Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Season 1 Episode 6

The Young and the Headless

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2004 on ABC

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  • Mary and Peter try to save Antubis, an expert comes to investigate the earthquakes, Stegman is initiated into the hospital's secret society and more.

    At the beginning, we see the arrival of Dr. Richard Schwarzton, earthquake expert and recovering alcoholic, to Lewiston, Maine. He is talking to his AA sponsor, voiced by Stephen King, when we first see him. Continuing from the previous episode, Paul has trapped Antubis in the in-between hospital. Unable to kill him, Paul leaves him there to bleed to death while he and Rolf Pederson conspire to kill Peter Rickman. It is revealed that Dr. Brenda Abelson destroyed the Mona Klingerman anesthesiology report to cover up for Dr. Stegman. It appears that Stegman is going off the deep end trying to find the ones who tagged his car. Meanwhile, Dr. Hook and Dr. Draper develop a romance, with help from Abel and Christa. While Peter and Mary team up to help Antubis, Stegman is initiated into the Keepers of the Kingdom, the hospital's secret society. During the ceremony, he is minorly injured. He is somehow transported to the in-between hospital, apparently by Paul as a joke. After being rejected in his love advances on Massingale, Elmer goes too far in a prank on her and gets "in over his head." With help from Peter, Mrs. Druse discovers the name of the little ghost girl: Mary. Thanks to Elmer, a headless ghost now inhabits the world in between.