Step by Step

Season 7 Episode 11

Phoney Business

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 1998 on CBS
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Phoney Business
Al gets an acting job in what she thinks is a commercial for suntan lotion, but altered dialogue turns it risqué. Meanwhile, Carol and Dana try to force healthy food on the family after taking a nutrition class.

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  • LOL!!

    This, by far, is the most hilarious episode of Step by Step I've ever seen. It started out pretty funny, and just became more so as the episode progressed.

    I'm not sure how the family endured those few awful days that they had to eat that atrocious "health food." XD The funniest scene in the episode was the mid-niht junk food frenzy one. Rofl!! It was hilarious when Carol caved and started scarfing down junk food with the guys. Poor Al. She just wanted to get a break, and instead she ends up staring in some rouncy commmercial portraying her as a slut. I'm glad Frank got her out of that nightmare-ish situation. (I'd DIE if something like that happened to me.) It was funny how he got the tape. :P Phoney Business was an excellent episode.moreless

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    • Frank: Carol, that's pizza you're eating, it's full of salt and fat.
      Carol: I know, that's what makes it taste good.

    • Al: (after watching a misleading commercial she filmed) That was not the commercial I was in! I was supposed to be selling suntan lotion!
      Rich: Looks like you were selling a whole lot more than that.
      Al: (to J.T.) This is all your fault! You moron!
      J.T.: Wait, wait! Give it a chance! Look at it this way—it's exposure!

    • Mark: Oh, boy, our first healthy meal.
      Lilly: I just hope I don't throw up.
      Karen: Well, if you have to, turn towards Mark. I'm wearing silk.

    • Producer: You'd really drop me out the window just to get that tape back?
      Frank: Yeah, then I'd kick your butt back up here and drop you out again.

    • Frank: This camera looks expensive.
      Producer: Set me back plenty.
      Frank: Well, you know I've got a reputation for being a very clumsy guy. I wonder what would happen if I dropped it out the window?
      Producer: Go ahead, I'd have my lawyer write up a report and get a new one before you could get back to the farm. Listen, Jethro, there's nothing you can drop out that window that'll make me hand over the tape.
      Frank: Oh, yeah?
      (grabs the producer and dangles him out the window)

    • (after seeing Al in the commercial)
      Frank: Explain!
      Rich: (very fast) J.T. got Al a job in a commercial shoot in Milwaukee that they thought was for suntan lotion but it turned out to be one of those oil-me-call-me commercials so now they're going back to Milwaukee to get the producer to give the tape up!

    • Lilly: Yay! Gummy bears!
      Carol: No, Lilly those aren't gummy bears they're...
      (Lilly spits it out)
      Carol:...seaweed bears.
      Lilly: Mommy, can I take the seaweed bears to school?
      Carol: Sure. Are you going to share them with your friends?
      Lilly: No. Billy Evans kicked me. It's payback time.

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