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Season 2 : Episode 143

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Steve Harvey hosts a brand new syndicated American talk show. Co-produced by Harvey, Endemol, and NBCUniversal, the show debuted on Sept. 4th, 2012. Topics covered will include real life issues men and women face as well as ways to better themselves. Steve will also occasionally interview big name celebrities.

Fan Reviews (252)

  • Your Favorite Fan Thanks for the daily Laughs!!!!

    I love your show. Mostly because of the generous heart you have for people. And how down to earth you are and the honesty and the Love you have for your Wife and especially for your children. I love all your shows from the people you have on your show, the subjects, and all the laughs. I love you Steve and you don't even know Your a wonder man and have much respect for you! I could go on and on. Just know I don't miss the Best!!!! Love your Favorite Fan.. You just don't know it yet!!! lol

    Deborah Sykes

    Oakland, Californiamoreless
  • Help The White Kids

    Mr. Harvey,you are always showing white people who helps the black about the white kids who needs help would be nice to see Black or white people helping the white love your show and respect you,but whites kids are getting the shaft when it comes to actor or actress or day time would help the white kids. thank you for your time. Pat

  • Mother day

    I know you will have a gift and if there is a gift and I win I would like too exchange it for a tombstone for my mother cant afford one thank you I am not begging just want for my love
  • United Dating of Amercia in Tennessee ( From United Dating of Amercia in Oregon)

    Mr. Harvey, I read both of your books and been to all the places you said a women could meet a man, well no lucky at all. I needed some help please? I been divorced 14 years now and no man that I could have a long term relative ship with. I been on Black People meet and no luck on that web site. Could I be the Dating in Tennessee? I did see your show on dating in Oregon, WOW, she had her mother skill all over .. I'm not that bad at. I don't think? I looked forward to hearing from you or your staff. Peace and Blessing..moreless
  • my best friend.

    hello Mr Harvey,my husband is my best friend,we have known each other for 18 yrs now and we have been married for means so much to me,he is a very loving and passionate man,hes done so much for me and my 4yrs old daughter but we have given him so will be turning 40 this july 10th .pls i know this is your area of perfection can you please do something rewarding and remarkable for him please???oladunni california.moreless

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