Steptoe and Son

BBC (ended 1974)





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  • The greatest. To Me Steptoe & Son is and was the greatest comedy of all time. Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell was perfect in their roles.

    To me Steptoe & Son is and was the greatest comedy of all time. Ray Galton & Alan Simpson are fantastic writers to produce this amazing comedy series. Their choices of Harry H Corbett as Harold Steptoe and Wilfrid Brambell as Albert Steptoe was perfect choices, they was amazing actors and even though they did not see eye to eye in real life their chemistry on the show was perfect together. Both comedy geniuses. It was a real tragedy that Harry H Corbett died at such an early age of 57 in 1982. Steptoe & Son was the type of show that you never wanted to end even after 8 Series. I still wish they would have got at least another 2 more series making it 10 series before Corbetts death but it was not to be, sad really but you can't take away how amazing the show was, and it is still fondly remembered and reshown even today due to the popularity of the show, you can't keep good comedys down no matter how long ago they was shown, and Steptoe & Son will always be remembered as an amazing series. The writers, and actors, everything was perfect, it was a perfect comedy show.