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  • Proud of the show & Steve's accompishments!

    I love the new talk show it's awesome! Keep up the good work Steve. You make my day five days a week. Thank you for your morning show on V103, Family Fued & this great tv show.
  • Steve Harvey Talk Show

    It's been a pleasure watching the Steve Harvey Talk Show, he's funny and keeps it real. In todays society we need a talk show host that's telling the truth to women because for years they have gotten it wrong, in dating and dressing themselves. Men love CLASSY and not TRASHIE, they use the trash and respects the classy, so keep the great work up Steve and God bless ya.
  • Steve Harvey Talk Show

    I love watching the show when I can get the tv away from my 2 adorable grandchildren an their cartoons, I am watching the Steve Harvey Talk Show. I seen the one on November 12 saluting our military so far that is one of my favorites I love a man in uniform and especially a man in a military uniform. I just want to thank you Steve for all of the the good things that you are doing for all of the families, individuals and groups that you help.
  • Love in Tears

    I was watching your show today, and all I can say is, WOW!!!!!!

    You said it when you said, the devil will kind away to knock you down. I was in a car wreck years ago and had a metal plate put in my head and I try not to get down about what I can't do. This woman proved that ANYONE CAN DO.
  • Lacking in direction

    I like Steve Harvey and was looking forward to his talk show. However, I am now quite disappointed. I tune in about once per week so see if it has improved, but alas it hasn't. It is in part a dating show, a fashion show and a cooking show. It is boring to say the least and I am seriously tired of some silly woman asking for advice on men. Nothing to task the brain or appeal to women with some working brain matter.
  • child support

    I think the laws should change its hard to get a job,with it being a felony.. im going through alot but ill make it,its very hard im just trying to find a solution to work a full time worring about when they check my social that it will not be under a felony, because u fell behind on child u help me Steve
  • Story Teller

    Hello Steve, I have enjoyed the many ways you enlighten an entertain I also love your tailored look on your new show. Steve I would like to know if you can help me help myself ? I have been writing short stories for many years for fun for my friends. Their erotic stories my friends should say you should publish a book. I didn't know how to market my writings. There on the same line of 50 Shades of Gray I have not read the book but it's been a hot topic so I got the jest of it. My question is can help point me in the right direction of a good publishing company. Thank you Steve I apologize I didn't realize this was forum for reviews of different tops of the show.
  • Inspiration

    Hi Steve, I'm only 16, but other than being my favorite comedian you're also my role model. My mom always told me to find a reason to look up, so I begun to watch your show and the advice you give is a good inspiration, therefor i chose you as a role model or as a good reason to look up. But I'm from Phenix city, Alabama and I attend Central High School ,me and a couple of friends did a little skit about food stamps for the school announcements just to be funny and I was wondering if you could check it out on YouTube and determine if it's good enough for your "just one more thing" segment. It's under "RDTV Central High school"
  • dumb to be smart

    could a hypnotist hiptis a person that is not smar t? And make them smart and change their life and make me veronica 45 and arianna 11 year old a genuise or just really really smart. I had alot of problems with learning from being touched so i closed down in everything that tried to do and im steel having a hard time doing anything with my mind and soul so could you help me please. Veronica Ford. And my neice arianna want to a actrice

  • A Man Of ALL Emotions!

    I dont care what I'm doing - it comes to a STOP at 12 noon ! My little dog and I sit in front of the television Mon - Fri. and the next hour belongs to Steve Harvey and me! He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he makes me listen, he makes me cry! He fills up my emotional cup EVERYDAY!!!! Thank You for all you are and all you make me feel! Much Love and God Bless You!
  • African Man look like a boy getting peak at what can i do i don't want to get into trouble

    Hey Steve,

    My name is Mark Wolobah i'm a African From West Africa Liberia living in Philadelphia PA right now.

    I was very small when war came in my country, i suffer a lot for seven good years i even lost my ground ma in the process, I live without food for days, live in the bushes just so i can survive, i seeing people got kill in front of me as a child, never went to school until i was maybe 15 year old, seeing my Father getting beating and i can't do anything about it, walking all day all night from one place to another just to stay alive.

    Now my point here is, With all this that has happen to me i find it very hard to care about people, when someone die it don't moved me at people always peaking at me but i don't respond to them not because i'm scare of them or i can stand up for myself, but i'm afraid i don't want to get in trouble so for that reason people try to walk over question i'm asking you Steve is WHAT CAN I DO TO STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM PEAKING AT ME?
  • A Urgent letter to the world.

    Hello Steve,

    My name is Ibraheem, I am a 28 year old African American male. This letter might not get read, but Im still going to share my story, everyone has one. Dec 20, of this year I will be self surrendering myself to Federal Bureau of Prison. I was convicted of three counts of white collar crime. This case has been going on since 2008. I was indicted in 2010 and place on pre-trial release, since then I have obtain employment with the district transportation department, enrolled in school with six months to graduate.

    Since this adversary has entered my life, I decided its time for me to change and be a better man. The last two years, I waited for this judge to allow me to redeem myself by giving me another chance to better myself. I know i committed the crime, but what happend to the judicial system giving people second chances who have changed their lives. Is evidence that I have changed, I'm not sure if the judge was aware of that but he sure didn't care.

    I have a child on the way due in five months, what's really sad is I would be present when my first child is born. And I might not even get an opportunity to obtain my BA. I have so many goals that I plan to achieve, only God can help me. I know when I'm release from prison things would be difficult than ever, but I believe in myself. Steve I hope you get this letter, because I know they are millions of young men out their who would like for someone to help them and create a voice that will give us another chance. Just one more chance. I am sentenced to 64 months, which I am prepared to address and put behind me.

    Best Regard,

  • your the man

    love your show, don't want to miss it so I tape it so i don't.

    thank you for becoming a Christian, it shows and it is always an on growing process.

    I love the advice you give, you make me laugh and brighten my day when i see your show.

    my name is Carolyn and God Bless you.

  • The Perfect Christmas for My Church

    I know this is suppose to be a place for a review, but after reading others' posts, I couldn't help but tell you Steve of a situation I'm faced with at my church, I feel you maybe able to help me out with. I'm not asking for your money, although it is money we are seeking to help shore up our structure. Our church is a historic land mark in the city of Mobile, Alabama and is in desperate need of some much needed repairs prior to our annual conference next year. It's well over 150 years old and seats nearly 1,000 people, but that's not what I need help with. We usually do okay with raising money to make our repairs as needed. My name is Larry , and I'm co-chairperson of our annual "Evening with the Masters" which is the major fund raiser put on annually to raise funds for our church. The artist chosen this year to appear at our church or I should say his people have not responded to our request, and now I may not have enough time to begin my search for another artist of his statue. We asked Smokie Norful to be our guest artist back in October his assistant has not kept her word in getting back to us so we can plan properly. l'm now ready to move on with another artist who will at least commit so we can now plan. Our event is the 3rd weekend in March and we'd like to get started now, so if you can help us contact Tamala Mann to see if she's available, it would be the best Christmas present I can give to my church, Big Zion AME Zion ever. Thanks so much and I pray you and your family have a very safe and happy holiday. By the way Steve I love your show and I watch it every day!
  • Trying.........

    Hello Steve. First I would like to commend your on how you're allowing God to work in your life, God bless you. Now the topic at hand is very simple but seems so hard at times. December 2, 2012 my wife and I celebrated our two year anniversary. We still consider ourselves newlyweds yet we haven't had a honeymoon yet. It's very hard here in Detroit but my wife and I makes it happen, we both are in school, working and building a home. My deepest prayer is that God blesses us to have our honeymoon. My wife deserves it Steve. She does so much and she's a wonderful woman as well. Can you help me out Steve? Thank you in advance and God bless you.
  • Slamming

    Steve is awesome, wow, I did not know you were from Welch WV. I am from North of Beckley, small community called Landisburg, WV 1/4 mile from Babcock State Park. I watch his show on everyday I have it on TIVO. It amazes me that God is first in your life. You are such an inspiration to those young boys. God Bless
  • Extraordinary Entertainer

    Love the show!!! Steve is an extraordinary, entertaining, and an incredible TV show host. He always puts a smile on my face and I laugh Monday through Friday while watching the show. He is always stylish and gives much heartfelt advice. He is truly an inspiration.
  • Inspiration

    I love your show and I listen to your inspirational message on the radio every morning at 6am in New York

    Steve your TV Show is just wonderful. I loved and appreciated the advice to the mom with the 13 year old son. I had problems with my son. In any event, the message and advice was good. Steve please continue to be a source of healing.
  • looking for the xmas give away would give rating score of 100

    just watched episode 72 about gift give away,but could not find a way to enter to the show i record it and watch every show
  • X-mas give away hoax ????

    Unable to sign up for the X-mas give away.
  • No X-Mas give away

    Nowhere to sign up
  • one hand typest

    I love your show and look at it every day . This will be short because i hit the wrong keys often. I LOVE YOUR STYLE and free gifts, if i knew how to enter the contest. (this took 40m to type) I Love your black male input on life and many young males and females could learn from your input. You Will be around for many, many, years in all your arts. YOUR SHOW IS GREAT
  • christmas give away

    Steve help me !!!!!! How do i sign up for the christmas give to me somebody)........
  • Christmas Give a ways

    Hi Mr. Harvey, please tell me how to sign up for the Christmas give a ways
  • we need it bad

    steve please help me i have no money to get my husband any can i win those gifts for works so hard and has a lot of health would love to give him those pray for it to be gods will to win them we have been married for 37 years and he lost his job of 34 years 2 years we only get for our 6 let me know how i can sign you for listening to me god bless you even if i dont get love your show and love how you love your family
  • how to get in on the christmas give away

    I rate the Steve Harvey show a perfect 10. He's using the gift that God blessed him with in a superior way. Blessed Steve Harvey is to be a great host kind of like being a pastor of day time talk show. You go can I get in on the Christmas give away.
  • Christmas Giveaway

    My husband really enjoy the gift and I was speaking to myself this will be a blessing to find out how can I get into the contest to win

    some of the gift for him for our 10 year anniversary 12/23/ 2012. All of the gift are wonderful and I would love to enter the contest for an blessing. He would love to have the superbowl collection set and I would love whatever is bless for me to win. HAPPY HOLIDAY N GOD BLESS YOUR SHOW N YOU...
  • Christmas giveawaysreat!

    I have been home from work for a week and a half and have 5 1/2 more weeks to go. I had back surrgery. I am healing and doing better everyday. I just wanted to say that I have been watching your program evveryday and I think what you do is wonderful! The Christmas giveaways are great I love watching the look on the faces of your audience.

    My husband has a rare terminal diease and is not handling it very, he also enjoys watching your show. Thank you so much for all you for everyone. You are better than Oprah!
  • Christmas Givewaways

    Mr Steve Harvey you're definitely one of my heroes, I set my alarm clock to wake up every weekday morning faithfully at 6:00am to listen to your radio inspirations. I DVR your afternoon TV shows to watch later, just in case I miss a show. I now have more time on my hands after being laid off as a teacher in June, after working faithfully and diligently for 12 years straight. God is good and now I have more time to watch you in the afternoons while I'm on my computer looking for jobs. As I watched the show today, I was elated to know that your TV audience had the chance to win those Christmas Giveaways. I've been trying ever since you announced it and now its past midnight and still have not been able to sign in. You're a true blessings and I surely need one about now. Bless me, please bless me! Faithful Fan
  • kimnevermissingashow

    Mr. Harvey : You are the true personification of what a man should be. I admire you for this trait being that there are so few decent men of this generation. I watch the show for this reason, but not only for this reason,you are one of the funniest men I have ever watched and it is an honor and privilege to do so. Please continue to inspire the youth of today because we have so few that publicly do. I also DVR your show to insure that i never, never miss an episode maybe one day I'll be able to see one in person. If i do it will truly be a blessing. Thank You so much for being you!!!
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