Steve Harvey

Season 1 Episode 74

Steve and His Family Share Their Holiday Secrets!; the Experts Weigh In on the Right Age for Your Kids to Do Everything

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Dec 19, 2012 on

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  • This is Momdee

    I have been in love with the work you do, I'm looking for how I can get these gifts for my grands that I care for. Those gifts will make my grand Christmas this year. I just enjoyed Stevenson the young man wow tried the toys out. He is 10 going on 20 well before his time. The couple who are helping children with the camps are surly blessed to have such a heart. ps I cannot find the contest for Christmas gifts. Please help.
  • A clever title goes here!

    Great show Steve-very good advice to parents, about cells phones,riding in cars with boys.
  • u r the best

    Watch the show since it started u r great Steve kept up the great work
  • Steve Harvey Family Holiday Show

    Hi Steve, I enjoyed your show today with your lovely family! I went out and pick-up ice cream and Bailey's for my Holidays with my dog. May God keep the blessing comimg for you and your family!!!! Hope I can win one of your gifts, thank you.
  • Harvey Holiday Happiness

    Steve Harvey,one inspiring MAN that is blessed and continues to bless the show,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! May the Harvey's have a blessed and prosperous holiday!!!
  • Harvey Holiday Secrets

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Steve!

    Thanks for sharing your families holiday traditions. I had the opportunity to be a guest on your show when you had the First Lady on prior to the election, and have been a loyal fan since then. Love the show.

    Bless you for spreading some holiday cheer !
  • thank you so much for your show i watch and learn from it everyday..

    i seen you givin all the audience gifts today that was a blessing thank you have any for me will be much been off work for a month without any money coming in very god bless you and yours on this holiday season...


    I really want to thank God for your . show. .Today's show was great. thanks for all the gifts that were given pray that i could get the same gifts for watching you at have all your . show on my dvr and dare anyone to take them off, It give us something to look forward to watch on is nice, clean and something to learn everyday. thanks again MR. STEVE HARVEY.
  • Great looking family Steve!!!

    Hey show was wondering how to get the free gifts you had on the show?Please respond somebody cause my family can use those gifts for Christmas!!!The way the world is now,im still unemployed!!!Please Steve...
  • Big Fan.

    Watching your show is a delight the gift ideas have given me a few of my own that I could afford considering I work part time and have my bills to pay and have 2 children thank you!
  • i love ur show ,im 61 and have 10 grandchildren and1 great 1 im divorced an live on a fixed income i would love to be entered in ur christmas giveaway.

    I loved the show and i watch you every day.
  • Holiday Gifts

    I love your show! However, I came on here to get the free gifts that was given to everyone on your show today. I was watching when Steve said that he did not forget the people who were watching at home. I would love to have the new hair dryer the pants which fits every shape, the jewelry, the wine gift certificates and all that was given today.
  • wow you are really Harvey !

    Steve thank you so much for caring for others and most of all for the children! :-) Great bless.
  • TricyWill92

    Steve Harvey I really enjoyed your show today. I my DVR's set for series everyday and review them when I have time. The show was extra special today sharing some of your beautiful family members. There's nothing like family tides. I thank you for all the great ideals shared on your episodes this year 2012. I can't wait to see what 2013 episodes would be like. I prayer you continue to do well on the show because you are doing a great job and truly a blessing to your TV audience. I wish you much success in your continous careers.
  • family :

    Hi Steve! I love watching your show. in really enjoyed the you make me laugh and also on every every morning on your morning show the radio. I wish you would have a show about step song in step fathers relationship.
  • steve harvey`s and family holiday

    The show was very good lots of good info and practicle items for holidays. I also wanted to sign up for the at home audience gifts on the show but didn`t find away to d so . I watch his show all of the time, way back when he had the other show!!!!
  • steve and his family shares their holiday secrets

  • love your show!!!!

    Mr Steve Harvey I enjoy watching your show . having a good time in the one hour you are on . :)... you and your family can make my Christmas this year in your give away i'm from decatur watching you on fox 5 @ 1:00 pm make my Christmas Mr Harvey... Jackie...