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  • The woman of my dreams

    Dear Mr. Harvey a little over three years ago i meet a woman, at the time i didn`t think much about. It was in febuary close to valentin`s day. I texted her to say happy valentin`s day, she responed the same. We texted for two weeks befor we actually talked on the phone. Over the next few weeks i felt that God was saying this is your wife, so i started to change my life around so that i could become a good husband. I started to change how i looked at life and began to think and act more positive, and trusting God in all aspects of my life. so i starting taking marriage counseling with my spiritual leader. Long story short i meet her in Feduary of 2012, purposed to her in August 2012, and married her in November of 2012. We have been married for 3 wonderful years, she brings out the best in me, and since then i have stopped smoking marijuana ( 3 years clean),and became a Deacon at our church. She compliments and makes me better in every way. But when we where married our honeymoon was coming to the state of Virginia where i lived, from Ohio where she lived and we where married. to show our (her) children where we be living. So it was her and our three children ages 4,5,16 spending our honeymoon together. I would love to surprise with a trip to your show as a honeymoon get away. We both love your show, we DVR it so that we don`t miss it. I would to come to the show in person and if possible confess my love for to the world and just let her know how much i appreciate her. And most of all thank GOD for bringing her and our girls into my life. because my life has diffently changed for the better. I also thank GOD for you because i have learned alot from your radio and talk show, so I to you I appreciate you and keep letting GOD bless you so you can bless others.

    The Happiest Husband Ever