Stephen King's It

Season 1 Episode 2

Stephen King's It (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1990 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Bill: These are for him, and for Stan.
      Eddie: Lucky Seven.
      Ben: We're all here now.
      Richie: Oh come on, guys, what the hell are you going to do now? Sing Kumbaya? Wake up, take a breath. Do you smell that? That's death. It's not for Mike, it's not for Stan, it's not for Henry Bower. It's for us. It's in the air. Losers fight It, Losers die. And you know that, don't you, Captain?
      Bill: You don't have to go down there, Richie.
      Richie: Right. I didn't have to get on a plane in L.A., I didn't have to go to the dinner, I sure as hell didn't have to come out here. And now I don't have to go in. I still say we should have brought a machine gun.