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  • I absolutely love this show!

    I have seen this show and I love it!! I have MS and it makes me laugh and smile!! It's good!!
  • Christmas Giveaways

    How do I get in on the Christmas giveaways for the men and the women?
  • christmas giveaway


    My name is Kayla Hood. I am a 14 year old girl that loves to see people happy. I am writing this in concern about the Christmas giveaway and to say why my grandparents are perfect. My grandparents have done so much for me and they always make me happy. I will do anything just to out smiles on their faces and to simply to make them happy. They are always helping others and I think they deserve for someone to help them. They are not always in the best condition but they are always helping. They are a gift from god to the people on this earth. I just want them to happy and show them that I truly appreciate them and everything. So Steve can you please help me show them that I love them?


    A true fan Kayla Hood
  • valintines day show

    you are the best thank you for maken me smile every day
  • A future show

    I enjoy your show.

    I would like to see a reuniting---King of Comedy and a tribute to Bernie Mac...

  • christmas give away

    Steve help me !!!!!! How do i sign up for the christmas give to me somebody)........
  • Proud of the show & Steve's accompishments!

    I love the new talk show it's awesome! Keep up the good work Steve. You make my day five days a week. Thank you for your morning show on V103, Family Fued & this great tv show.
  • What suit to wear season 2 opening

    Steve it dose not matter what suit you wear because you know how to show them off. All your suits look good on you
  • looking for the xmas give away would give rating score of 100

    just watched episode 72 about gift give away,but could not find a way to enter to the show i record it and watch every show
  • No X-Mas give away

    Nowhere to sign up
  • single dad does it all

    Hi steve a friend of mine and myself love watching your show you are awesome but i have to tell you about my friend he is a 42 year old disablwd vet and single father who has been raising his two children on his own ages 8 and 9. He does it all cooks, cleans he is always on the go with two kids in sports and their church he is just amazing guy both kids are straight A students he takes them to dr appointments he does it all by himself their mom don't want much to do with the kids so he is daddy and mommy hw has dinner cooked everyday for them when they get home and then off to some spirt activity. People always talk about moms raising kids on their own and get recognize but what about these dads that are doing it all on their own this man is always putting his kids first and the love he has for them is just incredible i would like to see you do a show on single daddys doing it all
  • Christmas With Steve

    Never been on a cruise 14 grandiose and I'm always putting everyone first. A cruise would give me some time to get over a lot that's on my life is so incomplete; I have to find the lord again. Not saying that the cruise would take me it would give me time to think and rest my mind

  • Wow! Great Job Steve!

    You literally brought tears to my eyes! Its mind blowing what you did for that mom and boys and also for your audience! Watching your show in Trinidad and Tobago. Great job Steve! Now if only I can me a watch like that!
  • Your My Hero!

    Mr. Harvey, on your show titled "Does Your Bickering mean its over", your Just one more thing had a small child that had saved a friend from drowning. He got a Red Cross pin for that and you stated that you were 56 years old and still had not gotten a pin for saving a life. Let me correct you on that statement. YOU SAVE MY LIFE MANY a grandmother that had to raise my grandchildren for seven and a half years. Mind you I was retired and ready to live my life of complete freedom, then find out that my grandchildren were getting ready to be placed in a foster home. Split up, there are four of them, and put in foster care. That being something that I could not live with, I took them into my care. Let me say that raising children ages 3 to 9 is not an easy task for old people, single old people. So all I can say is I did the best I could on a retired income. Said all that to say this, had it not been for your morning shows for those years, I would have lost it and given up. You were my insperation every morining getting them up and ready for their day. You always had some words of hope and letting me know that all things were possible. Even on the days when I was at my lowest you made me laugh or put a smile on my face. The childre also enjoyed your morning shows. I'm sure today they thank you for keeping their grandmother sane. So let me end this by saying if I could I would give you the Red Cross pin for saving my life and my sanity for many, many years. I said one time that the women on your morning show had the easiest jobs in the world. They get to laugh for four hours. I was able to attend one of your shows in Chicago, and you are still just as funny and you still lift my spirits... Thank you Mr. Steve Harvey for saving my life.

  • Steve please help me save my grandson.

    My grandson is 10yrs old and his father is not in his life and it is my daughter and I. Please Steve I am asking you to help us keep him out of the system. He is a very smart kid, but we are just having trouble with him listening and flowing directions, so I am asking you if you can please help us to help him. Thank You so much. Yvette
  • Steve Harvey is rocking tv right now!

    10 You are the MAN!
  • Down to Earth

    My wife and I really enjoy Steve's show. He is down to earth and has subjects that are important to all. He dosen't cut corners and tells the truth. He has some of the same standards that I try to live by. Be real - Don't make lame excuses - Above all else don't lie. Great job Steve, keep it up.
  • Fathers day camp

    Hey Steve I was watching your xmas show on single mothers and I saw you have a annual fathers day camp. I have a 13 who was almost like the young man on on that show. I was wondering if there was anyway my son could attend your camp. I'm afraid if he does not get it now in life, he will never get it. I have a younger child in the home and my older son treats her just as bad as me sometimes. It's hard to raise her in a home where she is being disrespected and try to teach her not to let men disrespectful to her! Please help. My number is 4012078759 thanks Jacqui Perez.
  • your show is a 10

    I love your show I watch it everyday.... I set my alarm clock to wake up every weekday morning live in Yakima, WA it comes on @11:00 you are a riot, your show are informative, and there are so many of them that when u have guest their story just make me cry.... God Bless you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!! Keep the good work that you do!!!:)
  • Christmas Giveaway

    My husband really enjoy the gift and I was speaking to myself this will be a blessing to find out how can I get into the contest to win

    some of the gift for him for our 10 year anniversary 12/23/ 2012. All of the gift are wonderful and I would love to enter the contest for an blessing. He would love to have the superbowl collection set and I would love whatever is bless for me to win. HAPPY HOLIDAY N GOD BLESS YOUR SHOW N YOU...
  • how to get in on the christmas give away

    I rate the Steve Harvey show a perfect 10. He's using the gift that God blessed him with in a superior way. Blessed Steve Harvey is to be a great host kind of like being a pastor of day time talk show. You go can I get in on the Christmas give away.
  • we need it bad

    steve please help me i have no money to get my husband any can i win those gifts for works so hard and has a lot of health would love to give him those pray for it to be gods will to win them we have been married for 37 years and he lost his job of 34 years 2 years we only get for our 6 let me know how i can sign you for listening to me god bless you even if i dont get love your show and love how you love your family
  • A Urgent letter to the world.

    Hello Steve,

    My name is Ibraheem, I am a 28 year old African American male. This letter might not get read, but Im still going to share my story, everyone has one. Dec 20, of this year I will be self surrendering myself to Federal Bureau of Prison. I was convicted of three counts of white collar crime. This case has been going on since 2008. I was indicted in 2010 and place on pre-trial release, since then I have obtain employment with the district transportation department, enrolled in school with six months to graduate.

    Since this adversary has entered my life, I decided its time for me to change and be a better man. The last two years, I waited for this judge to allow me to redeem myself by giving me another chance to better myself. I know i committed the crime, but what happend to the judicial system giving people second chances who have changed their lives. Is evidence that I have changed, I'm not sure if the judge was aware of that but he sure didn't care.

    I have a child on the way due in five months, what's really sad is I would be present when my first child is born. And I might not even get an opportunity to obtain my BA. I have so many goals that I plan to achieve, only God can help me. I know when I'm release from prison things would be difficult than ever, but I believe in myself. Steve I hope you get this letter, because I know they are millions of young men out their who would like for someone to help them and create a voice that will give us another chance. Just one more chance. I am sentenced to 64 months, which I am prepared to address and put behind me.

    Best Regard,

  • dumb to be smart

    could a hypnotist hiptis a person that is not smar t? And make them smart and change their life and make me veronica 45 and arianna 11 year old a genuise or just really really smart. I had alot of problems with learning from being touched so i closed down in everything that tried to do and im steel having a hard time doing anything with my mind and soul so could you help me please. Veronica Ford. And my neice arianna want to a actrice

  • Dear Steve

    I do not know if you get many of these, but I just want to say thank you. God molded a very wonderful, God fearing man. You remind me of my beautiful husband. He is a retired vet ( he's young ) and he gives so much of himself and I volunteer meals on wheels for seniors. I just wanted to stop and just say 'Thank You for not only giving your time but your heart. God Bless you in everything you do and I wish you and your family a Happy very fulfilled holiday. Your fan Loni
  • steve harvey is the best thing on TV

    I have to say steve harvey is becoming one of the best guys on television, he is absilutely hillarious and is loved my many. He makes TV watchable again, watching him on family feud was enough to make me fall in love with his acting and his personality, would like to actually meet him in real life someday.
  • My Comedian Mother

    Dear Steve , My mother loves you, she is 84 yrs old and she waits for your show every morning, she thinks you are very handsome and likes the way you dress, she thinks you are very sweet and smart and likes the advise and help you give people but mostly she thinks you are so funny.

    I have to tell you Steve that my mother is Hispanic in order for you to appreciate this, .so I call her today and ask "Whatcha doing Mama" and she says "Nothing just waiting for my Negrito Loco "

    Thanks for Being Such a Delicious Man,

    I Love You Too

  • Much Needed make over for those 50 plus who have to many years of experence and are unemployed

    I have been a American Board Certified Optician for 30yrs. Now I am unemployed,the trouble is I have more years of experience then those who do the hiring so they give the jobs to young untrained people to take care of vision care.. As a divorced women I need help.. will you help me and address those of us with to many years of hard work and experience find a new path of employment even if it means a change instead being put out to pasture like a old we all need help??? thanks Valerie G PS I love your show
  • Valentine Special show

    Steve Harvey, I have followed you, your works for some years. I marvel at how our God has moved you from avenue to avenue into more of your purpose where as your straight forward advice and conversation with people and especially women. Thank you Steve.
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