Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Season 1 Episode 3

Goodbye Kiss

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2004 on ABC

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  • A murderer is brought to Kingdom Hospital and encounters the hospital's odd staff.

    Beginning where we left off in "Death's Kingdom," Dr. Hook is top of the elevator where he finds Mary's doll. The first thing we see is the doll falling down the elevator shaft. Dr. Hook drops the doll out of surprise from seeing Mary's ghost. After Abel and Christa aid him and Mrs. Druse by getting the doll, Mrs. Druse asks Hook to get her readmitted. Meanwhile, Rolf Pederson, a murderer locked up in Androscoggin County lockup, overdoses on some strychnine his girlfriend sends him as part of a suicide pact. Ollie and Danny take him to the hospital. A really bad time, because they are hauling Danny's brother's stereo equipment at the same time. While trying to help Pederson, the stereo plays music and the phantom ambulance, which Danny notices has no driver, gets in front of them. When they get him to the Kingdom, Elmer, Lona, Liz and Carrie work on him. Suddenly, Rolf sits up, pulls out his intubation tube and sings the same song. Weirdly enough, the others start singing it and dancing. There's even a encore performance at the end of the episode. Otto even gets into the spirit. What kind of hospital is this? With the aid of Dr. Draper, Hook convinces Dr. James to sign off and have Mrs. Druse readmitted. She goes through the hospital trying to contact Mary's ghost. Instead, she encounters Paul. When back in her room, Nurse Bannerman tells her that her friend, Lenny Stillmach, is going to die soon. Dr. Stegman has to deal with the case of Mona Klingerman, the little girl he damaged with irresponsible techniques. He explains, very poorly, how Mona will be able to do small things if trained properly. I really think that Stegman needs to pay better attention and be more responsible. Among other things. Brenda Abelson, who Stegman is apparently dating, explains that the Keepers of the Kingdom, the hospital's secret society, may be able to help him. One thing I don't understand yet is why Abel and Christa defaced Stegman's car. But, they know many things and had their reasons. Peter makes contact with Antubis, who warns him about Pederson, and Mary, who is in danger from Paul. This was a great episode. Humor, horror, comedy and drama.
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