Steptoe and Son - Season 4

BBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Pilgrim's Progress
    Pilgrim's Progress
    Episode 7
    Harold takes Albert on a trip to France to see the battlefields of the First World War. But as soon as the plane has takes off, he starts arguing with an American passenger, about their involvement in the conflict.
  • My Old Man's A Tory
    Harold invites the local Labour Party organizer to a meeting,hoping they will adopt him as their candidate ,for the next election. Albert,who supports the Tory's, plans to thwart his ambitions.
  • A Box in Town
    A Box in Town
    Episode 5
    When Harold brings his current girlfriend back home after a date, he finds that he has to entertain her in the yard, because Albert will not go upstairs to sleep. So Harold decides to leave and rent a flat in town. Then he finds that all his old girlfriends are married or engaged. Meanwhile Albert, with no son to worry about, becomes the target of every widow in the neighbourhood.moreless
  • Siege of Steptoe Street
    When the money runs out and the bills mount up, a summons is delivered from the local butcher, demanding payment. Barricading themselves in the house, the Steptoes need something drastic to happen.
  • Those Magnificent Men and Their Heating Machines
    Harold decides that he wants central heating for the house and plans to install the system himself.
  • Crossed Swords
    Crossed Swords
    Episode 2
    When Albert gets looked in the outside loo Harold arrives back to find no dinner. But he is not worried as he has found a rare piece of porcelain and he wants to put it up for auction.
  • And Afterwards At
    And Afterwards At
    Episode 1
    Harold finally gets to the altar with Albert as his best man, but at the last moment his bride, changes her mind
    Later back at the house Harold rows with the family, when they want their presents back and he throws them out.