Step by Step

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • This was a pretty standard show, with a cast of about 10 characters. It'd be hard enough getting to know them if they had personalities, but since they were boring it was that much harder to get into it.

    Step by Step was a pretty "standard" show by the definition of the industry. I can pretty much imagine the meeting that happened at ABC when they were thinking of the next hit sitcom to create.

    Exec #1: "OK...we need another sitcom like the Brady Bunch...where two people with sole custody of their kids meet one another, fall in love and get married. We can then center the show around the hilarity that ensues when the kids don't get along."

    Exec #2: "Let's throw in a twist though to be original...let's make it so the guy's kids are NOT all boys and the girl's kids are not all girls!! However, it will still need to come out to be a total of 3 boys and 3 girls...we can't tamper with this successful formula TOO much."

    Exec #3: "Great idea...while we're at it let's throw in a goofy idiot that lives in a van in their driveway. It'll appear from his actions that he smokes a pound of weed a day, but he'll actually be a very moral and rightous dude."

    And that right there describes this show. Who would have thought the hottest chick by the end of this show's run would have been the tomboy that came from Frank's side of the family? The other two girls just didn't age very well did they?

    To sum it up, the plots were generally pretty boring and there was nothing new this show offered that other shows in the past hadn't offered. It just failed on most counts to be funny. Since it had a few moments here and there, I'll give it a more respectable rating, but I'm tempted to drive it down because of Suzanne Somers. *Gag*