Step by Step - Season 5

CBS (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Men at Work
    Men at Work
    Episode 24
    J.T. and Rich gets jobs at a pulchritudinous restaurant that Dana plans to picket. Frank turns the basement into a rec lounge using old tavern accessories. Flash stays with the family while his apartment is fumigated.
  • We're Going to Disney World (2)
    Still at Disney World, J.T. tries to redeem himself to Rich. The girls participate in a country music contest.
  • We're Going to Disney World (1)
    Frank's mother sends the family to Disney World for he and Carol's anniversary.
  • Major Pain
    Major Pain
    Episode 21
    Dana is floored (and suspicious) when a career aptitude test gives J.T. and Rich a much better result than she. Meanwhile, Carol hires someone to work for Frank who's a complete disaster.
  • The Bodyguard Formerly Known as Prince
    The girls go to a ski resort, and meet a handsome prince who just wants to be liked as a real person. Rich gets the family involved in a chain letter, but Brendan's the only one to keep it going.
  • Do the Right Thing
    Do the Right Thing
    Episode 19
    J.T. is tempted when a friend gets an advance copy of a test they'll be taking. Carol's aghast when she learns Al plans to get a tattoo.
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
    Cody finds out his cheese hat has given him clairvoyance, and can see future lottery numbers. Frank and Carol instantly hate Dana's new psychology major boyfriend. J.T. pretends he's Lilly's father in order to get a date.
  • Forever Young
    Forever Young
    Episode 17
    Frank and Carol worry about their age when they're the oldest couple at a parenting class. Dana tries to test Rich and J.T.'s assertion that "buds are thinker than babes." Cody comes up with ideas for greeting cards for obscure holidays and observances.
  • Secret Admirer
    Secret Admirer
    Episode 16
    Cody secretly works to improve Dana's self-esteem after she's dumped right before Valentine's Day. Frank gets a fake Rolex for Carol, who's stunned, thinking he spent a mountain of money on her.
  • Snow Bunnies
    Snow Bunnies
    Episode 15
    With Al not allowed to go, Matt lets a known slut go on a ski trip, leaving Al thinking she's lost him. Cody goes to extremes to try to cure himself of a rash of hiccups. Carol's insistance on reading a horror novel leaves her with nightmares.
  • Torn Between Two Mothers
    Frank's mother can't help but give unending, unsolicited advice to Carol on how to raise Lilly. J.T. starts work as the attack target at a woman's self-defense class. Cody takes part in brain experiments.
  • Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling
    J.T. and Frank wrestle some female professionals, hoping to get Super Bowl tickets. A poor grade on a quiz at his new private school starts Mark overstressing about his academic progress. Cody soon realizes his idea to keep camping gear light by making clothing out of food isn't so great.
  • What's Wrong with This Picture?
    Dana agrees to pose nude for a prominent feminist artist who specializes in abtracts. J.T.'s afraid to break off his relationship with the daughter of an alleged mafioso. Frank won't hire an exterminator, insistant he can catch a rat himself.
  • The Fight Before Christmas
    Frank sets Al up with his friend's son, but isn't pleased when they hit it off a bit too well. Cody's van doesn't react well to having Christmas lights hooked up to the electrical system. J.T. learns the true meaning of Christmas at a job selling trees.
  • Baby Come Back
    Baby Come Back
    Episode 10
    J.T. and Al take Lilly to an audition, but return with the wrong child. Carol forces a bored Frank to attend a beauty products convention with her. Dana and Cody wind up getting stuck in his magic box.
  • The Wall
    The Wall
    Episode 9
    Mark starts working out, hoping to avoid standing along the 'loser wall' at the next school dance. Dana's saddened that most of the attendees at the feminist group she's organized are only there to be around Cody. Carol gets Frank to go to a couple health spa.
  • Roadie
    Episode 8
    Cody and a popular country singer fall for each other, but can either take on the other's lifestyle to make the relationship last? When Frank finally buys a car for the kids—a '65 Mustang—he has trouble letting them have the keys.
  • Hello, Mister Chips
    When she loses yet another job, Frank tells Al she needs to make herself more valuable to her next employer. Carol wants a reluctant Frank to play Tarzan to her Jane for a fundraiser. J.T. bets a local pool player that Mark could beat him.
  • Don't Ask
    Don't Ask
    Episode 6
    Karen gets taken advantage of by a producer who clams he can make her a country music sensation. Cody accidentally ends up with a mail-order Russian bride, who goes to great lengths to stay in America. Frank and Carol talk to the kids about pulling their own weight a bit more. Brendan tries to tell Frank about an upcoming field trip to a Packers game.moreless
  • Maid to Order
    Maid to Order
    Episode 5
    Franks decides to hire a maid to make Carol's life easier. Carol, still stinging from losing out on head cheerleader in high school herself, vows to make it a reality for Karen. Cody gets excellent results teaching aerobics to a group of senior citizens.
  • Midnight Caller
    Midnight Caller
    Episode 4
    J.T. and Dana work a family help phone bank, and soon find themselves confronted by a situation with which they're all too familiar. Cody seems to be the only pacifier that can calm Lilly, leaving Carol feeling like a bad mother.
  • Party Animal
    Party Animal
    Episode 3
    Dana takes her new freedom too far when her roommates host a wild party. Frank thinks it's time for Lilly to move into the nursery and out of he and Carol's berdoom. Cody thinks their new neighbor was profiled on America's Most Wanted.
  • Three Girls and a Baby
    Dana couldn't be more mistaken when she thinks caring for Lilly will be a snap while Frank and Carol dine out, whose date night doesn't exactly go as planned, either. An obituary of someone of the same name leaves Cody thinking he might be dead.
  • Little Sister Don't Change
    Overprotective J.T. is reluctant to allow his friend, Rich, to date Al. Cody thinks he's set Dana up on a date with Brad Pitt. Mark and his friends rebel against their mothers by smoking cigars.