Steptoe and Son

BBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Offer
      The Offer
      Episode 1
      The very first episode of what was to become an all time classic comedy series. In this episode that introduces the charatures Harold is very unhappy working as a rag and bone man, and wants to leave, for a better job. Albert his father seeing his workforce about to leave, conspires to get him to stay.moreless
    • The Bird
      The Bird
      Episode 2
      Harold is going out every night, so Albert suspects that he must being seeing a girl Determined to put a stop to the romance, he gets Harold to invite the girl back to the house for dinner. Meanwhile Albert puts the clocks forward so when she fails to show up at the right time,Harold thinks she has stood him up.moreless
    • The Piano
      The Piano
      Episode 3
      Harold is offered a piano, providing he moves it himself. He gets Albert to help, only to find out that it is on the top floor of a block of flats.
    • The Economist
      The Economist
      Episode 4
      Harold tries to teach Albert about the economics of running a business. He then ends up buying 400 sets of false teeth hoping to make a killing. When they don't sell, He takes their last £10.00 and tries again, this time bringing home 400 World War 2 gas masks.
    • The Diploma
      The Diploma
      Episode 5
      Harold decides to get out of the rag and bone trade, and get a diploma in T V repair, only for Albert to prove that he knows more about it than Harold.
    • The Holiday
      The Holiday
      Episode 6
      For the first time Harold plans to go on holiday abroad instead of Bognor with his dad Albert fakes a heart attack to stop him going and the doctor advises Harold to take him to Bognor.
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