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Steve Harvey hosts a brand new syndicated American talk show. Co-produced by Harvey, Endemol, and NBCUniversal, the show debuted on Sept. 4th, 2012. Topics covered will include real life issues men and women face as well as ways to better themselves. Steve will also occasionally interview big name celebrities.

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  • Your program brighten my day

    I can be down and depressed and turn on Steve Harvey as I do everyday and when the hour is up I'm happy and the day is good. Love his show. I wish he could help me find my Mother. I've been looking for 40 years.
  • Loving your programme

    Dear Steve

    am sherina by name and am from Nigeria. i follow up your TV show all the time on DSTV here in Nigeria and all the time i am thrilled with how generous you are. Recently i watched a programme where you bought a diamond ring and slid into the pocket of that man whose girlfriend stated they have dated for six years and all she wants from him is commitment and she isn't getting it. you not only help get the man to propose but you also got them a diamond engagement ring. that made me cry and wish that someday whenever am in Chicago i will definitely love to see this man who has brought so many people (loved ones) together.

    XOXO sherrymoreless
  • A Great Man

    Love watching his show. He is the best. Always makes you laugh and has the best personality and out look on life. I hope his show stays on for years to come. You can tell he has a very big heart and truly cares about people. These are the kind of people that we need in this world now days and the kind of shows that should be on TV, and take that other crap off that kids do NOT need to be watching for sure. Nice to see a family man with high respect for his wife and children on there and someone who cares about ALL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. God bless him. Keep up the good work.moreless
  • Helping others and staying blessed

    Steve you are the best. and i stay motivated by your show. my time to shine will be sooner rather than later. keep on looking out for the best i stay in tears. coming to you from Sacramento, Ca we stay Blessed . and our community is finally trying to shine and grow at the same time.
  • Broke in Buffalo

    I was watching your show today and saw the lady (Ms. Judy) willing to advertise your show on her car for a trip to Vegas. Well Mr. Harvey I've NEVER been to Vegas and I don't drive,but I would wear a SANDWICH BOARD everyday just to get to go to Vegas. I live in Buffalo, . 74 years old. On Soc. Sec. can't afford to go on my own.

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