Steven Seagal: Lawman

Season 1 Episode 9

Crack War

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2010 on A&E



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    • Steven Seagal: What do you guys feel like is the single most hardest thing in being able to stay clean?
      Jeff: I guess it's dealing with emotional aspects. I've been here approximately nine months now and the freedom that I feel since I've been here, I've lost a lot of fear and anxiety in my life.
      Steven Seagal: It's not a physical addiction as much as spiritual and emotional stability. I never really thought about how important those things are in terms of having the strength to be able to jump back up and own yourself again.

    • Steven Seagal: I think a lot of times people start drinking and getting on drugs because they're very unhappy with their life and they don't feel like they have a job or something to do or anything they can accomplish.
      Dwight: It's called escape. When I really admitted that I was an addict, my whole life changed.

    • Johnny: I've always said that you can't go get help for a problem until you admit or you're ready to admit, just acknowledge that you have a problem.
      Dwight: There's no one can do it. You've gotta do it yourself.

    • Steven Seagal: The power of the mind is infinite and all of these people that we're seeing have tremendous potential to become something so much greater than they are. The Bridge House is giving them a tremendous amount of opportunity. I think that they really have the potential to become that which they aspire to.

    • Steven Seagal: As many people as there are that are trying to break their addictions, there's just as many people out there content to be a user and to victimise others. That's why we're out here patrolling.

    • Steven Seagal: These guys might be drug dealers. Drug dealers usually carry guns so we're patting them down. They also might be users which means they may have needles in their pockets and somebody could get stuck which could be more deadly than a gun.

    • Steven Seagal: It's a little bit of a let down. Yeah, we got some drugs, but what we'd really like to do is get the drug dealers who are feeding the addicts. I think karmically those folks that are doing the bad things are gonna get caught one way or another.

    • Steven Seagal: She's flipping us off. An eighty year old lady just flipped us off!
      Johnny: I can't believe she just....excuse me ma'am, was that your new turn signal?

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