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  • Help us find help please!

    Hi Steve,

    My name is Jerry Henderson I am first and foremost a 48 year old alcoholic, I say this because as soon as I don't identify myself as such then I am opening the door for something else to become more important to come first thus creating the possibility for a relapse from recovery. In my active days (drinking and criminal behaviors) I had many short comings that led to incarceration. Since my last incarceration for larceny of a building and prescription drugs (which I am not proud of just a part of my story) where I received a two and one half sentence and began my recovery as well as education. This happened on October 16 2008. I started college while in jail and received a chance at parole was released January 18 2010 and continued my education at Cape Cod Community College on Jan. 24 2010. I have since earned a certificate in human services; I am a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor II. Second I am a single dad since March of 2010 I have had custody of my two sons Jacob 13 and Caleb 10. I say second because if I don't keep my recovery first I can't be the parent these boys deserve. Since I've had my boys they have excelled in school as well as life. They are well behaved intelligent boys I can't take all the responsibility for this change I could only guide and give suggestions they had to make the necessary changes themselves. I rode the bus to school and home after putting them on the bus and got home to get them off the bus. This had become our mode of transportation for Doc. visits, movie trips shopping, Etc. Although I have received help from transitional assistance, food stamps and 297 cash per. month times have been and continue to tuff for us. We recently got accepted to a local program called home base where they helped us get into a home apt. at this time I had been led to believe that I would become employed with a local treatment facility. This never happened after they ran a background check. Which in my opinion is a plus when working in the recovery field. The home base program helped us with first and security of 2000 dollars that was required to move into a two bedroom apt with my boys at 1000 per month plus utilities. I am currently attending a job search group in conjunction with the mass rehabilitation committee in the hopes of finding I full time job. My right to operate a motor vehicle has been reinstated and we have a car a 1997 ford explorer this helps tremendously with our transportation issues. It seems to me that all the women I know that are single moms get all the benefits like housing and that there are many places for them to get help and when I go to these same places I am denied. I really don't want all that help I want to be off assistance and work to provide for my family. However right now with no job and rent due it would appear that we are headed back to homelessness. Our rent is late now and I don't see a solution in the near future and time is running out. I not looking for help all of my life just temporary help as not to become homeless again. Do you know of any help I could receive for us?

    Concerned father Jerry Henderson.

    Contact info:

    774 487 7849

    Po box 393 Dennisport Ma. 02639

    148 main St. Dennisport Ma 02639

  • So proud of my husband

    Hi Steven my name is Shirley im so proud of my husband all of his life he been a hard working man,started October 2013 he start going in and out of the it was his kidney and lungs God he beat December I had to bring him back his heart had stop in the grace of God he still Feb 2 we was back in the hospital the next day they remove both of his feets and we still here but if u look at him he so strong not worry about nothing he still have that pretty smile I love that u can help we need something to drive we loose our truck when he got sick and couldn't friend

    GREAT show I feel like I have found my soulmate/ true love. But we aren't at the stage of asking marriage yet. But I love him and I feel like he loves me. But!!!!

    But it is encouraging to see TRUE LOVE really can happen again, Because you and your wife show

    LOVE again


    C J Green
  • My Mother Smiled

    My mother has Alzheimer's Disease and her focus on life has deteriorated. She never finds anything to smile about. We started watching your show and now every day at showtime, even though she can't remember much else, she demands to see your show. She smiles throughout the show and even laughs out loud a lot. She loves your dimples and nods her head in agreement with everything you say. Her name is Barbara Ennis. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing a little sunshine with her!
  • My Hero

    Love the show and to let you know there are still heroes out here, my husband bought me 50 long-stemmed red roses for our Golden Wedding Anniversary. Our children and grandchildren think he is the greatest and to our 30 yr old daughter who was born with Down Syndrome he is the best Daddy in the world. Keep encouraging women to be the best they can!
  • Breast Cancer. 2-6-14

    My mother in law had breast cancer for two years she got some real good Jamaican natural herb and work with the Doctor now she is much better. Well u have to change your diet though. That lady has it for seven years she needs help.
  • Get skin right!

    2/3/2014 - today you did a feature about people with bad acne. My friend, at age 62 has really bad skin. It is very oily, with large black heads that have left his skin pitted. I am usually at work when your show comes on, but because of a snow day, I got the opportunity to watch your show. I was a bit surprised when you had no older people, nor any African Americans during this particular segment especially when we are so often left out when it comes to hair and skin treatments
  • 10 Love your show

    Hi Steve my name is Ilse Esterhuyse I'm watching your show al the way from South Africa. I love your show so match I cant wait to get home from work to watch your show.
  • like that show about haters

    Yes your right haters make u stronger it's a strange world these days because we live in greed ignorance and violence glad I'm a man I can take it and I can dish it to but I rather walk away because I no who I am hey keep the peace brother man that's what God wants us to do
  • Christmas With Steve

    Never been on a cruise 14 grandiose and I'm always putting everyone first. A cruise would give me some time to get over a lot that's on my life is so incomplete; I have to find the lord again. Not saying that the cruise would take me it would give me time to think and rest my mind

  • Cruise /Elaine Willingham Dallas,ga

    Hi Steve love the show ,Love all that you do. I would love to win the Cruise, pic me please ,I will be married 29 yrs on the 19th would be a good gift for me husband.

    Hello Steve I love your show. Today you gave away 2 cruises and said go online and you cam win one also. I could not c where u have the p;lace to win so I am entering on good ole face book.

    hopefully u c it and send me and my love on a cruise for our 40th year of being in love with each other. Thank you and God Bless you and the fun you provide for everyone.

    Janet Golubski
  • My parents 25th Wedding Anniversary-Never had a honeymoon!!

    Dear Steve, My parents will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this upcoming December were never fortunate enough to have a wedding nor a were married in a little town at the court house and their love has been real and strong ever people look up their marriage in our town, and hope to have one such as theirs one brothers and I have been trying to come up with a plan to make our parents dream come true for years , which is to at least have a real honeymoon, but we're really not fortunate enough to make it was wondering if you could help us out any way possible, with ideas or just something so that my parents could one day say that they had the best honeymoon ever and what better time to do it than on their 25th would mean the world to my parents and I for your help!! Thank You So Much For Your Time :-)
  • 56 and need work and good Man

    Hi Steve i am a 56 yr old female I just moved to VA from GA, and I am looking for a job in the Virginia Beach area. I am looking for Administrative Assistant work, and i want to first find a job and then a very nice man that really is serious about life and dating. Can you help me in anyway? If you know anyone in the Virginia Beach area that need a dedicated hard worker please let me know. I retired from AT&T with 32 years so i will work no doubt. I also worked for four years at a Church as an Administrative Assistant. Never missed a day from either job.
  • Those sharp two-tone shoes

    Steve, I am really hooked on all of your shows. One morning, my wife and I was traveling through Louisiana, and we heard Tommy for the first time, we laughed so much that I had to pull off the I10 because my eyes were filled with tears. But this is actually what I'm writing about.. I'm 73 years old, and I'm thrilled to see you brought the two-toned shoes back.. The shoes are the first thing I notice on a man,

    and I see that you have them on both of your shows Family Feud/Steve Harvey Show. Thanks for

    bringing back those memories, and they are very sharp.

    Henry Smalls
  • please help us steve harvey

    Steve Harvey I need help would u please help my parents out with are roof and kitchen because I want my parents to know that i love them because when I was on my death bed half dead they was there for me and hope u can get us on the show Steve Harvey
  • Help US Mr. Harvey - The Early Seniors

    All your shows are great from radio, talk show and game shows. I am 62 years old, just retired and still trying to find my way. Can you produce a show with seniors and how life is effecting us. At this point in life I still have flashbacks to never knowing my father, growing up poor and people who were doing well looking down on us. In other words it would be great to obtain help with these issues. Would love to share more. Thank you.
  • Steve Help me Out

    Hey, man I love your show on Nbc and your morning show on the radio... Just trying to see if you could help me out as a guy.... I've been with my girlfriend for One year and four months. ... Ive never bought her a birthday mothers or Valentine s day gift..... I worked offshore as a deckhand until losing my job when Hurricane Issac hit Southeast Louisiana ruining my home.... Thats when I met my girl who has been with me and loved me all the way through all the hard times.... Man can you help me out with doing something nice for a change for her so I could show her what I want to do for her for the rest of her life... . your friend James Wilson. ... Your Show's are too funny man... I like the prank call when the parrot keeps the tenant up at night......
  • Christmas giveaway

    Steve, my aunt and I watch your talk show religiously. We also love to watch the family feuds that are hosted by you. You keep us laughing. We are both disabled and I am pretty much in the bed most of the time. So, you see we would really appreciate your giveaways. I would lie if I didn't say we have not been jealous of the audience getting all the great gifts. I was an ER nurse and was stricken fast with a disability that prevents me from being me. I am only 48. Thanks for being there for us.
  • christmas giveaway


    My name is Kayla Hood. I am a 14 year old girl that loves to see people happy. I am writing this in concern about the Christmas giveaway and to say why my grandparents are perfect. My grandparents have done so much for me and they always make me happy. I will do anything just to out smiles on their faces and to simply to make them happy. They are always helping others and I think they deserve for someone to help them. They are not always in the best condition but they are always helping. They are a gift from god to the people on this earth. I just want them to happy and show them that I truly appreciate them and everything. So Steve can you please help me show them that I love them?


    A true fan Kayla Hood
  • Christmas Giveaway

    Hi Steve my name is Sheila. I Love your show. You make me laugh. You are very kind to people who need help, are in the service, need reunited with loved ones, and dating, match making, romance etc. I would like to spread some holiday cheer also if you would consider me for your holiday gift giveaway. keep me laughing love ya.
  • Christmas giveaway

    Hi my name is Savannah G President and I love the way you give away stuff. I would live to know. How I can get something from your show. I can't afford to come to your show. But I would like the
  • Steve Gave it All!

    Hey, my name is Rosalan Taylor, I'm a wife and mother of 2, and a soon to be grandma! I'm glad I saw your show on today Dec. 27, 2013. What a way to spread the holiday cheer. It was considerate to show you and Pres. Obama greet the patrons on the tour. Your giveaway definitely made me wish I was there. My favorite part was when you reunited that family. Many people overlook the fact that some people are misplaced on the holidays. Some don't have off days! So thank you for the line up today it warmed my heart.
  • Christmas Giveaway

    Hi Steve my name is Nada I watched your show today and would like to enter to win the Christmas giveway! I would be so excited and grateful im home during the day due to my disability. I would share with my son and his family. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.
  • Christmas giveaways

    My name is Kelly Supernant and I watch your show and family feud all the time. I love you!!I am disabled and TV is the only way to see the celebrity so I get up in the morning I get transferred to the couch and the TV goes on and I watch old shows of family feud. Thank you for your time and consideration's.
  • Christmas Gift Giveaways

    Dear Steve, I am usually working in the daytime and don't get the opportunity to see your show. However, today I am at home and had the pleasure of watching your show; I saw your Christmas at the White House with President Barack Obama. It was so heartwarming to see you two interact. Please let me know how I can receive the gifts given away to guests at the show today (27DEC13)? I would cherish them for a lifetime! Here's to continued success in 2014 and beyond. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas you and yours!
  • Your show

    Hi Steve, I have been your fan since you did standup comedy. Loved the Steve Harvey Show, was sorry to see it go but I know the reason why. I feel you are fun and great host on Family Feud. I DVR your day time show because I'm ususally at work and can't watch until I get home. Keep up the great work. Oh love your books as well. Happy New Year to you and your family. Aldene Amara
  • Christmas giveaways

    Steve you are such a fun, loving and giving person. Thanks for bringing joy into reality talk show. I look forward to a laugh after a rough day a work. I wish that I could receive your Christmas giveaway and I would be delighted to pay it forward to someone who deserves holiday cheer. God bless you with much success in 2014!
  • Christmas blessing giveaways

    Hi Mr Harvey, I am a big fan of your tv show I watch it every day, I appreciate the things you teach on realationship (very educational) and helping thoes in need, please keep up the good work. Even though I can't be in your audience I would like to be eligible for your holiday gift giveaways. Merry Chritmas to you, your lovly family and the tv cast... Be Blessed
  • I was blessed to have a man like you!

    My husband, who passed away at the age of 65 from five conditions related to Agent Orange due to his service to our country in Vietnam. Although he was ill, he always had a smile on his face and everyday brought joy and happiness to me and everyone he encountered. I was a truly blessed lady! I am so happy that your show is on because you bring a joy to my heart just the way he did. God gave you such a wonderful treasure that you share everyday for those of us that need the joy that we are missing. I thank you Mr. Harvey. Your loyal watcher, Florence from Florida
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