Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Season 1 Episode 5

Hook's Kingdom

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2004 on ABC

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  • A homeless mas with a tumor is brought in, Stegman's operates and Hook show's Draper his home.

    Rolf Pederson finally gets a guard outside his room in this episode. According to the guard, a guard not being posted was an oversight. While he talks with nurse Carrie Von Trier outside the door, Paul attempts to kill Peter by putting his hand on Peter's throat. Apparently choking him and causing him his vitals to go wonky. Luckily, Mary and Antubis show up to save the day. Mary helps Peter by simply putting her hand on his hand and his vitals return to normal. When Carrie walks in, it's like nothing ever happened. Nat comes in and brings in a cassette player and a tape of the book Silence in Babylon. Across the street at the mission, Reverend Jimmy is leading a reader's group with the same book. One of the group, Frank, starts ranting and raving. Some of the stuff is about Mary, Paul and Peter. Finally, he runs into a wall, hits his head and falls unconscious. At the hospital, an MRI shows that Frank has a tumor. Maybe the tumor let him see things but made him crazy as a result. Stegman operates on him, but he wakes up while under anesthesia and then dies. Meanwhile, Abel and Christa, in an effort to keep from getting caught by Dr. Stegman, exchange their white uniforms for pink ones. Also, Hook shows Chris Draper his home under Kingdom Hospital. It is part of Gottreich Hospital, commonly known as the Old Kingdom, which burned down in 1939. There, Draper discovers Hook's hoarded medical supplies and his records of mistakes and malpractice of the other Kingdom doctors.