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  • Slamming the GOP

    Mr. Harvey... I am "two months shy of being" an 80 yr old woman... A conservative who watches nearly every show you're on. I've always liked you because they were shows that I could watch and not have any politics involved... I am not proud of ANY of our choices running for president in either party. We have a mean loud mouth on the one side and a criminal and socialist on the other... what a sad group from which to choose!! So today I had angst when I heard your comments about Trump and the GOP's on your show.... I am a GOP and do not represent your generalized description. I am a cancer survivor and retired foreign language teacher who worked very hard to teach my students, along with the language, how to be kind, considerate, caring, dedicated, appreciative AMERICANS!!! Not Democrat, not Republican, but Americans. Today, I am most disappointed in you and your show. Never, ever did I think I would see you belittle some of your most loving and supportive fans. I guess at my age there is still a lot to learn, sadly!