Steptoe and Son

BBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Christmas Special 1974 (a.k.a. A Perfect Christmas)
      Harold is fed up with staying at home over Christmas, so he plans to take his dad, abroad for the holiday,only to find that Albert has no passport. After a long hunt for the birth certificate, and pleas to Harold that they go to Bognor instead, they finally turn up at the station, only to find that Harold's passport is out of date. Just when it looks like Harold's Christmas is going to be a disaster, he has a surprise in store.moreless
    • Christmas Special 1973
      Albert is busy putting up Christmas decorations while Harold is making plans to go to Spain for the holidays When he tells Albert that he will have to spend the holiday at the local old people's home Albert objects so Harold changes his plans and decides to spend his holiday money on a big party for all his friends but things don't go to plan.moreless
    • Seance in a Wet Rag and Bone Yard
      Albert invites a spiritualist to give a reading so he can contact his dead wife, Harold is skeptical over the whole thing, and his fears turn out to be true.
    • Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs, Downstairs
      Albert has slipped a disc, and is confined to his bed. So Harold has to wait on him hand and foot. When beer and licorice allsorts start disappearing from the kitchen, Harold starts putting two and two together.
    • The Seven Steptoerai
      When the local villain Frankie Barrow tries to start a protection racket, Albert and his friends, who have been taking lessons in kung fu, scare them off.
    • And So To Bed
      And So To Bed
      Episode 3
      When his old bed collapses, Harold buys a waterbed to try and impress his new girlfriend.
    • Porn Yesterday
      Porn Yesterday
      Episode 2
      Harold finds a ' What The Butler Saw ' machine, on the round, and brings it home.After watching it ,he realizes that it stars his father, Albert as a young man.
    • Back in Fashion
      Back in Fashion
      Episode 1
      When a Fashion Photographer, wants to use the junk yard as a back drop for a fashion shoot, Albert says no ,until they offer him a large fee. Harold sees it as a way to meet some trendy models.
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