Step by Step

Season 4 Episode 21

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1995 on CBS
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Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?
Brendan is disillusioned to discover his favorite baseball star only cares about money. J.T. and Frank bet Dana and Carol they can wear a pregnancy get-up with ease for 48 hours.

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  • I rarely do reviews but I want people to know about this abomination.

    Let's try to describe the plot without to many curses. The baseball plot actually wasn't so bad (though it was more dramatic than funny) but the pregnency plot was a complete feminist ****tastrophi. The one thing I hated with a passion was that they made the men do like a million chores! Of course the women can survive being pregnent, they have people waiting on them hand and foot! The ending was so predictable I would of been laughing if I wasn't so pissed. The absolutely only even moderatly funny part of this episode was when C***l (don't worry it's not a banned word) was watching Three's Company, but that was far from gut-busting. This part of the episode is a big, fat zero. As for the baseball part the plot didn't piss me of but it wasn't good for an even more crucial reason: there was no humor! I don't think they even tried! Last but not least (well actually it probably is) what was with the 10 second cheer from the studio audience when Cody came in the house at the begining of the episode? When a show starts doing that you know they're running out of jokes. I advise you to stay away from this low down, humorless, feminist piece of ****.moreless
  • Brendon's last storyline.

    Half of this episode is good, the other half not so much. Josh Byrne does a great job with his story line. It is too bad this is pretty much it for him. On the other hand, the story of J.T. and Frank and their attitudes about pregnancy is absurd. But, a lot of the story lines in this show are stupid. So, this isn't really out of the ordinary.
  • This would be the next-to-last shining episode for Josh (Brendan) Byrne.

    I thought it was clever & silly to have that cross reference of Three's Company. Too bad ABC Family deleted that part of the episode.

    But it was very sad that after this episode, Brendan never got to shine again. That would be like Bobby Brady being swept under the rug over Cousin Oliver. Then when the show moved to CBS, he was gone! Just like Chuck Cunningham, Judy Winslow & Henry Finnerty, he was sent off to "The Island of Misfit Sitcom Characters" (LOL).

    CHUCK: How would you like to be dumped by the Fonz?

    JUDY: Or be deleted by a dweeb?

    BRENDAN: Or be shafted by a baby?

    ALL: We're all misfits!

  • Brandon is snubbed by a favorite baseball player. JT thinks that pregnancy is easy and makes a bet with Dana that he and his dad can wear pregnancy pads for the weekend.moreless

    This episode was totally ridiculous. It was obviously written by a who is probably a feminist. I am 100% sure that those two men could have wore pregency pads for at least a weekend. Also, I have NEVER heard a man say something like, \\\"Being pregnant is no big deal and women just milk it for all it is worth.\\\" That would just never happen. I think this was a poorly thought out episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Pregnant Carol can be found watching Three's Company. Dana asks why she likes that show and she says Chrissy's her favorite character. Suzanne Somers was an original cast member of the show.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Cody: (to Kenny) My little cousin came down here today because he thought you were the greatest, but you broke his heart trying to charge him $50 for your stinking autograph.
      Harmon: $50? Is that true?
      Kenny: Look, I'm not running a charity. My name's worth big bucks. I'm a star.
      Cody: Yeah, because of kids like Brendan. You should be falling over yourself trying to sign all their baseballs.

    • Harmon: I'm Harmon Killebrew.
      Cody: Oh man, you had more homeruns than Mickey Mantle AND Reggie Jackson, they gave that guy a candy bar!
      Harmon: Who knew?

    • Cody: Edgar, dude, man, I hate to impose on our newly-formed friendship and everything you know, but hey... me and my lil' cuz got to go in there and talk to Kenny Barton.
      Edgar: I'm not supposed to let anybody in, Cody.
      Cody: I know that Edgar but uh... he hurt my lil' pal here so I gotta go in there and give him a lil' 'Verbal Thrashing' if you know what I mean?
      Edgar: In that case, my brother, go right in. I hate that punk!

    • (to both a 'pregnant' J.T. and Frank)
      Carol: We're gonna go put these groceries into the kitchen and you two girls let us know when you're ready to admit defeat... or kiss them.(points down to her feet)
      Frank: I got somethin' for you to kiss...
      Dana: Ooh... they're still cranky. They must be retaining water!

    • (After answering the door with a pregnant outfit on and scaring a little girl away)
      Frank: Oh, no, no... I don't always look like a woman. It's just for the weekend.

  • NOTES (1)