Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

ABC (ended 2004)





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  • This was One Weird and Freaky Show! But that's Stephen King for ya.

    When i Saw the series premire on ABC I Thought "This is one wacked out weird show.... But I Like it!" I never knew Stephen King Would make shows like this but he did and I Loved it, I Loved it more because it had Andrew McCarthy In it and he's still hot! even if he is in his 30's or 40's I Don't care The guy was Totally Hot!

    Back to the show: The Girl was A Great actress I wish she'd do more TV or Movie Roles man I though she did good same with the rest of the cast and man That Ed Bagley Jr was he ever the perfect part to play that wacko Doc who was obsessed with Making the Hospital More Friendly With that "Clean Air" Thing whatever it was I Still don't get what the deal was with the thump 'n Pinky thing I thought it was odd but i guess that's another part of stephen king? Either way this show was great and I Really enjoyed watching it.