the truck and it looks as good as new, Frank comes into the garage and Al and JT claim to have cleaned it for him, side stepping his everymove, Frank eventually passes them and gets some plans out of the truck, he slams the door and the side drops off, Frank glares at them both "Ive killed three kids today, two more won't matter" he says as Al and JT back away blaming eachother, Frank hits JT with the rolled up plans, simultaniously followed by Al snatching them and also hitting JT when JT lets slip they put a hole in the house too.

    Dana decides everyone needs to do the limbo and as everyone watches astounded she crashes to the floor dancing in hysterics, which is what I was in watching this episode.

    I love the bit where Al suggests they say Dana was driving the truck, I actually think that might have worked, it was a top episode definately one of my favourites.moreless

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