Stephen King's Desperation

ABC (ended 2006)


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Stephen King's Desperation

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While on their way to Lake Tahoe for a vacation, the Carver family is arrested on a lonely stretch of highway after the tires blow out on their camper. The local sheriff throws them in jail in the eerie deserted town of Desperation, Nevada, along with several other unlucky travelers picked up on the same stretch of road. When they discover a chilling surprise, they must fight for their lives!

The mini-series is based on a Stephen King novel.
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  • A sheriff in Desperation, Nevada, runs amok.

    Despite the fact that this is one of Stephen King's more obscure and confusing novels, this is a pretty good movie.

    The acting is convincing and the script manages to keep the viewer interested while providing enough background story without going into too much detail and without needing to provide information of the alternative novel called "The Regulators".

    Stephen King is not known for using religious imagery, so the prominent use of prayer and the faith of one of the main characters make this an unusual Stephen King novel and movie. The movie is quite a faithful adaptation of the novel, unsurprisingly, as King acted as executive producer and wrote the teleplay.moreless
  • based on the book by Stephen King.

    I cant wait to see the full episode of this show. i'm a huge fan of the book, so when this gets released in Australia, probably within the next year, i hope to see they've done it right. I dont want cheesy SFX i want the real deal. But from what i've read on the cast lineup, theve certainly gotten it right. Now all i hope is that the script wont suck.

    Annabeth Gish stars in this show, and i can only hope that she portrays her character with the same vigour that i've seen in her past roles. Good luck to everyone who's on the show, and i can only wait and see if this show will live up to my expectations.moreless

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