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  • Gifts for Good Works


    I am attempting to register for your TV gift offering televised on 12/16/2014. Unable to reach you in any other way I would like to receive the free gifts you presented to your fans. Thanks Steve and keep up the good work.

  • A clever title goes here!

    Dear Steve, I just Love your show, love your humor, and your straight talk especially when you keeping it real about us (women) and what we ought to know when it comes to men. Keep on keeping it real and may God continue to bless you beyond what you can ever imagine or think, Love ya!! Shinetha Taylor
  • Being Honest with you

    Hello Steve! I love your show and how you go about everything that you do, and how you do things on the show. I would love to go to your show and I also have been ask by email, but I just can't go to where you are located, because 1. is that I don't have the money to fly and stay at a hotel. Plus I am handicap and live by my which that has nothing to do with your show) I would love to go and see you, my mother just pass away this year and she was one of your fans, I was planning to go with her. I also like that you rec. the ppl that are doing things good for other's and give them their place by letting ppl no who they are and what have they've done. I would like to receive the gifts that you give out to your fans that go and see you on the show. So if you can send me the free gifts i would your fan
  • A "Loud" Lady -

    Steve, even tho she admits to being Italian, and really, who cares, she says her "friends" try to tone her down saying she is too loud. Really, I am just like her and i am literally down to no friends, (standards are high i guess... i love you if you have issues! Who doesn't?) My oldest daughter (25) even moved out of state without as much as a hug because she says I forget things (worse now because of chemo), she hasn't asked about me once this whole past year... I didn't raise her to be so cold. If you were Dr. Phil I'd ask you to ask her to tell me how she could abandon her mother... But you know, I have had a wonderful life! Just like you said she would. You wouldn't believe my ups and downs, but I might be the happiest woman alive. If I died tomorrow, I would miss my 14-year-old daughter, I'm a single mom, but she sees me loud, loving to people and learning that there are times to be loud (usually singing in the car with the radio blasting!), or trying everying from quiet to removing yourself from situations that being loud is just not appropriate. How come Joy has become "uncool?"

    Well, enough about me, my first e-mail didn't go through and all I wanted to really say was, you rock my friend. Why aren't there more people out there like you?? Seriously, no racial anything here, but my favorite people are older black women. Not too many in New Mexico... :) Could you send me an aunt or someone you love I can just hang out with? I miss Georgia and the love you feel there... I need a Black Church huh? (big old smile!)

    Seriously, I am off to Barnes and Nobles today... I am buying your book today and taking one hour off daily to get a big ol' dose of good old real with you.

    Oh Geez... LOL!!! Great advice for the messy boy. Wish I could stick with stuff better. You're probably a great Dad too! Maybe I'll try Parents Without Partners....

    Thanks for helping America get the common sense back!

    Happy Holidays now and Forever...

    Sign Me: A blessed lady loud and happy in New Mexico. One of my bumper sticker reads " Well Behaved Women Seldom Make :)

  • Hey Please look back!

    Hey Steve why is it we never see you go back and surprise some of them ghetto families that you grew up with ,they need help too ! I'm just saying ,Please put some impoverished folks on again ! The power is in your hands ! You have really been blessed, pass some blessing back if your heart incline you too

    Longtime Fan Liza
  • one hundred men questions and answers aired on 11/6/14

    Dear Steve, I am a regular fan of your morning show . Yesterday was so real as I watched the guys answer questions from the audience . It was a wow moment for me as I sat through watching your show. Been married for almost 30 years but the show yesterday just solidified everything I have had to experience and I could not be any happier to know that I am not crazy the way I have handled certain situations over these number of years and I just want to say thank you for all that you do.
  • just one more thing for your show

    play this audience will leave with a bang,dancing is an art! check out vedio by Erica Cantrell..

    you will enjoy!!!
  • Steve is the man

    Over 18 years ago I was granted ascess to back stage of your show in the Chi. you were not very nice. I have grown as so have you, especially spiritually. I take my hat off to you. God has truly blessed you. I'm about to retire after 27 years on the Chicago police department, I'm gonna acutally come to one of your shows. Good Job Bro. Lastly is it bad that Im 49 years old and only like jeans, boots, and leather Jackets, you making it hard for brother's like me that don't like wearing suits, Hell you look to damm good. Take care and bless you.
  • Family, Intelligence, Remebrance, Ebony article, 'Back in the day', etc.

    Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) - I would love to share my experiences from my retired military back ground (Retired Army- DS, Jump Master, Air Assault specialist). I have a daughter (my only child) college educated (Go Lincoln U) and a Mother who lives with my wife and I. My mother will be 80 yrs. old December 20, 2014. She doesn't want a big celebration. However, as a provider that she and my Dad (Bless his soul) have instilled in me; I cannot keep to myself the appreciation that I feel. Your staff and platform is amazing and I recognize what you ALL are doing, and it is wonderful. Whether I hear from you or your staff, I will continue to support. I'm currently reading, "Act Like a Success Think Like a Success" and I totally believe if this connection was meant to be, then God's Will be done. I'm from Jersey, been around the world and currently live in SC. Graduated from HS in 1980 - MBA in 2014. You can contact me by a reply from your staff. I truly have so much to offer. My Dad was an educator, my Mom took all kinds of kids as foster support. I was in the Big Brother Big Sister program here in SC and I love teaching and seeing knowledge grow before my eyes. Despite circumstances and stereotypes, I believe knowledge and learning is POWER if only used for the right reasons. A favorite of mine is Jazz (Tenor Saxophone). My name is Gary and I truly appreciate what you ALL do.
  • Family Feud

    Hi Steve,

    My family enjoys and follows your show almost religiously. In fact, my son had been so captivated by this and other shows that his interest in being on TV/Movies is heightened crazy! We should be truly grateful if you should share a word of wisdom and advise with him in order to give him a perspective that he has not heard from us as parents. My email: .



    Thanks for your
  • An Appreciation message

    Hi Steve

    My name is Pumla and i live in South always watch your shows

    because its starts when i am back from work .

    I would like to inform you that i appreciate each and every show of yours

    that i have learnt more from you,from cooking to how to take care

    of s man as i am a married woman as well as how to handle general dont have such shows here and i wish that there can be someone

    like you because we need such important and wise talks like in oversees.

    I really appreciate keep up the good work and may God Bless you



    Pumla(South Africa).

  • you make dreams come true.

    i love watching your show! you have changed peoples lives by making thier dreams come true, whether it's by bringing families together, making "love" happen between 2 strangers, teaching young girls, and boys to respect each other. Mr. Harvey, you have created so much happiness for so many people, i know this request may not seem very important, compared to all the requests you receive, i lost my mother February 12th of 2012. She was the "matriarch" of the family. she loved life, and was not ready to leave. She died of mesothelioma. No one knew! when the Dr. came in to tell her, we also know that by her reaction, she didn't either. she always told us that when she passed, she wanted us to get a motor home, and put her on the dashboard, with a bottle of bourbon, and drive across country. well, we only had enough money for her funeral services. She was creamated, and still is here in my home. Anyone that wanted some of her ashes, were able to. my daughters and, my son as well. My oldest daughter, Danielle, was taking off to California to start her carreer as a writer, my son was in the navy. They both had "gram" with them. And yes my daughter did take her across country, from Ashtabula, Ohio, all the way to southern California on the dashboard, of course she was not able to do the bourbon thing, but she drove from the east coast, to the west coast. Also my son went on deployment, and also took his gram with him. He was not able to attend the funeral, that was very hard for him. But he did get some kind of peace by having her with him on his journey around the world. I also knew that she was, and still is watching over them, being so far away, it also gave me piece of mind, knowing she was with them. So we may not have all been able to go on her journey around the world, or across country, but what matters is that it did happen. She always went without, to take care of us. we are so blessed to have had her for our mamma! She still doesn't have a final resting place, due to 'financial' problems. My mom deserves to be recognized, and always remembered, long after we are who ever knew mom loved her. She was always struggling to survive,but would give her last dime to help a complete stranger. We would love to give her a resting place that she truly deserves. With a headstone, somewhere we can all go to just to 'talk' to her, and be able to be at peace with ourselves that long after we are gone, she will continue to be remembered as the best mom, gram, auntie ,in the world! I'm writing this because i know there are so many families in this same would be wonderful if there were places that could help these families to get help with these there are any organizations out there that does this, can you send me down that road? If not, maybe you being famous, talented, and overall greatest person on television! to maybe help get a program that would do this? I think you are awesome Mr. Harvey! and regardless if you do or don't think this is something that can help grieving families like mine, get some kind of comfort, knowing thier loved ones are layed to rest, in a proper place, where they can be remembered, and never forgotten you are still a very loving person, and i respect your opinion . Thank-you! Have a great day! Remembering my mother Barbara Louise Green. sincerely, Katherine Dioneff
  • Your program brighten my day

    I can be down and depressed and turn on Steve Harvey as I do everyday and when the hour is up I'm happy and the day is good. Love his show. I wish he could help me find my Mother. I've been looking for 40 years.
  • Loving your programme

    Dear Steve

    am sherina by name and am from Nigeria. i follow up your TV show all the time on DSTV here in Nigeria and all the time i am thrilled with how generous you are. Recently i watched a programme where you bought a diamond ring and slid into the pocket of that man whose girlfriend stated they have dated for six years and all she wants from him is commitment and she isn't getting it. you not only help get the man to propose but you also got them a diamond engagement ring. that made me cry and wish that someday whenever am in Chicago i will definitely love to see this man who has brought so many people (loved ones) together.

    XOXO sherry
  • A Great Man

    Love watching his show. He is the best. Always makes you laugh and has the best personality and out look on life. I hope his show stays on for years to come. You can tell he has a very big heart and truly cares about people. These are the kind of people that we need in this world now days and the kind of shows that should be on TV, and take that other crap off that kids do NOT need to be watching for sure. Nice to see a family man with high respect for his wife and children on there and someone who cares about ALL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. God bless him. Keep up the good work.
  • Helping others and staying blessed

    Steve you are the best. and i stay motivated by your show. my time to shine will be sooner rather than later. keep on looking out for the best i stay in tears. coming to you from Sacramento, Ca we stay Blessed . and our community is finally trying to shine and grow at the same time.
  • Broke in Buffalo

    I was watching your show today and saw the lady (Ms. Judy) willing to advertise your show on her car for a trip to Vegas. Well Mr. Harvey I've NEVER been to Vegas and I don't drive,but I would wear a SANDWICH BOARD everyday just to get to go to Vegas. I live in Buffalo, . 74 years old. On Soc. Sec. can't afford to go on my own.

  • Steve Harvey-The Ultimate Entertainer

    I'm a 71 year old white guy who just loves Steve Harvey and his show. He has such a way with everyone, from the "hood" to the very well heeled. He certainly is in touch with his viewers in such a unique manner. You can't help but love this guy and his show, he covers so many human interest subjects and he aids so many different people in so many different ways-it's just so heart warming to watch him weave his magic. My hat goes off to you Steve Harvey-I think your show is 10 Star, keep up your wonderful acts of kindness I just love watching people who are in the audience laugh and respond with such glee to your show. The SHS is a sure winner. Aloha. Parker

    watched your Wednesday show with JJ Smith/filled out the form to possibly win a chance for her book/god knows I need it but do not have any luck entering to look up her book by her author name and then title but could not find it even in the library's here in Los Angeles or book store????????????????????????????????
  • Leaky Bucket going dry

    Retirement dreams slipping away because of unwelcomed visitor thats keeping wife hostage and husband refuse to leave without her.
  • Looking to be a guest on the show.

    Steve Harvey My Daughter and I would like to be guest on your show. How can you make that happen. I have two inventions that people are buying but I have only done pm copy wrights. My daughter sings. looking for contract. She has done an amazing opening act for India Arie. Can you help us. Constance and Brittany Ratchford. Thanks Steve, can't wait to see you.
  • Love,love love you and your show !!!

    I have loved watching you for years and enjoy your show daily and I have a do I find a man like you? You are truly remarkable and to find a man as smart and as funny as you are would be a dream come true!!! Please do not tell me to look in West Virginia bc that's where I am and have been looking wanted to let you know how much II enjoy you and look forward to some day being able to afford to get your books!! KEEP US LAUGHING!!!
  • my awesome wife gloria

    dear mr harvey. i am a male and really enjoy your show. im writting because of my wife of 24 yrs is the best gift god gave to me. i have been working since i was 13 yrs old to help my mom when i was young. have worked until july 2010 after having two heart attacks which dr told me i couldnt work any more. planning to renew our vows on 25th anniversary on october of next year. but been denied ssi 4 times and just wanted to see if you could help me get some dallas cowboys tickets .i promised her that i would take her one of these days but i dont think ill be able to. she has worked since 2 yrs after we got married and now is supporting me and our family. we have had alot of good times and some bad but she has always been there. as far as renewing our vows i know it will happen even if small and simple like our first one. im not the kind of person to ask for help from anyone, but ill do anything i can for my wife to make her smile. i wanted a harley and she got me one just because she loves me. ofcourse i lost it because i couldnt work but dr says i can still ride, and we used to go riding all the time. she even learned how to ride just for me. there is so much more i could say about her but it would take more time. she is also a great mother to our sons. like i said she is awesome and i love her very much!
  • Shape Up Dad Cause This Ain't The Military

    I loved this segment today. I do hope Dad got the real picture. Thanks to you Steve, women seem to be finally getting a little more respect again. I'm way old school, more than you and I remember when men worked, women stayed home, but men also helped out, if no more than upkeep of the exterior. Now women do much more and a lot of men seem to do less to nothing. Talk about times changing?!
  • Wyatt,Cami,Keri,Zane,Levi,Lauren,Madison, Lilliana, Adam and Liams Nannie

    Love love love your show! My husband and I watch your TV show AND the game show Family Feud everyday. The days I have to miss one I always feel cheated! Keep up the great job and keep the laughs coming! I especially love it when you let out one of those "girly" type screams!!


  • TV Smashing by Garbage Truck

    We love your show, but when you had the couple on where the husband had many TVs, you crushed the TVs. Not good. You should have given them to a charitable organization or recycled them!
  • Your Favorite Fan Thanks for the daily Laughs!!!!

    I love your show. Mostly because of the generous heart you have for people. And how down to earth you are and the honesty and the Love you have for your Wife and especially for your children. I love all your shows from the people you have on your show, the subjects, and all the laughs. I love you Steve and you don't even know Your a wonder man and have much respect for you! I could go on and on. Just know I don't miss the Best!!!! Love your Favorite Fan.. You just don't know it yet!!! lol

    Deborah Sykes

    Oakland, California
  • Help The White Kids

    Mr. Harvey,you are always showing white people who helps the black about the white kids who needs help would be nice to see Black or white people helping the white love your show and respect you,but whites kids are getting the shaft when it comes to actor or actress or day time would help the white kids. thank you for your time. Pat

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