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  • Steve is the Best!!

    Hi Steve, I watch your show faithfully every morning... I have been trying to get some of the free stuff for Christmas with no luck! I am 55 year old Grandmother and Mother to my 9 year old granddaughter! I adopted her a couple of years ago. It is very hard raising her on my SSD. I am trying very hard to make her life the best it can be. I love her so very, very much! She has a big brother that lives with his father and tlhey are very close... I need to pay off my car, pay my monthly bills and try to save $5,000 for some kind of vacation this summer out to Phoenix.... I am so lonely sometimes, but I make by trying not to think about myself and consentrate on just Mindy... I was just wondering if maybe you could help me out with some of these problems??? It would be very much apreciated if you can and don't worry about it if you can't. I know you are very busy with your own family at this time of year! Your granddaughter, Rose is very beautiful and very lucky to have been born into such a great family and I wish you all the best!! I hope you all have a wonderful and festive Holiday this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your whole family!!! Patti <3<3<3

  • Great Shows!

    Love watching your TV Shows, Steve. I record both shows daily to make sure I don't miss them. I would love so much to win toys and other gifts so that I can bless my grandkids and other family members. Thank you.
  • Excellent Show

    Aloha Steve I really enjoy your show, and I would like to win toys for my Grandchild Naima.
  • Ho Ho Ho!

    I watch your show every day after Family Fued, today was the best show seeing everyone receive all the toys, and the family that received the house, God Bless You! I would like to enter to win all the gifts for my 7 grandkids for X-Mas because last year I could not get them anything and it looks like I can't get them anything again this year. But they still know their loved. Enter me please, Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! I can't wait to meet Rose!!!
  • Toy toys Toy

    I enjoy all your show your so down to earth and real. You have a given heart .. It wonderful to see on day time. Praying that my family and are picked this year to receive from you and yours . Things are real tight but i'm keeping the faith
  • ask and you shall recieve

    steve harvey and you shall recieve what the holy bible say's to do , i would like and asking for you to give my family all what you and cute little henry had on you show tonight and also pay for my 13 year old daughter who was born with a kindey promblem and about took all our money back and forth to the doctor as a child ,which i priase the lord hasnt been sick after her surgery and prayer , for a 5 day and night stay a orlando flordia am asking in jesus and my wife love you and your show.. im kept watching beacuse not a better show on bless you and your's and have a merry and happy new year
  • toys, toys for kids

    Mr Harvey, yes I'm a big fan of your's! I tried to get tickets earlier this year but was unsuccessful. I would love toys for my grandchildren .

    Happy Holiday and continued success.
  • Toys! interesting toys

    Thank you for this chance to win toys over here in Cali, I have 4 little grand babies that would love Christmas
  • Toys, toys, toys!!!

    Thank you Mr Harvey for this chance to get the gifts from today's show (12/17/14)

    I hope for a favorable outcome!

    There are no instructions as to how to go about this opportunity...
  • toys for the kids

    Hello Mr Harvey,I'm writing you about the toy hope to be a blessing to my kids this is hard to come by right not working right now ,but I am in school trying to get my GED. Thanks !
  • faithfu; fans

    I still am trying to enter and win those wonderful, generous gift give aways. from your most faithful and disabiled texas fans love you kasf1234
  • Faithful Lifetime Fan!

    Hi Steve, yes I'm a big fan of your's! I tried to get tickets earlier this year but was unsuccessful. Hopefully 2015 will be my year!

    I'm not sure how I would go about entering to win all the gifts on today's show but hopefully this will serve as my entry!

    Happy Holiday and continued SUCCESS!
  • Christmas Wishes

    Hi Steve Im not use to writing but when I seen your show, which I watch everyday. I seen all them wonderful Christmas gifts I would love for my grandchildren. They don't ask for much because my husband and are on disability. But this year is much better for them last year they barely had a Christmas because of there parents were fighting and lots of stress in the family. They received nothing from santa. I just would like them to have a very special Christmas this year. They have a absent father which makes it very hard for them. I help all I can my daughter works very hard but just has a min wage job. I appreiciate all you do for people you are truly blessed. I know them toys would bring such smiles on there faces. because they have never had a big Christmas. But they are great kids and appreciate everything they do get. But with your help this could be there best Christmas ever. have some great toys from santa. My oldest grandson has been begging for a phone for a couple years. we play a lot of legos. It just would be nice to put them in your thoughts and make there Christmas best ever. Thank you and god bless and have a Merry Christmas steve
  • My Christmas Wish

    Hi Steve, I couldn't be in your audience, but I hope this is the next best step. Oh by the way I love your shows. Thank you for being
  • "Seek and ye shall fine, knock and the door shall be open"

    Steve I am currently out of work on administrative leave, I do not want to answer my phone when it's time for your show. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment at an hour before your show, I am disappointed I will miss it. However you have said to go to to see how to win the free gifts, well like most things I thought it wouldn't work. Then I remember to two things, one what the bible says, "seek and ye shall fine, knock and the door shall be The second thing is how our listen to you on the advice you give others and I have read your books and listen to you tell your story, so therefore I am trusting this is not fake. I would like a chance to win some Christmas prizes for myself and my grandchildren as well as someone that may be in need of anything that I can't use. Thank you.
  • Everybody has a story

    Well to let the truth be has a story to tell. I would love to be able to receive those gifts from your today's show. My husband and I are elderly and only have a limited income to survive on monthly. I do work and my husband's health has affected him being employed. We have 5 grandchildren and can not afford to get them nice Christmas gifts. My health is not good either , but I can't afford to stop working. But like I stated before everybody has a story and I just wanted to share with you a little part of my life. My husband and I really enjoy watching your show, we think you are simply hilarious. We have enjoyed watching you for many years now, even before you became as popular as you are now. You are truly a talented and Blessed young man. I love the fact that you give back and share your success with the unfortunate. You not only share materialistic but you share your wisdom that God has supplied you with. Great Job Mr. Harvey!! Stay Blessed Young Man and continue on the path you are on and you will continue to move Upward. Be Blessed!!!
  • What up Steve

    I'm not going to sugar coat it I was looking for a gift for my crew, wife , son soon coming newborn son. Don't get it twisted it is a great show brother. Thanks
  • A Very Merry Christmas

    I am looking for a chance to be a winner!!! Was watching your show and you had mentioned to go to your site for an opportunity to win as well. My family would be tremendously blessed to be a lucky winner! By the way I love watching your show. You are in inspiration!
  • Thnaks for the laughs/chuckles and the warming if the heart

    At PM my timeit is Steve Harvey time. I need to make sure I laugh every day and all I have to do is watch Steve Harvey. I never thought anyone could be better than Johnny Carson but Steve you are right up next to him and your personality is outstanding,
  • looking to win something lol

    Hey steve, Everybody have a long story you told me to come to the site for my chance to win in there's no link... wassup lol
  • Dear Steve

    I do not know if you get many of these, but I just want to say thank you. God molded a very wonderful, God fearing man. You remind me of my beautiful husband. He is a retired vet ( he's young ) and he gives so much of himself and I volunteer meals on wheels for seniors. I just wanted to stop and just say 'Thank You for not only giving your time but your heart. God Bless you in everything you do and I wish you and your family a Happy very fulfilled holiday. Your fan Loni
  • hello steve

    Hi of all I would like to say I love watching you on tv your a very nice and funny I love to watch all the shows you are I would like also to register for the free Xmas gifts you gave away on your show this year has been very rough on on me and my lost my love of 22 yrs this I found out I have stage 4 breast would love the gifts for my grandkids.. Thank you
  • free gifts!!

    I am interested in the free gifts for my boys and family please help
  • free gifts

    my name is Tonya i have two special needs boys 6 and 10 im a single mother i live with my mom but a week ago she broke her shoulder so im doing Christmas by myself im also disabled so i really would appreciate the gifts so my boys have a good Christmas.
  • Free gifts

    Hey Steve, I lost my husband November 24 2014. I have a son Nicholas who really needs Christmas. Please think about Nicholas. My name is Rosa and thank you so much. Oh yeah, My husband is having Thanksgiving Supper with The Father GOD. THANK YOU!
  • free gifts

    Hello Steve,

    I was watching your show today and witnessed you and your sponsors give away free gifts to the live audience. I was wondering if I could receive the free gifts also!

    I Love your show! Thanks and Merry Christmas, Maurice
  • free gifts

    I moved to Atlanta Ga in May. I had no where to live I moved in with a man. Then Sept 28th I was abused. I went in to a womens shelter. Then October 11th I was admitted into the hospital. I have pre cancer cells in my throat stomach and colon. My family is not here. I am all alone. I would love the gifts from today show. Thank you
  • a special christmas wish

    dear Steve,

    hi my name is loumekia pickett am 21 yours old my Christmas wish is to help my family so my mom have lupus and she don't have time for herself and there are 4 of us and I just wont my mom to be happy she marred and it like they don't have date night n I love my mom so mush Steve I hart me to see my mom not happy and I have 1 little sister and 2 lil brother I take care of my home and my mom and brother I help her throw everything and I love my family I don't go to college my mom don't have the money for me to go so I stay home and help her with my family and mymom name is tomeka Crosby my mom is a strong and she have lupus on her face and se thank about everyone but herself my big special charismas wish is to have my family to come to your show to put a smile on there face and I wont to meet you BY LOUMEKIA PICKETT MY EMAIL IS LOVE YU STEVE HARVEY


    710 E summit #A Muskegon ,mi


  • free gifts

    Hey steve love ur show i was wondering how do i try an get the free gift giveaway would really appreciate it would love to win for my sister an her 6 kids her husband lost his job a few months ago an they don't know how they going to get Christmas at for the kids i really would like to see if I can get in on the chance to win think u an god bless you

    . i love watching u on family feud
  • my son

    Love every show Steve dose so my son is a single dad he had to pay first months rent last month and a sucurtey. So he has no money to get his 2 Christmas I am on a fixed income and can't help he button off his girlfriend could of waited till after the holidays but she didn't she filed bank rup. so she has money to buy for them I just don't know where to turn if he knew I was writing this he would be really mad he is a dam good dad his dad wasn't around when he was growing up but that's my fault he has been working every since he was 15 years old the girls 1 is 4 the other is 2 we live in PA here is my cell number please help don't know where to turn to 7242377610
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