Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything

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Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything

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Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything is a documentary film from legendary physicist and author of the international bestseller ‘A Brief History of Time’, Stephen Hawking as he presents his views on the elusive and proverbial Holy Grail of modern day physics that takes a look at the universe and seems to find an explanation for everything. Hawking and other renowned physicists, intellectuals and noted colleagues seek to unify Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. How did the universe come into being? Why are we here? Where are we headed? These are some of the questions that Hawking and his esteemed colleagues seek to answer. Their goal is to find a single explanation for the entire universe, a theory of everything and if found will explain everything in the universe in a single set of equations. In addition to interview, this mind bending and stimulating interview incorporates computer graphics and easy to understand demonstrations to assist in explaining the complex concepts. Topics of discussion include black holes, string theory, supersymmetry, dimensions beyond our perception and the mysterious M force, all of which are potential keys to unlocking the ‘theory of everything’ that seems so intriguingly close. Hawking races against time as he is trapped in an ever deteriorating body devastated by Lou Gehrig’s disease.moreless

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AIRED ON 1/1/2007

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