Steven Seagal: Lawman - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Ruthless Judgment
    Episode 13
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team rush to the scene of a man killed in a drive-by. Minutes later they race to another shooting: a man found dead in his car. Two homicides in less than an hour puts the unit on high alert and when they catch four young men out late, Steven has some stern words. But he gets down right harsh, the next night, when he finds two of them carrying drugs. Steven has to get back to Hollywood, it's time to make his next movie.moreless
  • Narc Force
    Episode 12
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team join with the narcotics unit for an undercover sting on a drug dealer. But not everyone is bad. Later, when three suspicious young men prove themselves to be law-abiding citizens, Steven invites them to a big Sheriff's office picnic where he and the SWAT team demonstrate an exciting hostage rescue.moreless
  • Street Justice
    Episode 11
    The team receives a tip of a drug use at a local motel. When they search the premises they find crack and cocaine. Later, the team has to make two other crack-related stops. Steven teaches martial arts to a group of young people the next day and hopes the discipline and self-confidence they find in the martial arts will help them stay away from the drugs.moreless
  • 1/13/10
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team are called to a scene of a fatal car crash. Steven prevents possibly another car crash when he finds a couple of guys with a bottle rum in their car and makes them walk home instead of driving. Later, the team and SWAT have to deal with a dangerous animal threat that is undermining the Parish's all important levee system.moreless
  • Crack War
    Episode 9
    The team finds a huge stash of drugs when responding to routine 911 disturbance call. In free time, a fellow officer is trying to raise money for a local drug rehabilitation center by competing in a best legs contest.
  • Medicine Man
    Episode 8
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team has to scour yards while chasing multiple suspects. Colonel John Fortunato suffers a knee injury during the chase therefore Steven takes him to a Chinese acupuncturist.
  • To Live or Die
    Episode 7
    The team is called to a scene where two Hispanic men were robbed and shot in front of their house. In their free time, Steven and his partner Johnny help rebuild a house for a family who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.
  • 12/16/09
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team catches the suspect who beaten a Hispanic man in his house. The team works to soothe the community just as Harry, their former boss, would have wanted. Steven stands by as the new sheriff, Newell Norman, is inducted.
  • Firearms of Fury
    Episode 5
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team arrest a suspect carrying 44 Magnum and investigate shooting where a man is shot in his back with a shotgun. The team also visits a training site where they are introduced with real life situations while stopping a car.
  • Too Young to Die
    Episode 4
    Steven and his team get a call to the scene of a car accident involving a two-year-old, but they discover that things aren't quite what they seem. Later, Steven shows some tough-love to a teenager hiding a deadly sawed-off shotgun. While off-duty, Steven visits the New Orleans Children's Hospital cancer ward.moreless
  • Killer Canines
    Episode 3
    Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team get a call for a burglary-in-progress and rush to the scene. They call in the K-9 Unit to search for a suspect who may still be in the home. Steven takes measures to defend his own home: guard dogs. If Steven can get his two aggressive, alpha males to work well together, he knows he'll have a canine protection team that can take on any intruder.moreless
  • The Deadly Hand
    Episode 2
    Aikido master Steven Seagal teaches his team of sheriff's deputies some self-defense and weapons retention techniques. Back out on patrol, they get called to a parking lot brawl. They detain the suspects, but one resists arrest and kicks out a patrol car window. Later, Steven encounters two belligerent men with a gun.moreless
  • The Way of the Gun
    Episode 1
    Sheriff's Deputy Steven Seagal and his team capture an armed carjacker after a high-speed chase and tackle a convicted felon packing a pistol. In between these impressive busts, Seagal, the world-class marksman, teaches a fellow team member amazing Zen shooting techniques.