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  • kingdom come..

    I never thought I'll be addicted to this series,I only watch this movie on one of my local channel then found the whole episode on youtube.The story was so interesting each character has its own roles and function,the special effect were great specially the anteater and all the ghost stuff the is happening in kingdom hospital also made me freak out.Some seen were creepy but most of the time I keep on laughing. Well what can I say about this movie well hell yeah!!! to those who haven't seen this movie.. well you better watch it now!! I bet you'll enjoy it like I do!! 100percent guarantee!!
  • US version of Lars von Trier's "Riget"

    Although this series is optically pleasing, it never reaches the high quality and unique humour of the Danish original. The new elements introduced here to set it apart from Lars von Trier's version seem forced and mostly unnessecary (like the talking anteater, a creature feeding solely on ants that still has to mention that they are "delicious" in the pilot - which is just lame)...

    I grant that my opinion may be prejudiced, as I consider "Riget" the best TV series ever made, in part because of the "Dogma" style storytelling. The American version uses state-of-the-art camerawork, lighting and set decoration, and in this regard satisfies all the expectations the audience might have from a horror-themed series - and this is exactely why "Kingdom Hospital" is nothing more but average and ordinary...
  • This is nearly funny and predictable yet,just enough low level appeal to hold your attention. It is so comercial and the acting- well, confusing.

    This series is so commercial and the acting... well, confusing. This is a difficult series to grasp any mental stimulation or, value from. The vague scenario and quick change presentations are sewn together so to tickle an interest. This is nearly funny and predictable yet, it has just enough low level appeal to hold ones attention between commercials. What I cannot figure out is, why Stephen King allowed his name to precede the title. Credits for the screen play should be enough. I must write 20 more words but, there is so little to say about this non-epic that I am forced to fill in with this.
  • This is probably one of the best Stephen King shows ever made.

    This was a great mini-series. It was created by Stephen King so right away you know the show is going to be class and weird. Kingdom Hospital was based around the story of a hospital built on haunted grounds that were originally a mill that burned to the ground over 100 years ago. So the hospital is haunted with the goasts of the people in the mill, a little girl named Mary contacts one of the patients and together they unravel the mystery surrounding the hospital. This series was great, it was so exciting and well written that i am hurt that they didn't do any more. If you like Stephen King's work then you will love this show. The charactors are great and the show combinds humour and horror to make this irrisistable storyline. Don't miss it.
  • This was One Weird and Freaky Show! But that's Stephen King for ya.

    When i Saw the series premire on ABC I Thought "This is one wacked out weird show.... But I Like it!" I never knew Stephen King Would make shows like this but he did and I Loved it, I Loved it more because it had Andrew McCarthy In it and he's still hot! even if he is in his 30's or 40's I Don't care The guy was Totally Hot!

    Back to the show: The Girl was A Great actress I wish she'd do more TV or Movie Roles man I though she did good same with the rest of the cast and man That Ed Bagley Jr was he ever the perfect part to play that wacko Doc who was obsessed with Making the Hospital More Friendly With that "Clean Air" Thing whatever it was I Still don't get what the deal was with the thump 'n Pinky thing I thought it was odd but i guess that's another part of stephen king? Either way this show was great and I Really enjoyed watching it.
  • Kingdom Hospital is about people in a Hospital which was built on terrible ground, where terrible things used to happen. Now they are being targeted and strange things are happening, luckly a sykic patient is aware and a coma paicent is trying to help.

    Kingdom Hospital is very strange; in the beginning I didn’t quite understand the movie. It was regularly going off into different stories and I found it confusing. In the middle it all came together and I understood some. It seemed a scary frightening series, although it has a gate keeper to life and death which is an anteater and a little ghost girl called “Mary” with an unforgivable past. In the end, it is a warming story but a gruesome tale of greed and innocence.
  • wech...

    This adaptation is not as good as the first version of Lars von Triers wich is unfortunately very hard to find.
    King should have do better...

    ps : excuse my english...i'm french...

    Pour ceux qui comprennent le français, alors je dirais ceci : cette série ne vaut pas l' réalisation manque d'un petit quelquechose...ça sonne trop américain...
    la version original du grand Lars von Triers est a glacer le sang...tourné ds un pays nordique (genre Suède ou sais plus) les lieux vous mettent bien plus ds l'ambiance...
    cette version de King n'apporte rien à l'original...
  • Built above the remains of two building fires, Kingdom Hospital is home to beings of supernatural origin. Bringing us into the Kingdom is Peter Rickman, hit and run victim and famous artist. As we follow, we encounter the hospital's odd staff and numerous

    Kingdom Hospital is, in my opinion, Stephen King's best miniseries to date. Based on Lars von Trier's Dutch miniseries "Riget" or "The Kingdom," Kingdom Hospital tells the story of a hospital built over the burnt remains of a mill fire in 1869 and a hospital fire in 1939. Since so many have died horrible deaths there, it stands to reason that there would be a few ghosts knocking around the place. Along with the ghosts are the hospital's unique staff. There's Dr. Hook, a talented neurosurgeon with high morals, Dr. Stegman, a neurosurgeon from Boston who thinks that everything outside Boston is terrible, and various other characters. Kingdom Hospital shows us the rational world of medicine and science competing with the questionable world of the paranormal for supremacy. If you want something to make you think and challenge your perceptions, kindly pay a visit to the Kingdom and call me in the morning.
  • Kind of wierd but I like it.

    Built on the site of some notorious factory fire, Kingdom Hospital has apparently awakened spirits with varying degrees of good and ill intent. Figuring this out might provide a deferred payment for wasting your time on watching it. The keys to divining this mystery come from King's usual cast of downtrodden ciphers, a hodgepodge of the retarded, the insane, the infirm elderly, the open-minded skeptic, and, of course, the Native American, always granted supernatural mysticism in white people's fictions, as a backhanded compensation for that whole genocide thing. In addition to the little dead girl who cries in the elevator shaft, patients in Kingdom Hospital are visited by spirits appearing as Sesame Street-like animals: an evil bear that disconnects a man's breathing tube and an aardvark with a better beside manner. Did I mention that in addition to the spirit animals milling about, the character's pets also talk? They do, but only in sarcastic one-liners, tossed off as they trot across the screen in this bruisingly dull parade of surrealistic non-sequiturs.
  • Using the Danish miniseries "Riget" (a.k.a. "The Kingdom") as a point of inspiration, master of horror Stephen King gives Kingdom Hospital a unique and menacing American touch.

    This is my most favorite Stephen King TV Series (it's Mini-Series) among Rose Red, I really like story of this series and it's one of my favorite mini-series, characters are very good and story was cool, it's one of very few horror TV series that I never come to see to this day TV and to tell you the truth, this was a first horror TV series just before Rose Red, I watch these on ABC TV Series, it's good to see that Stephen King write this play. you can see it on Space on CH 51
  • Once again King tries to cut and paste the impact segment of all his books in hopes of making one big book that can be sold to ABC. It\'s no surprise that the network has to plans to bring it back. Noone wants to eat \"already chewed food.\"

    Sorry King. I really do love your work. I was (forgive the reference)your biggest fan. But it didn\'t take long for me to grow tired of finding references to your previous books in your newer writings. Kingdom Hospital should be yadvertised as what happens when you fame allows you to Cruise your way through tv-movie deal.

    I didn\'t watch it when it came on the television, because I was in the middle of a business project that demanded all my time. So, I rented it at Blockbuster. My intention was to rent the whole set and spend the weekend watching it. After reading the cover, I decided to rent the first three episodes.

    From the moment the film started, I found myself counting the references to his other stories. Then I started counting the references to Twin Peaks, ER (love ya Ed Begley Jr.), and dozen other really good and bad scenes from other movies.
    I must admit, I patted myself on the back, when I guessed that the only thing missing was the song, \"Let\'s Do The Time Warp Again,\" only to watch the medical staff singing, \"Nana, nana,nana,nana, Hey, hey, hey, goodbye\" Yeah, even Dr. Frankenfurter would have spit up a little bit in his mouth after watching this.

    Sorry King, but there comes a time when every writer has to put down his pen, and I\'m thinking it\'s time for you to enjoy the rich legacy of what great horror can be when equated to a \"Big Mac,fries and coke.\"
  • The Kingdom Hospital is the haunted drama series created by the award winning master of horror himself!

    I have never seen such an amazing and very different program, it really does deserve a second season!

    Made by one of the best writers, Kingdom hospital has a style that has never been seen before in television. Its very mysterious and you have to watch it because you need to take everything in too. It creates a very alone atmosphere but still manages to release the love!

  • The makers of 'The Ring' should learn from Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. 'Ant-solutely delicious' as the Antubis would say. A fantastic adaptation of Danish mini-series 'Riget' that brought a very realistic aspect of horror, spirituality and lin

    I've always been a fan of real horror flicks and video games like Silent Hill that actually have the magic of scary atmosphere, not just showing gore, and that make you think about stuff, like how thin a line between life and death can be, how powerful is the human spirituality and similar crucial questions that every human being should ask themselves.

    I liked the series because there was a classic battle Good vs. Evil in it, because the atmosphere was really scary at some times. There were likable characters and professionalism in the medical terms, not to mention the splendid visual effect on Antubis, that appeared in every episode and was completely computer generated and that's an unbelievable achievement considering how low was the budget for this television series.

    Congrats to Stephen and his crew for giving us this 'real' psycho-horror flick.

    Definitely a must have on DVD for every movie fan!
  • Some wierd, ghostly things are happening in The Kingdom, a New England hospital involving a little girl, a nasty teenage ghost and a giant anteater.

    Kingdom Hospital is a mini series brought to the U.S. by arguably the most well known American writer and master of horror, Stephen King. Using some great actors, well detailed sets and some amazing special effects, Kingdom Hospital is a great show and mini-series. There's only one problem: I don't get it. The story starts off simple enough, but as it goes on, things get a little distorted and the story becomes less and less clear. There was even one episode entitled "Butterfingers", and I had no idea how that could have possibly mattered to the plot of the series. All in all, Kingdom Hospital is a mini series that is very enticing and well put together, if only they could make the story more understandable...
  • I never really liked Stephen King, but Kingdom hospital, I have found new respect for him.

    Kingdom hospital is a bizzare twist of flashbacks and coma related dream sequences. And I have to admitt for a while there it was truly bizarre not gonna lie that little girl freaked me out her and that damn bell. but hey it was really good, and does any one else realize that Dr.Hook was in Pretty in Pink.
  • "[Kingdom Hospital is] ER meets The Shining with a Steven King twist, which may throw in a bit of Monty Python and some darker aspects as well."

    We recently had the chance to talk to actor Bruce Davison star of the upcoming ABC series Kingdom Hospital about the show and some of his other work. Movie fans will know Davison as Senator Kelly in the recent X-Men movies and his work in the recent Runaway Jury. TV fans might recognize Davison from his numerous guest starring roles (Law & Order: SVU, The Practice) or his starring role in Harry & the Hendersons. Parts of that conversation are below:

    TV Tome: Steven King has described Kingdom Hospital as "ER meets The Shining". How would you describe the show?

    Bruce Davison: That's a good description. I'd say you'd certainly take that out of it. It's ER meets The Shining with a Steven King twist, which may throw in a bit of Monty Python and some darker aspects as well.

    TVT: A bit of comedy, a bit of horror and a bit of medicine?

    Davison: Right and a bit of character study too.

    It's like a giant novel that's being shot in 15 parts. Each episode is like a chapter.

    TVT: Can you tell me about your character?

    Davison: The character I play is called Stegman. He's very tightly wound. He's a brilliant neurosurgeon who thinks he knows everything or at least should not be questioned about what he doesn't know. He's arrogant, he's driven and sure of himself and destructive.

    TVT: And what's his reaction to the supernatural goings on at the Hospital?

    Davison: Doesn't exist. He ignores it. And if it's in his face he ignores it even more.

    TVT: What are some of the supernatural happenings?

    Davison: Well there's the guy that sits up in the middle of our brain operation. He tells me there's an angel standing next to me and I'm very pissed off at the anesthesiologist for letting him wake-up. There's a dog with a head in his mouth, ghosts in the hallways, strange goings on in the mission across the way. And then there's the elevator.

    TVT: That takes you to the "pain room"?

    Davison: Yeah, you take the elevator to get down there. Even if you're trying to go up.

    TVT: What's it like working on Kingdom Hospital?

    Davison: It's a large ensemble cast made up of some New York actors, some Canadian and some L.A. actors both from TV and film and stage. It's a great cast.

    TVT: The show has an unusually large cast. What's it like working with so many cast members?

    Davison: It's a great ensemble. It's tough when we're all working together and you have to make coverage on a whole bunch of people in a room. That takes a long time to shoot. But also it's great because everyone has their own story line which feeds into this and it's great to see terrific actors topping each other every day.

    TVT: How would you compare working on a weekly series versus a feature film?

    Davison: Well this is being shot like film so I'd say this is more like a giant film. Lots of times you'll do a movie of the week or TV and you're shooting really fast and you have to get a whole lot done within a certain period of time. This we seem to be giving a little more care to this.

    It's great to be working with good writing certainly and Steven writes some of the best yarns there are. And it's also a very personal story for him. If one can imagine what it might be like to be Steven King hovering between life and death after his accident what his mind might have taken him into. It's pretty fertile ground.

    TVT: What about acting vs directing?

    Davison: An actor says "When's lunch?" a director says "Lunch? I'm three shots behind". It's all consuming as a director.

    TVT: Do you prefer one or the other?

    Davison: I prefer them both. I enjoy acting. I don't know if directing is something one enjoys. It's a total commitment. I certainly would love to do it some more. I had a great, wonderful experience with Hume Cronin and Adam Arkin, Sherilyn Fenn and Rory Culkin doing the last one. [the Showtime movie Off Season]

    TVT: Any other upcoming projects you'd like to talk about?

    Davison: There's a film called Evergreen I've done that's an independent film that's just in at Sundance and Henry Jaglom has a film that's coming out called Going Shopping that I also participated in.


    Imagine a hospital staffed by the most arrogant and odd doctors, nurses and staff – and more than its share of uneasy spirits. Then imagine a story about such a place written by Steven King with his love of the bizarre and supernatural and twisted sense of humor. And now film it with a cast of superb actors, film it like a 15 hour movie, and you'll have Kingdom Hospital.

    Kingdom Hospital is based on Danish miniseries The Kingdom by Lars von Trier but told with a distinctive Steven King flair. ABC is quick to remind us of this by referring to the series as "Steven King's Kingdom Hospital" and while some may argue with attributing the series to King rather than von Trier it's pretty clear that King has his fingerprints all over this one.

    In the opening episode we see renowned artist Peter Rickman out for a jog when he is brutally hit by an oncoming van. King clearly draws on his own experiences of a similar event and the scene is a tremendous example of the type of horror real live people can inflict on each other. Yet the accident is just the start of the horror for Rickman who finds himself paralyzed by the side of the road and communicating (telepathically) with an anteater.

    Rickman is taken of course to Kingdom Hospital a place where the human staff is scary enough. These doctors and nurses are odd in almost a David Lynch sort of way. Way beyond quirky, past eccentric and just short of completely nuts. And if that wasn't enough Kingdom Hospital "stands on uneasy ground". The hospital was built on the spot where dozens of children were burned to death in a mysterious mill fire. At least some of those children's spirits still inhabit the hospital and they're restless.

    You don't usually see a lot of horror shows on television and I'm not sure that I'd classify Kingdom Hospital as a straight horror show. The quirky characters bring to mind shows like Northern Exposure, the hospital setting and hospital politics calls to mind ER and the ghosts and supernatural stuff is very Steven King. There are one or two scenes that might be considered scary, quite a few more that I'd call spine tingling and plenty of scenes that are just plain odd.

    The first episode does a decent enough job introducing the characters and giving the back story – though it resorts to voice-over narration to do so which is a bit of a cop-out – but it will leave you both rather confused and wanting more. There are characters who are introduced that will clearly play a bigger role down the line but exactly who they are or why they're here isn't always evident.

    Kingdom Hospital will appeal to fans of the horror genre that like some levity and quirky characters and to fans of complex dramas filled with quirky characters that inhabit a world filled with supernatural happenings. It's a show that demands more attention from its audience than your average TV fare. The cast and production values are there. Only time will tell if the story will satisfy those who watch it to the end.

    Kingdom Hospital debuts on Wednesday March 3 at 9pm on ABC and continues on Wednesdays at 10pm.