Steven Seagal: Lawman

Wednesday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Dec 02, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Greatest Police Show Ever!

    All the officers do a great job in this show, real life, a real life hero who stars in some of the greatest major motion action packed films ever made. A master of the martial arts besides the healing arts. So refreshing and seriously keeps the faith up in law enforcement officials after seeing all these stories of bad police getting caught doing some pretty aweful things but the truth is as I learned the very hard way, after what happened to me over twenty years ago in Tahoe, with what I saw with my own two eyes, and happened for over twenty years afterwards, some would only believe I would think nothing but bad about police but the opposite is true. A book is now being written about me and I'm told now after all these years I may be nominated for a citizen's award of some kind or whatever. I tried to help a kid who was kidnapped by her mother who was on the run for three murders I didn't know about when I let her live at my home until she could get a job, only to find she was pretty hard core bad, then when I tried to turn her in the dispatcher refused to send police so she moved into the home of a man I suspected was another hard core bad guy. I felt so bad for the kid and then my stereo was stolen so I went to their house only to find the guy was a hard core drug dealer and offered me drugs on a tray he tried to hand me so I swatted it out of his hands, he tried to fight to keep me from leaving, his girlfriend pulled a gun to shoot me and it jammed, I punched the drug dealer so hard he flew off his feet and had the most perfect black eye, but I ended up being arrested even though I reported the drugs the police found and arrested the serial killer woman and recovered the nationally reported missing daughter, it was discovered the drug dealer was usng his girlfrend's kids to sell hard core illegal drugs as their high school, but the guy turned out I believe to be a friend of the mayor so I was charged with over five felony phony charges as I was told the drug dealer had a right to press charges against me even though I brought them to justice and the kids were rescued and treated for being addicted to drugs also the drug dealers girlfriend who had a heart attack and nearly died the next day. Then I ended up befriending the District Attorney who gave me a chance to prove myself and found I was innocent of all the charges, I never ever used or sold drugs or arrested before, was a firefighter for CDF, US Air Force Medic Vet, CCC, PAL league boxer two seasons when young etc. Then I ended up helping the DA arrest the mayor, many others and then found myself working directly under President Reagan for eight months to stop a foreign diplomat who was trafficking huge amounts of drugs and using the money to buy weapons of war that were siezed after the diplomat was arrested with the help of his government, I was nearly killed at one time and risked my life, I never once accepted a reward and did what I did as a personal favor, then I found I was stalked for over twenty years by who turned out to be a bad DEA agent who was fired for falsifying information about me and risked other agenst lives wrongly, so he got a job as a deputy sheriff and began stalking me, getting me fired at every job for years, lied about me to everyone and I just didn't know who it was until the deputy was arrested recently on over forty four felony criminal charges and was caught on tape recordings making death threats to me to extort my property from me and is now in jail with over a million dollar bail, he turned out to be a very bad guy, president Reagan didn't trust when i worked directly under him with his personal aids, this really all happened! Real Life! What's worse is I turned down at least three offers by some of Hollywood's biggest names who offered to help me start a career acting I turned down because I knew I was being stalked and didn't want to cost the studios millions of dollars if the stalker got me fired like all the other regular jobs all those years I went from state to state and what's worse is the bad guy cop prevented a little girl from being rescued during her escape attempt and she stayed kidnapped as a sex slave for eighteen years the book will explain. I had major surgery that went bad and it's believed I was attacked after my major back surgery by the same bad cop that left me very disabled for over ten years now also. the same bad cop poisoned nine of my trees and one fell on my house nearly killing me, but when he was finally caught, I realized why and who it was. Anyway, he destroyed my reputation, health and nearly cost me my life but I'm finally starting to feel better now and plan to start a late acting career once the book is out I will attend casting calls and a film institute. I guess maybe this is also why I see Steven Seagal as one of my biggest hero celebs. : ) I would love to work wth him someday which would be my biggest moments in life if I can get well and back on my feet now. I know it all sounds so hard to believe but there are over fifty witnesses to my true story including the DA and others who I worked with then. So I wish all the best to the cast and officers big time and maybe will seek some Chinese medicine as not much else works for my pain and all but we'll see now that I'm finally at a point where I can at least exercise again and stay up more than two to three hours a day. With the grace of God! I was given less than two hours to live about four years ago from pulmonary embolisms to both lungs, but survived and even went back to college to learn media, computer science, writing, acting so if everything works out, I can't wait, selling my property and will do the best I can and the show and Steven Seagal are a huge insperation to me big time! Thanks for allowing a place to write this. : ) Please take care you guys! Sometimes I wish I could be out there with them catching the bad guys!!!