Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

Season 1 Episode 4

West Side of Midnight

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2004 on ABC

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  • Another bizarre episode. Am still trying to work out where the whole thing is going.

    So we have the head of neurosurgery more concerned with his defaced car than the patients; a dead wife; a dead man giving messages from the other side; a presumed-crazy-but-obviously-not psychic (played with superb intensity by Diane Ladd), trying to work out which patient is in touch with the little girl, a slightly demented dead boy, that annoying anteate, a sleep disorder test and an unrequited love story.

    I still don't know what to make of this series, but I have to give it a high score,because it's compulsive viewing.Unfortunately its bizarreness and odd humour are still getting in the way of anything foreboding and I think this needs sorting, to stop it being Scrubs with added ghosts.

    There are some touching scenes in this one though as well. The acting remains excellent, when it could be very hammy indeed. I just want few more scares!
  • Dr. Traff's wife is brought to the Kingdom, Mrs. Druse sits with a dying patient and Dr. Stegman begins his search for the ones responsible for vandalizing his car.

    The show begins by showing most of the Kingdom Hospital staff sleeping during the late shift. Mary's bell, which she carries around, is hanging from a moving elevator. I am unsure of the meaning of this. Emma Warburton, Dr. Traff's exwife and Elmer's mother, is brought into the ER, by Ollie and Danny, after being frightened into a heart attack by her at home patient Mr. Sugarly. She thought he was dead, but he uncovered himself and sat up while she was walking away. While working on her, Dr. Traff gives us a hint by showing much determination in trying to save her. He refuses to give up. According to Liz Hinton, Emma got hooked on painkillers after being burned in a fire and Louis Traff divorced her after she a drug scandal. Meanwhile, Mrs. Druse has the dying Lenny Stilmach help her find out the identity of the ghost girl. While both Emma and Lenny are dying, Mary rings her bell and calls for them. Maybe she is somehow involved in helping the dying to cross over. We can tell from their conversation that they once shared a brief romance with each other. After finding out that Peter is involved, she warns Dr. Hook that Peter is in danger. Elmer has a dream where he finds Mary's doll and has a run-in with Antubis. When he learns that his mother died, he and his father share a nice father-son moment.
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