Steven Seagal: Lawman

Season 1 Episode 13

Ruthless Judgment

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on A&E



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    • Steven Seagal: That's two homicides in the last twenty minutes.
      Johnny: And it's still early.

    • Steven Seagal: Since Katrina, Jefferson Paris has its highest murder rate in twenty-seven years, and I think a lot of that's due to a lot of narcotics influx in JP. We're really trying to bring that number down by more pro-active police work.
      Johnny: You know, sometimes people may think we're a little too aggressive. But in neighbourhoods like this, we have to take this approach in order to keep these neighbourhoods safe.

    • Steven Seagal: Why'd you run?
      Suspect: Y'all scared the **** out of me.
      Larry: Why, we ugly?

    • Steven Seagal: The thing that I've always loved about being a police officer is that it's real. It's real people, real dilemma, real problems. Hollywood is pretend.

    • Steven Seagal: I'm very grateful that I have work in the movie business because we do in our own small way sometimes get the chance to bring people joy, laughter, and happiness.

    • Steven Seagal: I don't want to lose hope or lose faith in the cause. It's possible for anybody to change.

    • Alex: We've grown to be a tightknit group and now that the Chief has to leave, it's gonna be one member of the family leaving. In a way, it is funny to have him on patrol, but I don't see him as a movie star when he's on the team. I see him as a member of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

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