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  • Who doesn't love this show?

    Who doesn't enjoy watching Frank, Carol, and the gang of kids for 7 amazing seasons? Every season got funnier and funnier. The writers that were on this show were all amazing. Sibling rivalry, puberty, having boy/girlfriends, marital struggles, etc... there is such a long list of what this show is all about and it is so worth it to watch every season!!!

    I think that I am the only one that I know who still watches the re-runs, so I would have to say that this show is underappreciated and should not be forgotten!

    If you haven't seen Step by Step, you must!
  • Here's the story...of a man named Lambert...

    At first glance, it would be very easy to compare this show to the Brady Bunch. For starters, both shows originally ran on ABC. Both shows were about blended families. Both shows featured a blonde mom named Carol. Mike Brady was an architect, Frank Lambert was a construction worker. Three sons and three daughters between them. Both shows even brought in a cute little kid to spice up their later seasons.

    So you switch a few of the kids' genders, and trade out the wisecracking maid for a deceptively wise cousin living in a van in the driveway, and it's essentially the same show, right?

    Not exactly.

    While the Bradys tended to get along fairly swimmingly (right down to Carol's daughters taking the Brady name), the fact remains that not all blended families function as such. Step By Step illustrated this; yes, the Lambert kids and foster kids would clash. The gender-switching also contributed, because now you had children of mixed parentage being forced to share bedrooms. And since it was 20 years later, Step By Step was definitely able to tackle issues that the Brady Bunch couldn't...hell, the Brady Bunch never actually admitted that Carol was divorced.

    When the show originally ran, I was young, so my main interest in the show...was Cody. Later on, watching it in syndication, I came to appreciate the topics of education, religion, fame, etc. that it addressed. Although I'll still admit...the episodes without Cody weren't as good.
  • Had pretty good characters. Cheezy at times but a nice family show of the 90s.

    The show is about 2 families that are joined through the marriage of a single father and mother. They each bring along three children for a total of an 8 person family. They are joined by Frank's nephew Cody, who lives on their driveway in his van. The characters resemble a 90s lifestyle, but can be unrealistic at times. THe show is humerous and has many ways of relating real life to the audience. Although there are cheezy moments, they do convey many lessons typically seen and experienced by both the kids and adults in the family. It is entertaining and stands as one of the entertaining family shows of the 90s.
  • Total crap.

    bad acting + bad scripts + idiot audiences + lame premises + the kids + the terrible jokes + the contrived set-up + the rip off of Brady bunch + the poor man's version of full house (which is bad enough)+patrick duffy being 'funny' + ABC friday night= step by step
    I would rather be punched in the nuts.
  • Much better than Full House!

    This show is awesome! You got it right this time, Miller-Boyett! Your last show, Full House, was a total floppity-flop. But this show doesn't make such a big deal out of everything like Full House. Like no whiny little girls forcing their daddies to play monkey in the middle with them instead of going to work. I also love it so much that I compare the family in this show to my own family and 3 of my family's friends (I only have 3 siblings) and the family in Drake & Josh and some of their friends. And the baby of the family, Lilly, is so cute! And most importantly, this show is so much funnier than Full House. I wish it were still running, but I was only 5 when it got cancelled. Overall, this is a great show and should be more appreciated than Full House.
  • It Is a Really Great show infact it is not cancelled yet it is still on ABC Family (time zones may vary)

    This show is the greatest show ever made although this and family matters are both great shows. This one is my favorite. I Look forward to watching it every day because it is a great show. Cody I believe is the funniest person in this show because he wants to always do things and makes people laugh, also i think Frank Is also the funniest because he makes wise cracks or jokes in the show. Carol is a great actor in this show, i think she plays a good mom in this one. Al and Dana are also good actors. The rest are also ok.
  • A modern "Brady Bunch", Step by Step shows the true colors of two families uniting. It reveals the struggles that kids face when their parents remarry, as well as the growing together that happens over time.

    This show is incredibly funny! The parents are played by Patrick Duffy (Dallas) and Susanne Sommers (Three's Company). Out of the entire cast, although talented and funny, Patrick and Susanne are the weakest of the cast; obviously the reason why the show doesn't revolve around them. Each of the kids represent a unique characteristic that really stands out in the show...yet, some of them stand out the most around other characters. Dana and J.T. are hilarious. You can always watch an episode and expect some witty come-backs and puns coming from these characters. However, standing alone, they are also very opposite and funny. Dana is perfectionistic, organized, and incredibly neat, while J.T. doesn't care how he does at anything, he's disorganized, and a slob. Karen is always putting herself infront of everything and would do anything to get a boy...Al (Christina Laken) is one of the most talented actress' on the show. She shows a great range of talent during her teenage years. She became one of my favorite cast members. My other favorite member was Rich, J.T.'s friend, who arrived on the show in the later part of the series. Rich was always good for a laugh. When he a Dana were made a couple, that was a dynamic duel. Rich was so loving, but a lot like J.T... just not as mean. He really loosened Dana's character up, while she made him a little less loose. To me, they were one of T.V.'s greatest couples!

    All in all, I love this show! The cast, the characters, the scripts... It was fantastic!
  • a remake with a twist

    Yes we all know the the show Step by Step was based on the "Brady Bunch show" but it came with a bit of a twist. It was filled with much more humor and controversy. It is a show I still watch on reruns. It dealt with modern day issues in its time. Dana with her Right for Women. Karen with her beauty obsession. Yet it showed when it came down to family no matter where they stood in the rank of the family they were there when they needed each other. I remember the EP where Dana didn't have somebody to dance with and JT stepped up to the plate to help her out. A great family show.
  • It is about a guy named Frank and a girl named Carol who gets married. Frank has three kids, J.T, Al and Brendan. Carol has three kids Dana, Karen and Mark. Each set of kids are total opposites then the other set of kids.

    It is an pretty cool show. I just think that they have sex on their minds 24/7. Other than that it is a pretty good show. My fave character is either J.t or Dana. J.t and Dana are the only kids that don't learn to get a long. J.t, Al, and Brendan belong to Frank and Dana Karen and Mark belongs to Carol. Cody or other wise known as the Codeman is J.T's Cousin and best friend. Frank and Carol later has a daughter named Lilly. Carol is a beautician while Frank is a contractor. I hope this review has made you want to watch this show.
  • I just discovered this show about a year ago. I think it's very clever, much better then The Brady Bunch. I especially like Cody, he's really dumb yet a genius.

    This is a great show. All the characters have their own personalities. And the families are very different.

    Fosters-Brainy Lamberts-Athletic
    Carol-Housewife Frank-Constrution worker
    Dana-Genius J.T.-Jock
    Karen-Hot Al-Tomboy
    Mark-Geeky smarty Brendan-Cute little one
    Cody-Dumb Genius

    This show has alot of characters, all of them are unique.It's easy to know their personalities in the pilot and many other episodes. The creaters of this show make alot of other shows I like. Like Full House and Family Matters. I suggest you to watch this show it's very good. It has great storylines. Hot actresses and funny characters. It's on weekdays at 2 p.m.
  • A sappy family show that I can't get enough of.

    I love to watch this show over and over again. I can't get enough of all the kids I grew up watching. I only wish they never stopped making new shows. Christine Lakin has always been my biggest tv star crush for as long as I can remember. A big thank you goes out to ABC Family for showing this show so I can get my daily fix.
  • Step by step was a very decent and standard for the 90 sitcoms that seemed like a remake of the Brady bunch but better.

    Step by step may appear to be a remake of the Brady bunch at the first look but it had a lot of twist. The main difference is that the kids did not get along the whole series offering a lot more comic opportunities. Unlike the Brady bunch you would never see any of the kids calling there step brother and sisters there brothers and sisters and same with parents they make it clear that it’s a step family. I liked Cody he was dumb but a good comic relief. I don’t watch this show anymore but I have found memories watching it on Friday nights as a kid.
  • Avg to pass the time.

    The show is about 2 families that are joined through the marriage of a single father and mother. They each bring along three children for a total of an 8 person family. They are joined by Frank's nephew Cody, who lives on their driveway in his van. The characters resemble a 90s lifestyle, but can be unrealistic at times. The show is humorous and has many ways of relating real life to the audience. Although there are cheezy moments, they do convey many lessons typically seen and experienced by both the kids and adults in the family. It is entertaining and stands as one of the entertaining family shows of the 90s.
  • This show is terrible and unfunny

    I have no idea why did I wach that.Its a bad ripoff of Brady Bunch.The writng is bad and acting is even worse.The dad is a wuss,mom is confused and doesnt know how to run the house,and the kids are the worst.They just call eichother kiddy names,and it gets old pretty fast.Everyone is a jerk to everybody and because they wont work together,in every epi they screw everything up.The only good character on the show was Cody.He had some personality and humanity.But he went missing for a while and the series turned to crap again.This show is very annoying and im suprised it lasted that long.No offence to fans,but i just dont like it.
  • The show is really good.

    Step By Step is an awesome show. I like the humor, sibling rivalry, and the characters. Cody is my favorite. He is so dumb and yet he is really smart. I like that after all those years of living together the Lamberts and the Fosters still argue even though they do like eachother. It is a really funny show. The way that 2 completely different types of families are forced to live together because their parents got married in jamacia is a really funny idea. I like the episode where Cody orders a Russian bride accidently. Step by step is a really great show.
  • I love this show.

    I love this show. It's been my favorite for 2 years since that's how long i was watching it for. My favorite character was always Dana and Cody. It's too bad they took Cody out of the show and brought that stupid little brat lilly. Lilly ruined the show for me. On all the re-runs I watch, I'll only watch it until they get to the season where Lilly miraculously grew about 5 years. That is what probably make the show go downhill. They did fine all those years until Cody left and the little brat came. I stopped watching the most recent re-runs because of her.
  • Here's a story of a lovely lady...and a man each raising children of their own, 3 boys, 3 girls, and that's how they became the new Brady Bunch.

    Step By Step actually lacked in the area of plot lines for the six youngsters on the show. The most likeable of the kids were Dana and Al. This was acceptable because many a time the main focus of the show was on the parents who were actually entertaining! Patrick Duffy gave a physically comedic performance that gave him a wonderful presence as the head of the household. And, Suzanne Sommers made a comeback like no tomorrow as the delightful mother of this operation. Suzanne proved that Three's Company era tabloids were gone for good and that she was not as uneasy to work with as she was bitterly portrayed by her former co-stars.

    It was dissappointing that the writes could not come up with a better flock of kids, but quirky actors like Sasha Mitchell came in and the flow somehow pulled together. No Family Ties, or Brady Bunch comparisons here. But, overall, the show is enjoyable...Especially with Duffy and Sommers leading the way.
  • I loved Step By Step. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Alicia 'Al' Lambert played by Christine Lakin because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    Frank (Patrick Duffy of Dallas) was a freewheeling, divorced contractor who had impetuosly married widowed beautician Carol (Suzanne Somers of Three's Company) when they met during seperate vacations.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Carol, Frank, Brendan, Alicia and Cody.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • Step By Step is about two families, the Fosters and the Lamberts who unite as one big family when Carol and Frank run away to jamaica and get married unexpectantly. They are now living their personal lives by taking it one day at at time.

    Step By Step is an amazing show because it's involves kids growing up in a hilarious way. I love this show also because of the Stars and how they act. The Plots are the best and that's what keeps me focused on the TV. Step By Step Rocks!!!
  • A graet and very funny show about a blended family!

    Step By Step was a typical, TGIF, ABC sitcom of the era. Stereotypical characters run rampant on the show, but let us remember the REAL reason it lasted seven years. The show's creators knew that they had TV gold when they enlisted TV veterans Duffy (Dallas) and Sommers (Three's Company) to play the role of Mom and Dad. Now, parents of young preteens and teens could watch the show with their kids and have "adult" eye candy to gaze upon. One cannot discount both of their abilities as all-time television sex symbols. Nor the casting of Staci Keanan, the cute as a button girl from "My Two Dads". These three vets allowed for the creators to not worry about finding good writers or creative ideas, but ride the wave of the familiar faces. As for the characters, with so many kids, all stereotypes are fully represented. The "best" (or worst) has to go to Cody (Sasha Mitchell). He alone dropped the comedic IQ of this show from average to pathetic. His "dude", "whoah" and "wow" is more than 50% of his total dialouge. Although an idiot is found on nearly every sitcom post 1980, Cody may take the cake for the worst written. Besides not being a real child of the family (he's a cousin) and living in a van in the garage, Cody doesn't do much but walk in and marvel at something he finds interesting, say one of the three words, nod his head crazy, and move on. The writing/acting makes "Bill and Ted" (who had to help inspire the role) look like Mensa members. Keanan acts well for her part as the intelligent anti-male, with Angela Watson portraying the hot ditz with adequate flair and substance. Christine Lakin also acts well as the tomboy (AL), then Hottie in a tomboy's body in the later years. The women overcame bad writing with being gorgeous and actually acting the part they were given, knowing the roles they needed to fill. However, the guys in the show really didn't hold up to the bargain. Castille IS the biggest wimp in TV history as Mark, and Brendan (Josh Byrne) came across as nearly retarded in trying to get out his lines. Only JT (Brandon Call), the smart-witted, no common sense son actually gets what he is trying to convey as the "this is the way it was, and will be" attitude towards the family, as well as being a perfect beta-male in the house. I always wondered why NONE of the guys was an "IT" guy, like Karen the model, cheerleader-esquire character. All the guys seemed to be wimps, losers, and dorks who just could not get what they wanted. Had JT been the ladies man, Big man on campus guy, I feel the show would have added a nice dimension. Anyways, the characters in the show all live up to their strict gender roles, with Mom being a hairdresser, dad the construction man, etc. etc. Other characters came and went: JT had a perverted friend Rich (James Marsden) that Dana actually dated later, which will blow your mind if you see an early episode with Rich featured. Sommers had a sister helping cut hair, she left after season 1, Sommers decided to have MORE kids (original storyline) and at the end, Perfect Strangers alum Bronson Pinochet came in to string along another 52 weeks of paychecks for the show. I must also add that this is the one show with school-aged kids who, to my knowledge, were rarely shown actually IN school. (They did have the occasional school function, but the show was not normally set around an AT school problem) I do not doubt they went, but the show was so much more about the house, family, and their interactions. Even the Brady Bunch had some school scenes, but not on SBS. I think the viewer would have had a better understanding of characters had we see them interact with ANYONE besides their stereotypical family.

    Re-watching this show may give you a different perspective, as previously stated this show was over-sexed and strangely written. (and I didn't notice at age 12, but age 22). The sexual overtones of this show, after watching again, is shocking. Duffy and Sommers reprise their sexual appetite from their former shows, always wanting to get the kids asleep for some fun under the covers. No show in history had more kids walking in as their parents were "asleep" than Step By Step. Some episodes had 5-10 minute scenes of Duffy "begging for sex" as Sommers contemplated one of their many kids' current problems. Their acting seemed so easy to them, I think they just acted as themselves the entire show. Other issues include a cousin, Cody, being in love with Dana (Keanan) and parents always wanting to sneak off for alone time, proving this show would not be thought of in the "family show mold" of 2004. I am shocked to see it on ABC Family, because the show rarely had the -aww, shucks- moments practically trademarked by ABC's TGIF. Where as Boy Meets World, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, and Family Matters seemed to always have a moral, lesson, or rule to be found, followed, and understood, Step By Step seemed to throw away any diverse message and just stuck with "love your family, it is the only one you have". That is a fine mantra to live by, but hardly revealing. Overall, a show with a permanent place in history considering its stars and placement as a 90's TGIF staple, and worth seeing on re-runs, just to see what television was putting in young minds from 1991-1998. 9 stars out of 10.
  • Good show...mighty funny.

    Good show.... mighty funny... I think its a great sitcom for the family because its funny, entertaining, wholesome, has morals, and great characters... Why do you have to write 50 words for these reviews? Thats pretty annoying in my opinion! You should be free to use as many words as you want for your review!
  • It's a hilarious show that everyone I think can enjoy if they want to.

    I remember a few years ago I would eagerly wait for summer or just a vacation from school. This was because Step by Step was on at one o'clock. I didn't get home from school until about three-ish. So I missed it. During the summer I would watch it every day. It's a great show with six children, later seven once Lily is born. At first it kind of reminds you of the Brady Bunch. They kids don't get a long, nor did they in the Brady Bunch. If you liked the Brady Bunch then you'll certainly like this show. It's a great show for the entire family I think.
  • So awesome!

    Original. A lady and a man meet each other and decide to get married but when their kids meet each other, they're in for a rude awakening. And I like Cody because he's funny and ditzy. It would be cool if Dana actually really fall for Cody. That would be funny too.
  • Does anyone who where the introduction is filmed at?

    I think this is a great show. It shows how two totally different families can get along as if they are the same family. I think this show relates well to people fighting now a days and can still get over it and get along. I think when they fight it is funny but I think it is well that they show them getting along again and people in real life see how they should get along. I have watched this show for many years and I love it. It is one of my favorite shows because it is very funny.
  • One of my favorite tv show of the 90s

    Grew up watching. Pretty good.
  • this show is like a remake of the brady bunch only more modern. it is about 2 familys who move in together after there parents mary eachoter and have to learn to like eachoter.

    i like this show because it is really funny and always makes me laugh. i can relate to it kinda so it is intristing. the caracters are hilarious. and the plots are always so wacky and funny. it gets better every single season and gets funnier and wackier. i love the show
  • This show was a typical family show with an addictive theme. It was basically like the Brady Bunch. A divorced woman and a divorced man marry each other. Now their kids have to get together.

    Probably the most underrated show on ABC's Friday Night lineup. It wasn't as good as Urkel but still this show really wasn't that bad. Suzanne Summers plays Carol and Patrick Duffy plays Frank, while Carol has two daughter's and a son (Dana, Karen, and Mark) and Frank has two son's and a daughter (J.T, Brendan, and Al.)Also introduced very early in the show is a character called Cody who is Frank's nephew who is a musician and is a little bit out there. He has a crush on Dana, and that's basically how the show started. With easy family problems. Then later on Carol got pregnant and they introduced another character on the show a baby named Lily. Right around this time Sasha Mitchell who played Cody was taken off the show because of spouse abuse problems. Without Cody, Step by Step introduced Jean Luc (A French salonist working for Carol played by Bronson Pinchot from Balki and Larry). Also at the same time they turned the baby Lily into a toddler and brough the girl from the Welche's grape juice commercial's to play her. The show weathered the storm and by 1997 it left ABC to join CBS for their answer to the ABC'S TGIF line up but after one season the show ended. Very underrated but as the show goes on the character's all grow up and Al of course becomes the hottest character by the end of the series.
  • This show was definitely not original. But it was actually quite funny.

    Before I watched Step by Step, I never thought I'd like it very much. I thought it would be another one of those family oriented, cheesy shows. And I was right, in away. It was cheesy at times and it had many family momments. But something about it made it very funny and special.

    Personally I think it's pretty good. Not very original, but very funny. This is one of those shows where you won't immediately like it. But once you sit down and watch it everyday, you'll grow into it.
  • Step By Step was the 3rd notch in the fantastic T.G.I.F. line-up that I enjoyed from my adolecent years. If you don't dig it then you don't dig family sitcoms from the 90's.

    I still watch Step By Step everyday at 2:00 on ABC Family. Step By Step is the comeback series for Suzanne Summers and Patrick Duffy both of whom had hit shows at earlier times in their lives. The show is about the two getting married and their two families coming together (think Brady Bunch meets Roseanne). The first couple of seasons could of used some fine tuning but were still pretty good. But when Cody came to town the show was at the point of stellar. In the later years the actor that played Cody had to leave the show because he was put in jail, but they brought in Bronson Pinchot and the show kept its wacky character and stayed fresh. Also I'm in love with Al (Christine Lakin) and Dana (Staci Keanan). This show meant alot to me and that could be why I still love it. Comedy and Family don't go to together anymore and I think it is something that is greatly missing from TV today, but it was shows like this that in reruns are a glimmer in the dark.
  • A very good comedy for it's day.

    This was a pretty good family sit-com. This show had a very good cast and pretty decent writing. It was a kind of show that kids and parents could both watch and enjoy. Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy stared as the parents Carol and Frank Lambert. This was the best role for each of them in my opinion. The rest of the cast included Sasha Mitchell as Cody Lambert, Jason Marsden as Rich Halke Angela Watson as Karen Foster, Christine Lakin as Alicia 'Al' Lambert, Staci Keanan as Dana Foster, Brandon Call as JT Lambert, Emily Mae Young as Lilly Foster Lambert, Christopher Castile as Mark Foster and Josh Byrne as Brendan Lambert. This was an show similar to the Brady Bunch. Some of the kids were from the first mariages of each parent. I would probably still watch it if it was on today.
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