Stephen King's The Stand

ABC (ended 1994)


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  • Season 1
    • The Stand
      The Stand
      Episode 4
      After the explosion that took many important lives, Mother Abagail sends Stu, Glen, Larry and Ralph to face Flagg and finally decide the fate of the new mankind. In the desert, one of them falls and a sacrifice is needed to Stand and win the battle between Good and Evil. Also, Flagg's group starts to fall apart while Nadine and Harold set off for Vegas and Trashcan Man sets the biggest fire ever.moreless
    • The Betrayal
      The Betrayal
      Episode 3
      Now the survivors are divided. Mother Abagail leads the Good in Boulder, Colorado and Randall Flagg leads the Evil in Las Vegas, Nevada. Flagg has sent Nadine Cross to infiltrate the group. One of the people gathered in the Rockies have a dream that tempts another one and disaster happens. Also, three members of the Boulder group go on a quest to discover Flagg's plans.moreless
    • The Dreams
      The Dreams
      Episode 2
      "Captain Trips", the superflu, has decimated the population of earth. The few ones who have survived, are being divided in two groups: the Good and the Evil. Those that have been dreaming about Mother Abigail are slowly making their way towards her in Nebraska. Randall Flagg is gathering his own forces through their dreams.moreless
    • The Plague
      The Plague
      Episode 1
      One sunny June day, a deadly virus accidentally escapes from a government-run lab, decimating the population of the world. Only a few people seems to be inmune. One of the survivors is Stu Redmond, a gas station attendant from Texas, who doesn't seem to suffer the effects of the illness. For this reason, he is kept in a center for disease control in Vermont, where doctors try to figure out why he is still alive. Others survivors include Frannie Goldsmith who lives with her dad, Nick Andros, a deaf-mute, Larry Underwood a rock musician and Lloyd Henreid who is in jail for murder. Each survivor starts having dreams about an old African American woman who warns them from danger and gives them advice, or about a scary evil man.moreless