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  • Yet Another King Story Mutilated

    I often wonder how Mr. King allows these adaptations of his work to be released without his final O.K. Surely the man is successful enough to be able to demand he have final approval before something of his can air.

    This mini series was disjointed to say the least. As I have not read the novel (one of the few of his I haven't) I must say that it made no sense and felt nothing like a Stephen King story. Not even Pierce Brosnan could save it, and none of the secondary characters were shown enough to help out. All in all, I would suggest that if you missed it the first time out, consider yourself lucky and if you should ever see it scheduled for broadcast again, make sure you don't waste your time.
  • Enjoyed it

    I never read the novel but very much enjoyed this mini-series. I am not sure what the other reviewer expected, but compared to some other Stephen King mini-series adaptations I have seen over the years, I thought this was one of the better ones.