Step It Up & Dance

Thursday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Apr 03, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • A truly wonderful show filled with drama, entertainment and overall a great work ethic from the professional dancers competing to win the grand prize.

    Step It Up and Dance is made by the producers of other Bravo reality shows such as Project Runway and Top Chef and takes a similar format.

    Each week, the dancers - ten at first, which is soon wittled down week by week to just one, the winner - are given a new challenge and must learn a new routine and audition for the guest choreographer. Whoever impresses is put in the winning group and cannot be eliminated, whereas the less impressive are placed in the elimination group and one of them faces elmination.

    The show is very entertaining and showcases a wide variety of different styles of dance - including ballet, jazz funk, hip hop, modern and Broadway - and has the same amount of drama as many other reality shows. The contestants, however are all professional dancers and therefore are not starting from scratch.

    As the host, Elizabeth Berkley - who does a great job, as do the judges, Nancy O'Meara and Vincent Paterson, along with mentor, Jerry Mitchell - has said, the show is all about professional dancers at the top of their game fighting for recognition, the opportunity to work with top choreographers and for the chance to win a prize of $100,000.

    This show is a rare example of a reality show done correctly and is definitely a must see for any dance fan or anyone who loves reality television. Perhaps even those who are not that into reality shows will find some enjoyment in it as well, as it mainly focuses on the work and dancing rather than the dancer's personal lives. Although there is some drama to keep things going in between rehearsals and callbacks!
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