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  • CLOWNS: The scariest thing since sliced bread!

    This two part mini-series is a remodeling of the fantastic novel of the same name by Stephen King. Unlike a lot of people who might claim this movie is far too long, I say just imagine it as a limited television series and It shouldn't feel so dragged out. It's scary at times and dramatic at others.
  • I thought it was pretty scary! (probably because I'm scared of clowns)

    "It" is a novel by Stephen King made into a movie, a very long movie. The book is big too. It was made in 1990. The first time I saw this movie, I was about 5 years old. I saw the part when Pennywise the Clown was dancing then went onto the lamppost and there was a close up on his face. Ever since, I've been scared of clowns. I still think this movie is scary today. If it wasn't so scary, I would have given it a higher rating. I actually didn't see it all, but I did see most of it.
  • good movie

    good movie, but if i saw that off the top of my head, and hadn't read the book i would not have liked it at all. that's why it was my personal favorite, because i kept thinking about the book. but you know what, that movie was actually kinda scary. i mean the sewer parts were not nearly as scary as i expected, but they actually did a good job of making the school and the home scenes good, and during the reunion there was very good acting. the georgie part should have been scarier and they skipped the part where Adrian fell of the cliff, so there was no explanation why webby was there
  • Well this is one of the scariest movie I have ever seen in my life, but I love it......

    I remember that the first time i saw this movie was when i was 7 years old and I had seen it alone, so after seeing that movie, I kept having nightmares and I always ran when i had to got to the bathroom thinking he would come out and eat me or something and I also lost my love for I would recommend any person in to scary movies to watch it(I also recommend you watch it with a night light on...=])...Its a gross, scary(duh), and heart-stopping Stephen King classic movie and one of his best out of many movies he has made in his whole life...=]
  • This could also be called my "guilty pleasure" of a favorite, but whatever. Read on to hear me gush about this admittedly 'so so' adaptation of a GREAT King novel.

    I'm not here to give you a synopsis. I'm here to rave about the film like any other journalist or blogger would.
    Here goes:

    I *love love love* the book, but only *love love* the movie. But even so,...
    It is because of this movie that I made my site: - for the young man who played the young Stan - Ben Heller. But it's not just for the great acting of the then 16 year old Ben Heller that this is one of my all time favorite movies. It's also because of the plot line, the intriguing 'other world' that is created by King (the possibility of a creature reading your mind and taking the shape of stuff you're afraid of is in myths, people!), the acting (mostly by the youngsters in the film), and the great TIM CURRY himself. The cinematography and directing was good enough to creep me out each time someone looked into a sewer or walked around in one. I see sewers these days and I wait to see eyes peering back at me. The music, as well, is another part of the movie that stuck out at me - even after all these years. Richard Bellis was given an award for his score for this for God's sake - *it needs an official soundtrack*! Other than that, I'd say this movie is a classic. It's as close to the book as you can get without getting and R, or even worse - an X, rating and thereby making it nearly 'taboo' to watch. (readers of the book know what I'm talking about) So, though it is only halfway close to the book, watch it with an open mind and you may fall in love with IT as much as I did. After all, it isn't imperically possible to be *the* worst made-for-TV movie ever. I've seen worse. And besides - IT has a lot of fans - trust me - I know. After much debating in my *own* mind, there is a way to make a remake, even if in my own humble opinion, this made-for-TV movie version is as good as it gets and is fine for what it is.
  • Scary!

    When I was little, I was flipping through the channels and saw this. I kept watching it until the end. Sure, it's not scary to me by now but back then, I used to have nightmares about It. I was afraid to go to a room alone and I would follow my mom everywhere in the house so I can be protected. Lol! But when I grew up, and was flipping channels, I found this movie on Family Channel. I was pleased and I wanted to watch it again. I loved this movie, I wasn't scared a bit in each scenes in this movie. Clowns are evil and you know it. :)