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Season 1 Episode 5

True West

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A tour of the Southwestern states of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada are next up in episode 5. In New Mexico, the work of physicists at Los Alamos Lab is contrasted by the life of a group of eco-friendly residents in the predominantly artist community of Santa Fe. In Arizona, Stephen spends some time with Navajo Indians in Monument Valley; makes a visit to more upscale surroundings aboard a well appointed houseboat on Lake Powell; takes a Second World War Flying Fortress Bomber to the "Boneyard" in Tucson, where 3,000 military planes are eerily mothballed; and tries his hand at being a cowboy at Old Tucson Studios. While in Nevada, Stephen learns about the intricate brothel life from madam Susan Austin and gets a peek at Mormon missionaries in the process of shooting their annual calendar before heading over the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Pacific Ocean.moreless
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