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  • You're Awesome Steve for all you do!

    Thanks for just being you Sr.
  • You Brighten Our Days ,,Bring on The Smiles

    Hello Steve, First I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful blessed Christmas and New Year.

    I just wanted to tell you about my sweet sister, Since 2007 just one thing after another happen to her, the saddest was losing her husband of 47 yrs .that Sep. Just before he pasted in the mist of fighting cancer and treatments, there heater broke causing suit to cover everything including their clothing, they had to move out so the insurance company could clean it. In Nov. she slipped on ice and broke her foot. Her home started to need repairs, Her summers consist of cutting grass around her home, nearly 4 acres edging, hand mowing and then riding, Winters were very hard with a lot of snow and ice. She lived in New York state. With all this hardship she did it by herself even though she had a daughter near by. Then in 2010 she decided to moved to Delaware to be near her sisters, we were thrilled to death be have her near and be able to share and do everything together, we were neighbors in the summer, just about everyday we were together or she was with our other two sisters. We helped each other with chores, planting flowers and vegetable gardens, we shopped, beached,fished,crabbed,cooked for each other, we loved being together. In the winter we would visit each others homes. Then she developed breast cancer , "ok so we'll beat this", we her other sister and I took her for Dr. or treatment ,surgery and check up she never went alone. She was so tickled with her little home , it looked so cute. But she had to have a lot of work done on it, before she could move in a nasty mold issue on one whole side of her home had to removed inside and out side walls and 4 foot of the floors. This contractor took advantage of her over charging and didn't finish the work . She had to hire another contractor to clean up the others mess, she also hired this guy to build her a porch, he did a nice job but he also left her with unfinished work , So sad how these guys took advantage of her, she was so trusting and caring.

    This past Sep her cancer came back and spread to her liver we lost her within ten days. Our hearts are broken, the lost of my best friend saddens me everyday.

    What I wanted you to know you gave so much joy, she loved you so much and the joy you brought to so many people, she was always smiling and laughing when she watched you. "she would tape both everyday Family Fraud and The Steve Harvey show. And hung on to every funny thing you said or would drive me crazy rewinding if she missed a word. When I would get there she would say "you have to see this"

    You know Steve she never once complained or felt sorry for herself, when we would tear up she would say"Don't cry for of those poor little children who's lives just starting,"cry for them and their parents. She was a real special sister and friend.

    Steve Thank You from the bottom of my heart for brightening her days and bring her so much joy.

    God Bless You

  • A Christmas dream come true............

    Steve my name is Ann, my mom loves u. she will watch your show anytime its on and as she is watching your show she is all smiles, she always will say Steve will do anything he can to help, i just love were sitting at the hospital and after she went to feeling better your show came on and it was about Christmas. so as my mom is sitting in her hospital bed with out her legs she said did u hear him, he is a great man, he gave them all them gifts. it does my heart good because he can always make anyone happy. he makes me happy just by seeing him on TV each day. if i was not so old and had my legs and health it would be so nice to just pass him on the street and say i met Steve Harvey the best man ever. he makes dreams come true, hes my angel. so if your ever in Lincolnton please stop by and make my moms dreams come true. and all it will take is hello MRS MARY BROWN. my family dont have alot but if we had a way to get her to u. i would so do it, but she is home bound, only has a scooter and no way to get out of the house. so to help me have her dream come true could u just say a sweet hello to my mom. one of the best moms ANN
  • My Brother Of The Year

    Hi Steve my name is Debbie and I just love you and your show. Tonight the gifts you had for guys are awesome and my brother Carl would love to have either one of those. Carl is a brother that makes sure his family which consist of me is sister and my son John are okay every day. Carl lives in another state and is ten years younger than me and has two back surgeries and both hips replaced but no matter what life threw at him he has always put us first. I would love to have one of those gifts to say thank you for always being there.
  • something for the man in your life

    Just caught your Christmas show about what kind of gifts to get for the man in your life; I've been with the same man going on seven years now, he is twenty years older than myself and I still have problems trying to give him the perfect gift. How do I get a chance to get the prizes that you had on your show?
  • Kupcake Daddy

    Mr Harevey I love how you maintain your Chi-town flavor. Your humblesness is honored and respected. I listen to you every morning, you are my father figure of everyday. My name is Karen Robinson. I know a man. Ed Parks from Birmingham, AL. A 43yr old man who never baked a cupcake in his life until almost an year ago while on a spiritual search for his gift. Right now he has serviced in Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama. With flavors crafted from his mind like Banana Pudding, Cherry Vanilla, Vanilla Cheese and many more. He is a manager at Applebees & a father figure to many, values family and every existence of it. I believe there is a difference between talents and gifts. Gifts come to you no matter the circumstance or personal attitude, your not quite sure of the power it posess , you only know how. As for a talent, hmmm, you know about it, as a matter of fact, you know too much. A talent can become quite vane. He has no clue what gift lies in those hands not to mention his mom is awesome and a praying, widow. She continues to stay strong for her Lil boy and his sisters. He's always helping others and I would love for him to receive some for a change. He' s in the yellow pages. Oh, by the way my name is Karen Robinson. I've know Ed for 19 yrs. THOSE CUPCAKES ARE MOTHER APPROVED. THEY EVEN STAYED MOIST AND FRESH IN MY FRIG FOR 7DAYS. ACupCake worth trying!!!
  • Gods Grace

    When God saved you and you quit running, all the good you do is incredible. The mom and her boys are blessed and so is the audience. God Bless you for ALL the good you do.
  • U have been a blesssing to us

    Dear are truly the man that i always new u were. You have been the most amazing man off honor in my heart. I have been in tears watching the show today. Thank you . May God keeps the blessings among s you and your family.

    Your biggest Fan Mr, Bell.
  • Wow! Great Job Steve!

    You literally brought tears to my eyes! Its mind blowing what you did for that mom and boys and also for your audience! Watching your show in Trinidad and Tobago. Great job Steve! Now if only I can me a watch like that!
  • You are amazing

    As I type this, the tears will not stop. What you have done for that Mom and her 3 sons is beyond benevolent. God Bless you and your family this Christmas season!
  • Happy Holidays Mr Harvey, From the Rainey Bunch!

    Hello, my name is brandi. i am a married woman and we have 7 kids total. he had 4 from a previous relationship and then we had 3 together. Just wanted to say that the way you helped that mother and her 3 boys is amazing! you are such a great person! my husband has diabetes and a yr ago he had part of his foot amputated. he has been put on disability and with so many kids, that makes finances rough. especially around christmas time. we were able to buy the younger 3 a gift, with the help of a friend. but the older ones try to understand the hard times. i have tried to work but i can tmake enough. if i work then his insurance is too expensive and i cant afford his insulin and many other needs for him. or our kids. i know how hard these times can be and to see your kids with nothing. just wanted to say you are one amazing man for helping that woman and her children. God Bless You and your family!!
  • hi mr hravey

    my name is jacqueline .I just started watching your tv show for a while now .I used to watch you other show. but couldn't watch it any more due to work .any way mr Harvey,i don't know where to start off. well it the holiday season now and im not in the spirit of the holidays anymore .I recently had my 3 back surgery .yes I had 3ack surgery back to last one was a in fusuion surgery meaning I have 2 rods and 4 screws on my back now .was in the hopstail for 1 whole month due to the fact that I had to learn how to walk and go up and down stairs and don't depend on any one on doing things for me because I have done everything by myself .but sicne im limted to certain things my kids help me out and sometimes I don't like to ask for help .but now the holidays are here and I didn't pit up a tree ,didn't have thanksgiving dinner because I really cant be on my feet for long so we went to a friends house .my children are 26 22 19 .I feel bad but I don't want them to feel sorry for me I want them to enjoy their time with the family .I love the holidays but I have no energy for anything any more .pls help me mr harvey
  • Your My Hero!

    Mr. Harvey, on your show titled "Does Your Bickering mean its over", your Just one more thing had a small child that had saved a friend from drowning. He got a Red Cross pin for that and you stated that you were 56 years old and still had not gotten a pin for saving a life. Let me correct you on that statement. YOU SAVE MY LIFE MANY a grandmother that had to raise my grandchildren for seven and a half years. Mind you I was retired and ready to live my life of complete freedom, then find out that my grandchildren were getting ready to be placed in a foster home. Split up, there are four of them, and put in foster care. That being something that I could not live with, I took them into my care. Let me say that raising children ages 3 to 9 is not an easy task for old people, single old people. So all I can say is I did the best I could on a retired income. Said all that to say this, had it not been for your morning shows for those years, I would have lost it and given up. You were my insperation every morining getting them up and ready for their day. You always had some words of hope and letting me know that all things were possible. Even on the days when I was at my lowest you made me laugh or put a smile on my face. The childre also enjoyed your morning shows. I'm sure today they thank you for keeping their grandmother sane. So let me end this by saying if I could I would give you the Red Cross pin for saving my life and my sanity for many, many years. I said one time that the women on your morning show had the easiest jobs in the world. They get to laugh for four hours. I was able to attend one of your shows in Chicago, and you are still just as funny and you still lift my spirits... Thank you Mr. Steve Harvey for saving my life.

  • laugh from my hospital stay

    Mr Harvey

    Ive enjoyed your show immensely over the past several months and started watching it while in the hospital after suffering a seizure and a stroke which the best part of the hospital stay was learning about you I had seen your comedy and on other talk shows and specially the comedy shows with Bernie Mack, Cedric the entertainer throughout the country. When I watched you on family fued and realized how much I laughed at your hosting the show I knew when I decided to Vote for day time talk show host and then didn't realize there were other talk show host I consistently watch familyfued and of course which then your talk show host comes on so I get the positive laughing feeling each morning and it makes the day a lot better knowing that there is a man like you that has the originality of caring, humor family and wanting to make a difference in peoples lives. I enjoy your show and don't know how I could start the week without you thanks then I found out you have a radio show in the morning. Don't havethe Steve Harvey tattoo yet but I do enjoy you as a man, an entertainer, an educator and someone that just makes a difference in a lot of peoples Life. Im a dedicate hoosier fan alan
  • Never had a Honeymoon

    Hello Mr. Harvey,

    My name is Raymond Wilcher, my wife's name is Debra Wilcher, she's a wonderful person and has been that way of a person since day one of meeting and marrying her. I try to shower her gifts and flowers all the time. But when we were married, we couldn't afford to go on a honeymoon. I would love to take her somewhere, anywhere. Please help me.


    Raymond Wilcher

    If it wasn't for the fact that I was on my cycle, I would have turned the television. You had 4 caucasian women under 30, who did not even seem like they were seeking a relationship let alone a husband. How about once a week you do a dating show for women over 40+ (of color and many without children, cause it is so many of who have never been married, that really want to get married, but just can't find that good guy.. You can do a questionaire, some still want kids, some are welling to take on other men's children. some like pets, some willing to date out of race.. .. those type of questions. then put the people togther. I loved the Dr. O-P story
  • blind cameraman for the Veterans Day Show!! :( A bone to pick with Steve

    Steve, what's the problem? I know,the blind cameraman My cute 82 year young mom was on that show(just had a birthday, celebrated their 60 year anniversary and My dad is a Korean Vet) the blind cameraman missed her. I drove from Chicago to Indy in the storm to get home by 4pm to catch your show and see my mom. Plus the many more who watched for that reason. In no longer watch you, as i see your producers are discriminating against the Seniors, following the public policies toward the elderly;just dismiss them. You celebs help these bad kids but never help Senior Services, I know, i work in this area. We all have moms and dads they need assistance now. How long do you think their future is, when these kids have decades to their days. We need awareness, assistance, and new policies for Senior Services. Put them big LIPS to use,LIP service for Seniors Steve!!!! (Steve you don' t have long, I know you have an AARP card, haha) Bernie Mack and I share a birthday, so I have AARP TOO)!! You missed a beautiful older woman. GET THE CAMERAMAN A NEW EYE

    Vicki McKay

    Senior Services

    John H Boner Community Center
  • help me an my Huband

    Mr Harvey my name is Judelittia Ball .We have been marred for 8 years an will love your help .An my huband name is Rorye ball He is living in Baltimore an I am living in Mississippi we need your help we do not have money to come to u so can u help fall back in love . I am 28 an he is 39 so help us

  • You have a great show.

    Mr Harvey my name is Annie Farmer of Chattanooga, TN. You have a wonderful show. I am a constant viewer of your show and I know you have heard a lot of sad stories. I lost my job of 15 years in May 2012. Add to that I was engaged to marry and my fianc suddenly died on Dec 29 2012. We shared a home together. Due to my mobility issues I had to retire but it is not enough to meet my basic needs. I need a job I can do from home. The internet is loaded with scams and wanting upfront money to get started which I do not have. Can you help me find a legitimate company that I can work for?
  • Help Me Steve

    Hi Steve My Name Is Quamisha Drummer I am and a single Mother with Three Kids and Stress out cause I have been with out of a place for 2years and I am homeless Living in a Daycare With My Three kids I have 2 Boys And 1 Girl And they are my life I love them and I don't want them to get taking away from me cause nobody can treat my kids like I do so Steve CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME..... can you call me if you can help me my number is 4078442429 and ask for me. I really do need HELP STEVE NO JOKE

    Thank you

    Quamisha Drummer
  • Small Business

    The information presented on the November 7 Show provided excellent information for the Hair Salon Business. However, another suggestion might include in resources available to assist business owners such as the SBDC, SCORE and SBA offices within the local area.
  • Help!


    My name is SeaSea Thompson and I am in need of help. I have watched all of your show. I have a few food items that I am trying to put into the grocery store. Do you have any contacts that have been successful in this area of business that can mentor me?

    Thank you,

    A True Steve Harvey Fan

    SeaSea Thompson
  • Love the way you look

    Steve I just want to say that you are the best dressed man I have ever seen, Can't wait to watch you on Family Feud just to see what you are wearing. You look great in those suits and your ties are so in and has great style. Love you on the feud, looking forward to each day.
  • Grand Moms from New Orleans cooking School

    I love everything Steve do from Radio to TV. I watched Grand moms from New Or;leans yesterday 10/15/13. I get a kick out of them and they are great. It's just one problem with them. It's not cool to double dip the food they are preparing with utensils or their fingers for tasting or stirring, then expect someone to taste it. I can see it's a bad habit on their part, they dont even think about it. It gross me out.

    Even I could read Steve mind on that, but the show must go on. Tell them to STOP IT NOT NICE.
  • Steve Hardy-Sunshine through a Rainy Days! 1 year as of yesterday of watching you daily

    Steve, thank you for making me smile, I had a very bad accident, and than my strong son.. spirit broke I am a single mom , but educated and always got up.. welll my son this summer, is back up and so aren't I .I didn't for a while cause its was hard for me to realize that bad things happen to good people.. I am one who has always payed it forward.

    I have watch your/our show daily for an entire year.. though I am now navigating once much is the same, and what little I have, I still pay it forward, now just smaller. grateful for what I have, though not I'm done with being a victim. .I know today that only I can due the work. .All must know, you might not get what you want, but you do get what you need.

    But that you make me laugh and smile, which I forgot to do.. So keep on keeping on!!

    Thank you, for making me laugh through my pain!!!




  • finding lost family members

    Dear Mr. Harvey, I am writing to you about your shows about helping people find lost family members. You just don't realize but at really hits home and had me crying a lot . You see Mr. Harvey I haven'tseen my mother since I was 2 yrs. old, and I'm 56 now and my sister is 54. I also had a son at age 16 and was made to give him up after my father past. My son was 18 mos. old and I was 18. I miss him everyday, and I remember the most on Feb. 22, for this is his birthday. I also lost my two youngest sons , both to murders. Matthew my youngest was murdered by the rampart division of he was only 24 yrs. old, and then 18 mos. later I loose another son also to murder and he was only 28 yrs. old. I know it seems as though I am asking for pity, but that is the last thing I'm doing. I I know you do so many things for people that I hope that you could help me as well, to find my loved ones, my son and my mother this would be the best present or even by my birthday in March. The min thing that really upsets me concerning my sons is that my ex husband only paid $800 on our sons funerals and will not help me put headstones on their graves. I'm on disability and can't afford nothing except flowers and different items that get removed by the city when they mow the grass. My name is Demika Jade-Powell , and phone number is 252-375-0016 and address is Greenville, North Carolina. Sincerely, Ms. Powell
  • Treat her like a Lady

    Coming from a family of 10 , 7 brothers all older was a pleasure ! Seeing you on tv everyday is like adding another looking good ,it was a lot of that going on. Seeing this love my brothers had for themselves I also notice how they respect and love women. I'm dating a gentle he is 62 and I'm 43 . He got that quality he love him self and that has to be in order for him to love me treat me nice with respect. My only problem with him is getting him to dress up where people won't think he's my dad!
  • Love the new set

    Steve Gos Blees doing what you doing, you make a lot a man look ucly, you really undested woman and that is very impresit thak for everything you do... Love you STEVE God Bless the woman then you have in your life.
  • Suit to Wear

    I like the Gray Pinstripe without a vest.

    I also wish people would stop writing and begging for stuff and asking Steve for favors. That is so tacky. They sound like beaters that feel like Steve owes them a part of his hard earned success.

    Steve worked hard and did without and no one gave him his success, he got it the old fashioned way, he worked for it !

    So give him a break and stop begging .
  • What suit to wear season 2 opening

    Steve it dose not matter what suit you wear because you know how to show them off. All your suits look good on you
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