Step by Step

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1991 on CBS



  • Notes

    • This seasons theme song goes like this:

      It starts on a city line sign that says "Port Washington, Wisconsin, Population: 9,338. Then a car goes by the sign, and the camera follows the car.

      In the next scene, it show feet of a bunch of people getting out of the car. Then it shows arms of someone going through the turn style at the park entrance.

      Then it zooms in on a roller coaster gear. The shot cuts to a riders perspective of going up a hill, and the zooming down it. Then it shows the camera's view of the roller coaster going down the hill until it hits the camera, when a bunch of ballons pop-up. Behind the ballons it shows, Dana, Karen, J.T., Brendan, Frank, Carol, an original Mark, Ivy and Al entering the park, zooming back until you get a birds eye-view of the park, where the show title appears.

      Patrick Duffy's credit: It shows the kids pointing out different things, and all excited, as Frank watches them, and he sighs.

      Suzanne Somers credit: Carol hands the kids money, while talking to someone off camera, and then smiles.

      Staci Keanen's credit: Frank, J.T., Karen and Dana are playing a squirt gun game, when Karen and Dana decide to squirt Frank and J.T., and zooms into Dana laughing.

      Brandon Call's credit: J.T. plays a test your strength game and rings the bell, as Dana, Carol and Karen watch in amazement.

      Angela Waton's and Christine Lakin's credit: Karen slides down into a ball pit where Al is sitting at the bottom, and they laugh.

      Next, it shows Karen, J.T., Al, Dana, and a bunch of other people go down a water coaster, as Frank and Carol stand on a bridge, where the ride soaks them.

      Patrika Darbo's credit: Penny has a tray full of snacks where the gang takes them, as Penny smiles.

      Christopher Castile's and Josh Bynes's credit: Mark and Brendan are holding popcorn buckets, when Mark sneezes and the popcorn flie up, on to Brendan.

      Peggy Rae's credit: Ivy is holding Mark's hand, and he looks up and starts to wave. Ivy looks up and also waves.

      Then it shows Frank, Carol, Dana, J.T. Karen, Al, Brendan and Penny in a roller coaster car, and they all look down and wave.

      Finally, it zooms in on their car, slowly zooming out, reveal the whole roller coaster, and an ocean in front of it.