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  • Mr. Harvey, stop bashing dogs and cats !

    Mr. Harvey, I have enjoyed most of your shows. But I find it interesting that you like to bash dogs and cats. If you don't like animals, that is your choice. But to tell people to take their unwanted animals out and "lose" them, or take "fluffy" for a ride in the car and keep the windows down, is really irresponsible and in bad taste. I think you are offending more people than you think you are.

    Frankly, I don't really like kids, but would you advise me to go "lose" them? I don't think so.

    I am certain you have many more subjects you could laugh and joke about than poor little animals.

    Think about it.
  • Lacking in direction

    I like Steve Harvey and was looking forward to his talk show. However, I am now quite disappointed. I tune in about once per week so see if it has improved, but alas it hasn't. It is in part a dating show, a fashion show and a cooking show. It is boring to say the least and I am seriously tired of some silly woman asking for advice on men. Nothing to task the brain or appeal to women with some working brain matter.
  • Get skin right!

    2/3/2014 - today you did a feature about people with bad acne. My friend, at age 62 has really bad skin. It is very oily, with large black heads that have left his skin pitted. I am usually at work when your show comes on, but because of a snow day, I got the opportunity to watch your show. I was a bit surprised when you had no older people, nor any African Americans during this particular segment especially when we are so often left out when it comes to hair and skin treatments
  • your son Winton & wwe superstars

    Mr. Harvey when your son stated he wanted to be a wwe superstar & you told him to sit his stupid ass down, I was shocked because your son is a serious wwe fan,I have been a fan for 40 yrs. & counting,anyway you always say fake it til you make it, what better way for Winton to live out his career in wwe because we all no that it's fake & they make very good money.90% of the wrestlers are college grads with master degees, these athelets are in better shape than any football bet you me & Winton would rather see all wrestlemania tapes than all superbowl truly #1 wwe fan
  • Breast Cancer. 2-6-14

    My mother in law had breast cancer for two years she got some real good Jamaican natural herb and work with the Doctor now she is much better. Well u have to change your diet though. That lady has it for seven years she needs help.
  • help please have not seem my mother in 11 years and cannot afford to go to see her

    Mr. Harvey I am a disabled women who spends all of my time watching my grandchildren and for the past5years volu nteering at elementary school in the miss my mother so much can you please help me
  • Steve I need your help

    Steve after looking at your program today. You talked about your Mentoring program. I was so proud of you and your wife for starting this program for trouble black young males. I have a 20 year old grandson that desperately need to get into this program if possible. I believe it will save his life. He lost his older brother to gun violence in 08, and it seems to have sent him on a hopeless path. Please help.
  • A Lady that is in need of some massive help, don't know where to turn to??????????

    Having trouble getting any justice about two people that stole all my belongings from when I got a divorce an they went to another state and brought it back to the state they live in as well as to where I live, been to court 3 times and the judge told me to hire a attorney and they want $3000.00 and I'm disabled and can't get that type of money to hire one, do you have an idea of what I can do to get help? I have tried so many things and they still have my things and just don't know how to get the help I need to put this to an end. This show is great and has alot of good idea's on how to solve things. Just haven't seen anything that has to do with this type of problem.


    Hello Mr. Harvey I have been watching your show and see how you give good advise, I need your help in directing me to the right people to help me get my inventions out there. If you can help me I can email you pictures of my inventions and you can tell me if you think they have a chance. Thank you and look forward to hearing from Lazarus .

  • Hello Steve I need your help

    Steve I really enjoyed the show today, but more importantly, I really embraced the idea of yours Blessings that have come forward of you and your lovely wife starting a Mentoring program for our troubled black young males of today. I have a son who is 23 yrs. old that desperately needs to get into this Phenomenal program, if possible. I truly believe it will save his life. He has been around woman and he has not really had, but 2 great man in his life who are not his father. (Grandfather and a friend) I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and there are many that do. I recently lost my grandfather 6 yrs. ago and my mother 2 yrs ago and I believe that for the most part this and other situations have taken a major toll and has lead my son down the wrong paths. So, I humbly ask for your help.... I wish you all the best! God Bless
  • my son is not a suspect

    hi steve I have a 19 year old son i'm a single mom I have talk's with my son about being black in America and how its already to strikes just for being black I have a good son. but you never know when something my happen and the wrong choice could put him on death row or dead I wish you had something for my son age group. my son needs to see positive black roll models .I do the best I that can but I can't teach him how to be a man please give me some tips on teaching him about man hood I have asked his father but there's no hope there
  • Help!


    My name is SeaSea Thompson and I am in need of help. I have watched all of your show. I have a few food items that I am trying to put into the grocery store. Do you have any contacts that have been successful in this area of business that can mentor me?

    Thank you,

    A True Steve Harvey Fan

    SeaSea Thompson
  • finding lost family members

    Dear Mr. Harvey, I am writing to you about your shows about helping people find lost family members. You just don't realize but at really hits home and had me crying a lot . You see Mr. Harvey I haven'tseen my mother since I was 2 yrs. old, and I'm 56 now and my sister is 54. I also had a son at age 16 and was made to give him up after my father past. My son was 18 mos. old and I was 18. I miss him everyday, and I remember the most on Feb. 22, for this is his birthday. I also lost my two youngest sons , both to murders. Matthew my youngest was murdered by the rampart division of he was only 24 yrs. old, and then 18 mos. later I loose another son also to murder and he was only 28 yrs. old. I know it seems as though I am asking for pity, but that is the last thing I'm doing. I I know you do so many things for people that I hope that you could help me as well, to find my loved ones, my son and my mother this would be the best present or even by my birthday in March. The min thing that really upsets me concerning my sons is that my ex husband only paid $800 on our sons funerals and will not help me put headstones on their graves. I'm on disability and can't afford nothing except flowers and different items that get removed by the city when they mow the grass. My name is Demika Jade-Powell , and phone number is 252-375-0016 and address is Greenville, North Carolina. Sincerely, Ms. Powell

  • I'm Alive !!!!!!!!

    Hi Steve:

    My name is Dianne York and your show is the highlight of my day and here`s why. When I watch your show it takes me way back. You see I too was born in 1957 (still double nickels until June 30th) and had my share of good and bad times, murphy`s law, five for a penny cookies, 5 and 10 cent bags of potatoe chips, double dutch and skelly. Your show also makes me think about one of my best friends that used to tell me "AT LEAST YOU KNOW YOUR ALIVE" I was in an abusive relationship at the time. Your show brings it all back to me on a positive note. I've made it through that part and currently conquering recent health issues. God is Good. I know that I`M ALIVE because everytime I watch your show I start out laughing. Next I get serious and lastly I`m teary eyed every show. Honestly the first time I watched your show I didnt care too much for it but I liked you so I watched again and now youre my afternoon weekday crack. I am recovering from two spinal surgeries and unbeknownst to you, you help me make it through my recovery. So I salute you and please dont stop touching my emotions. Thank You Signed In Pain But I'm Alive
  • Needing your Prayers

    Dear Steve

    Not sure if you heard but in Moor, OK, We lost two of our public schools in an F5 Tornado. Our communities are morning the lost of 9 children and 7 from the schools. We would like for you and the world pray for their families and our communities.

    Thank you

    Victoria Little

    Moore, Oklahoma
  • Deligthful is a big rip off

    Hi Steve, I am 74 years old. I took your advise and joined Delightful. Well Steve they are a rip off. I joined for 6 months because I am on a budget. I cancelled as soon as I joined so they would not charge me for more time and printed it out. A couple months later I checked my credit card charges and a $80 charge had been added. I called the BBB because I could not find a number. The man I talked to tried not to listen to me. He just kept telling what I could get and I had clicked to renew. I did not. When I told him I have a copy of my cancellation and had talked to the BBB, he finally said he would take the $80 off. I only have about 100 days left, somehow they have blocked my likes. I find them in my spam. I also had a big spam. This has been a nightmare.
  • please help us steve harvey

    Steve Harvey I need help would u please help my parents out with are roof and kitchen because I want my parents to know that i love them because when I was on my death bed half dead they was there for me and hope u can get us on the show Steve Harvey
  • Today is May 17,2013... If That Designer Is Considered Good , Then I must BE GRrreat!!!

    I am not educated in designs , however I do a fabulous job . 13 years ago when I hung a crystal chandelier in my bathroom I was called crazy. Now that is one of the things to do. Those dark curtains that were used in the living room design today were hideous ! Where is the little ruffle on top when you put you curtain rod in between two rows of stitching ? If someone did either one of those rooms for me, I'd shoot him. Also it is not difficult to do a couple's bedroom without using pink ! Again he failed. I designed my daughter's master bedroom and it is doesn't have a hint of pink in it anywhere... Her husband loves it. There must be someone behind the camera coaching the audience to clap their hands because I can't imagine anyone doing so on their own accord !!!! I am sick, sore and tired of watching shows with people that are supposed to be professionals that the info they give is not good.
  • TV Smashing by Garbage Truck

    We love your show, but when you had the couple on where the husband had many TVs, you crushed the TVs. Not good. You should have given them to a charitable organization or recycled them!
  • Domestic Violence

    Mr. Harvey I had a vision that you and a panel of experts could start a mentoring program for professional atheletes. A lot of these people are not educated in the ways of the world some and are barely out of high school now days. College should have refined them but lets be straight they're superstars at that level. Some careers and lives are being totally destroyed. Do these people deserve what they're experiencing absolutely should a few moments of bad judgement and behavior destroy them, NO, education and rehabilitation the road to redemption advocates against Domestic Violence. Your panel Dr Phil, Judge Mathis Joel Osteen Gene Simmons and Ellen and Chris Carter and 16 Retired successful business owning players. Steve if can't help turn around these issues please be inspired enough to pass it on to someone who can this is to important to just let it go. Long time fan love man keep up the great work
  • Show changer

    I used to really enjoy Steve's show, I just watch it once in awhile now since almost all of his guest and audience is black. This is not a real problem but seems to be a little racists, with everything going on in the world today you might want mix it up a little more.
  • Help US Mr. Harvey - The Early Seniors

    All your shows are great from radio, talk show and game shows. I am 62 years old, just retired and still trying to find my way. Can you produce a show with seniors and how life is effecting us. At this point in life I still have flashbacks to never knowing my father, growing up poor and people who were doing well looking down on us. In other words it would be great to obtain help with these issues. Would love to share more. Thank you.
  • Need your help and prayer

    Dear Steve

    I'am the grandmother of 8, and I love them so much I will doing anything for them.

    I have one grand son that is ADHA, and he also is 12yra. old .

    My grandson was kicked out of school because of his daughter is forced to home school him,And she put her career on hold,Due to my grandson being banned from the Louisville Ky school district where they live. My grandson call me often,and he share with me how much he misses going to school,and just being around kids his what happen to no child left . Harvey if you can help me to help my daughter to get into some kind of school that can handle him.

    Thanks you

    Grandmother of 8

    Marica Brady
  • Slamming the GOP

    Mr. Harvey... I am "two months shy of being" an 80 yr old woman... A conservative who watches nearly every show you're on. I've always liked you because they were shows that I could watch and not have any politics involved... I am not proud of ANY of our choices running for president in either party. We have a mean loud mouth on the one side and a criminal and socialist on the other... what a sad group from which to choose!! So today I had angst when I heard your comments about Trump and the GOP's on your show.... I am a GOP and do not represent your generalized description. I am a cancer survivor and retired foreign language teacher who worked very hard to teach my students, along with the language, how to be kind, considerate, caring, dedicated, appreciative AMERICANS!!! Not Democrat, not Republican, but Americans. Today, I am most disappointed in you and your show. Never, ever did I think I would see you belittle some of your most loving and supportive fans. I guess at my age there is still a lot to learn, sadly!
  • Christmas giveaway

    Hi my name is Savannah G President and I love the way you give away stuff. I would live to know. How I can get something from your show. I can't afford to come to your show. But I would like the
  • Disappointed

    are you? Well I was disappointed when I wasn't able to watch your Valentines I did get up and watch your Saturday 02/15/2014 while I'm watching you say go to try to win all prizes. I couldn't bring that show up at all to do that. Why you, Denise why is rating you a 6.5 ,you are a 10 all the way
  • A clever title goes here!

    Dear Steve, I just Love your show, love your humor, and your straight talk especially when you keeping it real about us (women) and what we ought to know when it comes to men. Keep on keeping it real and may God continue to bless you beyond what you can ever imagine or think, Love ya!! Shinetha Taylor
  • My mother needs help

    Hi my name is Samara Sewell and my mother is going threw some rough times right now she cant find a job and is very stressed from all the arguing with my father she wants to move out but cant find a way you please help her?
  • If you love someone set her free and if she comes back it was meant to be

    Steve;your the BEST !!!!!!!! I met my wife in 1981 she was everything to her mother frown on our

    relastionship. So I went my way she went hers. Patti got married and I did also. In 2003 I was at a group were I met her ask if she was Courtney //////////////// She said yes ! Courtney asked me why !! I said I LOVED YOUR MOTHER FOR THE LAST 25 yrs.. Courtney said do you wants my moms phone #. Of course I said sure ! Later that night I called Patti and I said hello there was dead said at one time we were best friends. Patti said BOB ! I said yes.. we talked over an hour. that Saturday I pick Patti up we took a ride stopped @ dairy Queen. a month later I moved in 6 months later we were married. the best day of my life.. Sept.13 th it will be 10 years. Its has it up and downs. BUT ! Patti is the best wife any one would be proud cant be beat. I think were not the only ones this has happen too. R J Semmel thank you for letting me share oh crapp this aint the place
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