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  • Slamming the GOP

    Mr. Harvey... I am "two months shy of being" an 80 yr old woman... A conservative who watches nearly every show you're on. I've always liked you because they were shows that I could watch and not have any politics involved... I am not proud of ANY of our choices running for president in either party. We have a mean loud mouth on the one side and a criminal and socialist on the other... what a sad group from which to choose!! So today I had angst when I heard your comments about Trump and the GOP's on your show.... I am a GOP and do not represent your generalized description. I am a cancer survivor and retired foreign language teacher who worked very hard to teach my students, along with the language, how to be kind, considerate, caring, dedicated, appreciative AMERICANS!!! Not Democrat, not Republican, but Americans. Today, I am most disappointed in you and your show. Never, ever did I think I would see you belittle some of your most loving and supportive fans. I guess at my age there is still a lot to learn, sadly!
  • You know what I'm talking about!

    So Steve, why do do many men get better looking as they get older & women have to fight it every step of the way? Love your show~I try to take as many late lunches as I can so I can laugh with you. It sure makes the day sweeter! Thank you so much for being so funny and clean! (~;
  • Inquiring minds

    Hi Mr. Harvey I am interested in getting my kids into your mentoring program. My son iis 12 and has a great personality, he also has sickle cell which is taking a toll on him. He missed a lot of school because of the pain and now I home school him to get him caught up. My daughter is 13 and was inappropriately touched at school. And then bullied for telling. She was afraid to go to school and as a mother I reach out to everyone involved including the kids parents. After that my daughter started spiraling in a deep depression. She then started talking about sucide so I reached out for more help which is still on going but I would like to get my kids into your Steve and Marjorie forsting excellence program. What age do the have to be and can you you be bless!
  • Water Crisis

    It is a shame on this country that this is going on, but if you take the time to look you will find out that this has been going on for 100's of years with Native Americans. On almost all of the tribal lands the water is unfit to drink or there is no running water at all and to get water most has to drive to a larger city and if they do not drive then they have to hope that some one can take them or bring water to them. We have more third world conditions here then most people know of, we have people living on the streets in the winter, we have people with out jobs, we have people living with out any power or heat, our own country has turned their backs as no one wants to deal with this issue nor do they have any ideal on how to fix it. A lot of the Native American Tribes wants to build jobs for all (tribal and non tribal) people but they also have little to no funding to do so. This issue needs to be looked at from a large scale not only a few cities but from the whole country and it hits all races not just one.

    Thank You

    Chief TW Davis

    Cherokees of Idaho, Inc.
  • TRUE STORY:GOD, Steve and Guy saved my life, fighting cancer

    This is a true story, I don't know what everyone else puts on this site. But this is true. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in March of 2015. My doctor told me that most African American's do not survive this. I asked why, she said because some can't afford treatment and others give up they not keep appointments. She also said that, they stop eating and it's about attitude and staying positive. Now I have always love Steve and how he makes me laugh. Me and my grand baby who was only two at the time would sit and watch and just laugh long before this happen. I have a great video of my grand son having a ball watching Steve. Well any way having the analytical mind I have. I put a plan in place. I was going to trick my mind into thinking that I wanted to eat all of the time even when I could not taste the food from the chemo. So since I love watching Guy as well. I did just that. And it worked like a charm. And I would watch Steve to keep my attitude intact stay positive. You can't be said when you are laughing. You can't be sad when, he is always saying that things may be hard but you would be alright. And last but not least I LOVE GOD, I love him with all that I am. I am not sure if Steve or Guy will ever see this but I just wanted to say thank you both. I AM HERE AND I AM STILL STANDING THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fighting single mother

    Hello Steve how are you,I watch your show and you and the show are a blessing to the people you help and to me. I am a single mother of two boys ages 16 and 18,and I am so proud of them,watching your show provides me with the strength to go on even when I feel like giving draw inspiration from others,I am from watched the show with the lady and her four children Latesha Thomas and I am in the same position as she is so I know what she is going through,I couldn't stop crying because she was telling my current life situation in her bless you Steve I hope the Lord continues to bless you to bless others.
  • mr harvey

    I just wanted to say u have a beautiful family and I love ur show
  • Stupid has no expiration date!

    My fiancee of 9 yrs. has no clue how wonderful a simple little gift means on birthdays, anniversary, Valentines Day and CHRISTMAS! I tell him what I'd like to have and get NOTHING! A pair of nice cross earrings a simple band with diamonds and saphires or even fake ones in sterling silver. Everytime we talk about it we get in an argument.. Steve Im getting nothing for Christmas! PLEASE HELP! I love your show and never miss it unless I"m at the doctors. You and your family have a very Blessed Christmas and New Year. You are a wonderful man and have a wonderful family.
  • This 70 yr , Great GrandMa Needs New Techy Toys, for ME, :-)

    Your show today was Amazing, Wow you and your show are so Generous. Couldn't believe you gave away everything. I'm not greedy,maybe a phone and or the on the go tablet/Computer.

    thanks for bringing a Bright spot into my days. Billie Fink
  • The woman of my dreams

    Dear Mr. Harvey a little over three years ago i meet a woman, at the time i didn`t think much about. It was in febuary close to valentin`s day. I texted her to say happy valentin`s day, she responed the same. We texted for two weeks befor we actually talked on the phone. Over the next few weeks i felt that God was saying this is your wife, so i started to change my life around so that i could become a good husband. I started to change how i looked at life and began to think and act more positive, and trusting God in all aspects of my life. so i starting taking marriage counseling with my spiritual leader. Long story short i meet her in Feduary of 2012, purposed to her in August 2012, and married her in November of 2012. We have been married for 3 wonderful years, she brings out the best in me, and since then i have stopped smoking marijuana ( 3 years clean),and became a Deacon at our church. She compliments and makes me better in every way. But when we where married our honeymoon was coming to the state of Virginia where i lived, from Ohio where she lived and we where married. to show our (her) children where we be living. So it was her and our three children ages 4,5,16 spending our honeymoon together. I would love to surprise with a trip to your show as a honeymoon get away. We both love your show, we DVR it so that we don`t miss it. I would to come to the show in person and if possible confess my love for to the world and just let her know how much i appreciate her. And most of all thank GOD for bringing her and our girls into my life. because my life has diffently changed for the better. I also thank GOD for you because i have learned alot from your radio and talk show, so I to you I appreciate you and keep letting GOD bless you so you can bless others.

    The Happiest Husband Ever
  • Honoring Husbands who became caregivers to their sick wives

    Steve, my husband love your show and watches it faithfully as well as myself. However, this year was very hard for us because I got sick unexpectedly and the illness resulted in me being in a coma. My condition was terminal and I was dying according to the doctors, but while hearing the news by husband stayed by my side. He took care of me, made decisions for me because I could not do it myself, and he wasn't able to work because of this unfortunate circumstance. He became my caregiver and did so much to make sure I was taken care of and there is so much more to tell about what took place, but I wanted to know if you would consider honoring husbands who became caregivers when their wives become ill. I know that some men would have walked away because of all the hard work and patience it took takes to nurse a woman back to health and although I am still recovering, I am further along than I was in February of this year because of him. My husband is a Pastor and during the time that I was in the hospital he would run the church and then come to the hospital to tend to me. He deserves to be honored, so can you help me

    A grateful Wife

  • At my wits end Steve

    Hi Steve my name is Abdul Hayes. I'm from Cleveland Ohio I'm a 40 year old stay at home dad. I've been married for about a year and a half now, I have 4 kids and a beautiful wife. The problem is Steve that I have been out of work for about 9 months now taking care of my son who has severe illnesses that prevents him from going to school or daycare. My wife has a decent paying job better then what I was making so we decided to let me stay home and provide for our son and she would work. As of lately though things have been rough at home holidays are approaching and we keep running into one problem after another. the house that we live in is old and not as good as it once was. The pipes in the basement are breaking and leaking and to top it all off the Furnace just went out on us so we have no heat and we have two critically ill children in the home. With Christmas right around the corner it is hard to do Christmas for our kids and maintain all the bills. My kids cannot be in the cold or they will be hospitalized so please Steve I'm asking for your help to fix my situation at home so my kids can have a very merry Christmas this year. Thanks Abdul Hayes from Cleveland Ohio 1-216-320-7377, 1-216-303-9211
  • redemption

    Dear I've been a big fan of yours for many years going back to your sitcom days. You probably get a lot of requests for help with all kinds of things but I think that mines might be a little different. I'm a recovering addict and an ex-offender, I've been clean for the last 6 years and I've been working steadily for the last 4 years. I have two daughters that I haven't seen since they were both 4 years old. My biggest dream is to find a decent job that will pay me enough to live semi-comfortable and pay my back child support. And I would love to bring both of my daughters together so they can finally meet each other. even if you can't help me with a decent job, I'm a least hoping that you can help me see my babies so that I can ask them to forgive me for not being the type of father that they needed. In closing, even if you can't help me with this dream I will always be a fan.

  • do you come to Canada

    Hi Mr Harvey do you do any work in Toronto Canada, i need help with my dating
  • Deligthful is a big rip off

    Hi Steve, I am 74 years old. I took your advise and joined Delightful. Well Steve they are a rip off. I joined for 6 months because I am on a budget. I cancelled as soon as I joined so they would not charge me for more time and printed it out. A couple months later I checked my credit card charges and a $80 charge had been added. I called the BBB because I could not find a number. The man I talked to tried not to listen to me. He just kept telling what I could get and I had clicked to renew. I did not. When I told him I have a copy of my cancellation and had talked to the BBB, he finally said he would take the $80 off. I only have about 100 days left, somehow they have blocked my likes. I find them in my spam. I also had a big spam. This has been a nightmare.
  • Hey Mr. Harvey

    Hi,my name is Alma Nieves and I just love your show. Watch it everyday. I'm kind of new on Twitter so bear with me because I just want to ask you or your staff a question. I was wondering watching today's show that if any of the couple you got together have gotten married. If so which?
  • Personal

    Hey Steve, I need your help with a school scholarship... #fan in Zambia #africa... please email me pm .
  • Steve Harvey needs A Halo.

    I think that Mr Harvey is one of the kindest men in the world. And on national tv. He has a heart of gold and I'm so glad he's a godly man that makes him even more special. He can make you laugh and then turn around and have you crying. The way he talked to that girl today June 1st 2015 just melted my heart and almost made me cry. Mr Harvey you will have your rewards in heaven one day and I'll be there to see them. I just think you are one of a kind, I know you wasn't always like you are now,but I thank god that you are the person that you are now. I see how much you love your wife and other people that you don't even know. I just love Mr Steve Harvey. I'll see you kind man in heaven one day.

    Signed, Patty Dove
  • funny

    I love the show.
  • Steve and Majorie

    Steve I love your show. Enjoyed Majorie this week, wish you'd have her on your show more often...


    Marcie Jackson (live near New Orleans, LA)
  • Awesome show today for Mom's

    I love watching your show and wished I could enter into the contests for the fantastic prizes you give the audience but your web-site does not show anything, can you please advise?

    Thank you and God Bless.

  • Mr. Harvey, stop bashing dogs and cats !

    Mr. Harvey, I have enjoyed most of your shows. But I find it interesting that you like to bash dogs and cats. If you don't like animals, that is your choice. But to tell people to take their unwanted animals out and "lose" them, or take "fluffy" for a ride in the car and keep the windows down, is really irresponsible and in bad taste. I think you are offending more people than you think you are.

    Frankly, I don't really like kids, but would you advise me to go "lose" them? I don't think so.

    I am certain you have many more subjects you could laugh and joke about than poor little animals.

    Think about it.
  • Domestic Violence

    Mr. Harvey I had a vision that you and a panel of experts could start a mentoring program for professional atheletes. A lot of these people are not educated in the ways of the world some and are barely out of high school now days. College should have refined them but lets be straight they're superstars at that level. Some careers and lives are being totally destroyed. Do these people deserve what they're experiencing absolutely should a few moments of bad judgement and behavior destroy them, NO, education and rehabilitation the road to redemption advocates against Domestic Violence. Your panel Dr Phil, Judge Mathis Joel Osteen Gene Simmons and Ellen and Chris Carter and 16 Retired successful business owning players. Steve if can't help turn around these issues please be inspired enough to pass it on to someone who can this is to important to just let it go. Long time fan love man keep up the great work
  • We were not in love but married out of obedience

    I love that couple who was married 60 years! My husband and I hope to have that many years! We were looked down upon, rejected, I wasn't allowed to serve in my church and much more all because I married my husband out of obedience! People couldn't understand why I'd marry a man I wasn't in love with, they judged him because of his colorful past. However, to the glory of GOD and more than a decade later, we counsel married couples, speak at conferences to couples who are in ministry together, pastor a church and people think it's some secret to our marital love and success but we just married out of obedience. Keep doing what you do Steve, it's your calling. Tchalla & Lanette Pinkard "We simply love" 2-11-15
  • Mr. Harvey could you help a domestic abuse survivor find a man to fall in love with!

    Mr. Harvey I watch your show everyday and i find so much inspiration on the show. I was married for 2 weeks shy of 24 years when I found out my husband was having an affair. This lead to a series of failed long term relationships, both abusive in their own way. The first involved every aspect imaginable, and some I can't even tell you. The second was emotionally and financially abusive. Now for the first time since I was 16, I'm now 55, I am living alone and adjusting well. I have so much love to give and I know that there is someone out there for me. My problem now is that I am disabled and living on a fixed income which prevents me from doing a lot of things that would give me an opportunity to meet someone special. I'm at the end of my rope and would like to ask you for your help and advice. Thank you, Melissa
  • Help me save my daughter!

    Mr. Harvey I watched your shoe that aired 1/22/15 that is when i heard u mention your wife's camp "Girls who rule the world", I always knew about your teenage boys camp but i have a daughter,that is when i saw hope!! Mr. Harvey my daughter is like no other she is 15 steals, lies, disruptive, disrespectful, in school, but her grades are up and down. My daughter few months ago cut her wrists with what we thought was a knife, turned out to be a bobbie pin (with the top part off). I've been put in the hospital over night for stress mind you i'm just scratching the surface with the issues about my child i can assure you this is a 1 for the books..
  • GRADUATION June 5, 2015

    Mr. Harvey I am a 62 year old black female, and a friend I met while in attendance will participate in our Graduate studies graduation ceremony there in Chicago on June 5, 2015. We would like to attend your show while in Chicago, but I can't find the site for tickets.
  • Steve Harvey is real!!!!

    Every time I watch Steve I laugh, sometimes cry, a good cry, He is funny, serious, helpful and honest. I am interested in his show, cause he is creative, challenging and entertaining. Now he is doing a great challenge with the 8 ladies to lose weight with Jorge.

    I am motivated to lose too. I need to drop body fat, and 20 pds, too. Thanks for the challenge day, even though I wont win the money, I will be happier and healthier, I enjoy your show!
  • need all the help i can get i livein a old house and have a older man

    Mr Harvey Please help my house and husband need fixen

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