Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Season 1 Episode 1

Thy Kingdom Come

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • The first in the series of Kingdom Hospital.

    This was the first episode of the short lived mini series of Kingdom Hospital. I remember how much i loved this show when it aired on TV. I is probably one of my favourite mini-series of all time. So in the first episode we are introduced to the Kingdom Hospital staff, a Dr Hook, and Dr, Stegman a patient named Sally and of course Peter Rickman who suffers a terrible accident and is rushed to the hostpital. Before long Peter begins to see some of the horrors which go on inside the walls of the hospitals. He sees the Ghost girl Mary and the evil man named Paul. We also learn that the hospital was built upon a mill which burned to the ground. So overall i think this is great episode which is definatly not to be missed.
  • Welcome to Kingdom Hospital - a place you never want to go if you're ill. Another place you never want to go is into Stephen King's mind - it's brilliant, but the chances of gettin out alive are slim!

    I really didn't know what to make of this at all. On the one hand, it's a straightforward story about a hospital with aspects of the supernatural. On the other, there are so many weird characters, scenes and surrealist aspects that it's like Twin Peaks with surgery.

    I liked it in the end, almost despite myself. It's a little over the top (and down the other side sometimes) and I'm not fond of the anteater,but I do find myself wanting to know what happens.

    The hit and run scene is really visceral, the comedy works well, but so far the horror/ghostly aspect isn't quite so developed. I expected to be much more creeped out than I was. I do hope future episodes (yes I'm watching the series on DVD) develop the creepiness more. I think so far the weirdness is getting in the way of taking anything too seriously.

    I'll keep watching though.
  • Welcome to Kingdom Hospital. Are you ready? Sit back and enjoy the anesthesia.

    This is the first episode in one of Stephen King's best miniseries to date. This is the episode that introduces us to the weird and unique characters who inhabit the hospital. We find out, before the opening credits, that before the hospital stood, the spot was occupied by a textile mill that made uniforms for the Union army during the Civil War. The mill, which depended greatly on child labor, burned to the ground. Many of the children did not survive. It appears obvious that at least one child's ghost haunts Kingdom Hospital. We are brought into the hospital by Peter Rickman, America's most famous artist, who is hit by a van while running on the side of a road. Rickman is a representation of Stephen King. King, "America's most famous writer, was hit by a motor vehicle when he was jogging near his home in Maine. This episode admits us into Kingdom Hospital, where we encounter the neat and wonderful characters that Peter encounters.
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