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  • Better ideas are hidden these days.

    Interesting cartoon but weird vibe. Like an coming out of the closet vibe. ;)

    The stories are pretty interesting but I don't care for the cartoon drawing style and that questionable vibe. But I guess that's the latest trend of everything these days. Topsy turvy purvey. :(
  • Great Show, better if aired more

    Hands down the best show airing on CN right now. By a long shot.

    And don't get me wrong, We Bare Bears is great as well, but SU is better IMO.

    But with the crapstorm known as Teen Titans Go, this show NEVER gets any run time. Here is the schedule on a regular CN day:

    Teen Titans Go: 65%

    The Amazing World of Gumball: 15%

    New Shows: 10%

    Other 10%

    Gee, might as well name the channel TTG Network...

    I get it, TTG is popular with kids, but majority of kids over 8-9 years old don't find this show amusing.

    I'd guarantee that if CN played an equal amount of all shows, and not just shoving TTG down our throats, they'd get the same, if not more money.

    Anyways, I'm getting a little off topic.

    Steven Universe is a very interesting show. It goes from a huge fight scene to a sentimental scene just like that. And that's what makes Steven Universe so unique and charming. The blend of stories really brings this show together, and the characters personalities are what brings this show to life.

    But that's why its not too popular with kids. Kids would choose a stupid comedy over a show with actually good story any day.

    Definitely hope this show gets aired more so it can be noticed once in a while.
  • A really phenomenal show

    Some might say it's inappropriate, some might say they don't understand the plot, some might even say that it's stupid because the characters look weird, but they're wrong this show is full of love, accepting yourself the Way You Are, Action, joy, and helping others......

    Yet some scenes can get creepy and disturbing like the episode "frybo" or they can be so unexpected and very very emotional.... (Like how the character Lars dies and Steven brings him back with his healing tears and now he's immoral )

    It don't think that it's should learn about people loving whoever they want like it's year 2017 we should be great full and except the way people are.

    Ruby and Sapphire make a strong relationship that teaches kids this meaning.

    This show tells us to accept ourselves by not worrying about what we are supposed to be but who we are now and that we're cool the way we look.... Amethyst portrays the kind of character she not supposed to be small but she stronger than she thinks and starts to except who she is and that she is way better than anyone else that steps in her way.

    Some episodes are very well warming and emotional with a great message like how Pearl and Greg become closer and nicer to each other and accepting that rose the one who loves both of them is gone and may never come back but is still in thier hearts.

    Steven always try to help people but some of them don't need help and don't want to accept his help so he has really hard time dealing with that but then by the end of the day he learns that everyone doesn't accept a helping hand and needs to go through things by themselves. He also has complicated feelings about his mom and doesn't know if she's good person like everyone says or that she's a bad person that shatter a gem.

    This TV show is so full of mystery and suspense but it also has a lot of funny joking episodes sometimes.... This is a really great show for kids teens and adults to watch.
  • CN's best show

    CN needs to feature this show more
  • Cartoon Network's Very Best Show in the Last 10-15 Years!

    Steven Universe is a feel good, heart-wrenching and colourful escape from reality. Steven Universe is one of the most surprisingly emotional shows currently airing on television. Its characters, The Crystal Gems, are basically physical incarnations of love. Garnet is easily my favourite character, because she's the most motherly to Steven, and her character is full of mystery; unless you've seen 'The Answer' or 'Jail-Break'.

    If there's anything wrong with the show what would it be? I reckon it's too damn sad Steven will never see his biological mother Rose Quartz, considering she gave up her physical form to give birth to him. Yet at the same time, Steven IS his mother: he's got her gem and her powers, but they're never in the same place. It's a hard feeling to imagine, yet it adds so much to the story's drama and the world of these sentient Gems.

    Lost parents do make for some GREAT television storytelling though; and this show's no exception.

    All in all, Steven Universe is amazing TV; even taking away the fact it's a kid's show it's still powerful stuff. It's just really well done science-fantasy world-building and character-building. Watch it as soon as you can get around to it.
  • An Amazing Well Defined Show

    Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network television show about a young boy named "Steven"; living in a town called Beach City. In the show he teams up with his friends Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst to protect humanity from various threats. Throughout the show you see multiple sides of these characters showing deeper emotions. Garnet for example seems very unfeeling at first glance, but eventually reveals that she is a result of the love between Ruby and Sapphire; two very different a calm, patient and compassionate gem while Ruby being aggressive and oblivious to her current surroundings. Although they are polar opposites, this only makes the Dynamic Queer Duo more complete together. This shows how Cartoon Network isn't afraid to appeal to the LGBTQ community as this isn't the only queer love interest. While some countries may not agree with the way Cartoon Network created the love stories in the show, it has shown to be an outstanding success for CartoonNetwork. Not only does this show have a bigger target audience spanning to adults, but it takes on genders and sexuality to a whole new level being some of the first of its kind with this much success.
  • Another Great show of Cartoon Network.

    When i watch this show, i feel very impressed, the characters looks very good, the plot is amazing, and the humor is very clean. This probably one of the best CN Shows so far, aside of the plot and characters, also have Good and sweet Disney have Gravity Falls and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Cartoon Network have Adventure Time and This.
  • Save me from this animu heck

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

    Attacks on ships with fire in the bowels of deviantART.

    I've watched Steven Universe up until Steven and Amethyst attempted to convey a message of self-acceptance by fusing into every physical form of human in existence at once.

    All those references will be lost in time, like tears, lots and lots of tears, in rain.

    Time to die.
  • Great show; delivers everything I could ask from a cartoon!

    I love this show and hope to see it continue into season 5 and above! Different from standard cartoons such as Spongebob or Teen Titans Go, Steven Universe has a continuous and compelling story that an older teen audience can enjoy greatly while also containing fun action oriented scenes which a child audience enjoys. It progressively shows the growth of its character and their opinions through the obstacles they face all while sending a positive moral lesson for the audience to learn from.

    Paired with fantastic art, beautiful songs and a diverse cast, this is by far one of the best cartoons developed by cartoon network as of late!
  • Steven Universe is my Favorite show in my opinion

    The color's are beautiful, the art is amazing, the character's are cute and they are likable.

    Rebecca Sugar did a great job animating stuff

  • Bad show.

    Probably one of the worst shows on Cartoon Network if not in whole TV. Plot is terrible, characters are ugly and annoying.

    This show don't make any sense. At some moments I don't understand is it supposed to be funny or tragical, because happenings are to weird and stupid looking, (character designs doesn't help) to be taken serious.

    Also it's inappropriate for childrens and to stupid for grown ups.

    Don't waste your time on this show!
  • Steven Universe

    I feel like this is the best children show Cartoon Network has given us . The characters are likable, and I love that they all have weaknesses as well. Stevens charming, Pearl is elegant, Garnet is fascinating, Amethyst is funny. I've watched this show from the beginning of Season 1, and I can not lie, the show has changed quite a lot. A few episodes are disturbing, and the fandom gets a bit wild, but I still love the show so much.
  • Steven universe is better than teen titans go F yourselfs

    This show is AWESOME!
  • One of the most well-rounded kid's shows I've ever watched

    It has intrigue, well-told morals, the main leads are likeable and have good character arcs that make sense for their characters, some very good songs and occasionally a decent enough action scene. This show does it all, but does have the occasional off episode.
  • Too much sexual propaganda for a kid show

    A cartoon kid show which could have been good. But unfortunately as whats common for today's writers, this show is chalked full of sexual innuendoes and alternative lifestyle propaganda way too adult for any kid under 16. Kids already have a lot on their plate and dont need TV shows filling their minds with useless sexual garbage.

    We used to watch this show but no longer. Still in search of a good "kid show".....
  • A very wonderful show

    I really, really, REALLY like "Steven Universe"! It's funny, entertaining, magical and somewhat dramatic. To me, this show is like a FUSION of: Star Wars, Adventure Time, Aladdin, Buffyverse, Scooby-Doo, Jonny Quest, ThunderCats, Trollz, Danny Phantom, The Powerpuff Girls and Xiaolin Showdown. My 2nd opinion: this show should've been produced by Warner Bros. Animation. You want to not watch those stupid, lame, and unfunny sitcoms that Nickelodeon and Disney Channel is airing right now? Then flick to Cartoon Network and watch Steven Universe. This show is just as good as: Wander Over Yonder, The Flash, Supergirl, SpongeBob and The Simpsons. Rebecca Sugar can sometimes be a little extreme when it comes to creating ideas for the episodes, since some of which are obviously just references from anime shows, sci fi shows, and so on. To be honest, I'm a little uncomfortable with Peridot joining the crystal gems. Jasper makes a better awesome villain than Peridot. Nevertheless, I think this show is super awesome. My all-time favorite characters on the show are: Steven, Greg, Amethyst, Garnet and Lapis. Great animation, good plots and lovable characters. There are some episodes I love, and some I really don't like, but I still love the show nevertheless. I hope it never ends. This show is one of the most coolest animated shows in television history.

    I give this awesome show an A++++-++++ and, not a 10, but a huge 1,000,000,000,000 out of 10.
  • One Of The Greatest Animated Shows That I Have Ever Seen

    I literally declare Steven Universe as one of the greatest animated shows out there, so much so that I would honestly want to give Steven Universe as many accolades(awards) as possible, why? First of all, Steven Universe has a very original premise, about a 14 year old boy who lives with the Crystal Gems, who are in a way like holograms but with mass. They, including Steven himself, have gems that are practically their whole life, if their gems shatter, they will literally die(except for Steven, I don't know what would happen). The main characters are some of the most memorable creations that has ever come out of cartoons today: Steven Universe is a genuine kid because he acts like a very legit kid, and the shows is very clever in that by every season, his character comes much more mature. The Crystal Gems include: Garnet, who acts tough but does have her weakness, and acts like a good role model or mother to Steven. Pearl, who acts really sensitive over Steven for specific reasons, to the point that she literally is a bird mom to Steven. And Amethyst, who reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog as she is very fast and very hyper, literally a big sister to Steven. The show's side characters are pretty good too, a most notable one is Greg, Steven's dad, who is a very genuine and likable dad. The show is hilarious, nearly each and every episode is engaging, and did I mention that it is very dramatic? Most of the dramatic scenes and episodes of this show hit bullseye to me as the episodes that are very dramatic are memorable, and that's because of the great main characters we have. The animation of the show reminds me a lot of "Adventure Time", but with a little more of a realistic look to it. I do have one nitpick associated with the animation, why didn't the animation stay the same as in the pilot episode? The pilot of Steven Universe has a little more of a soft look to it and I would have preferred that, but if it was more expense, I can understand that. Something else I would like to add about this show is the music, holy smokes, this show has some of the nicest music ever to be put in an animated series. Overall, this is a very watchable show, not all the characters are top notch and not every joke is hilarious, but the main characters are incredibly likeable and most of the jokes in this show are in fact hilarious. Rebecca Sugar, you are an absolute genius.

    4/4 Stars

    Steven universe used to be an average show during 2013-early 2014. But after they introduced Lapis Lazuli, the show reached a turning point. Steven started as a 12 year old kid who couldn't even summon his weapon to a 14 year gem warrior that could take care of himself in a fight. This show has gotten way better with the characters, tone, and overall premise of the series. I wish Steven Universe will last 6 seasons and end because I never want this show to enter the Fairly Oddparents path.
  • Love it

    So epic
  • For those SU haters




    It's a shame for the haters... they probably don't know what a good show is :)
  • Amazing

    This show is absolutely perfect. Good morals, amazing plot development, great character buildup, one of the best shows I've seen yet! ten out of ten.
  • Perfect!

    Steven Universe is a perfect show for kids, and basically anyone else. It's full of zany characters and plot twists. While shows like Uncle Grandpa rot your brain, Steven Universe fills it, while also teaching kids that everyone is different, and that's okay.
  • Dumb show

    It's been a long time since I last made a review but I decided to make more reviews on this site. Anyway this show is so stupid. The characters are ugly and there's no fart jokes. It's sad that people prefer this over Problem Solvers or Sanjay and Criag.
  • I can't believe how good a show about gay space rocks is

    Even it's worst episodes are leagues better than most other cartoons. Honestly the worst offence this show has ever done is get a little boring, but it'll pummel into your heart with so many feels, amazing storytelling, characters, world-building (I've never been into that until I watched this show so it opened up quite a few doors for me) and touches upon some important and relevant issues with as much grace and tact as I can imagine ANY show would.

    I think it's worth at least a watch, though I do have to warn you the first few episodes won't be utterly amazing and make you fall in love with the characters easily. In fact they seemed a little boring and pointless to me at first, but this show is more for you to grow along with these characters and see who they are as people, how they came to be and how they'll come to be their own person. I don't hand 9/10s like candy, so just please just watch it.
  • This show ruined my life

    T h i s s h o w r u i n e d m y l i f e. It's so.... good! It really shows a lot of types of people not often payed attention to by media in a nice light for once. Not only that, but the complexity of the plot, the depth of the characters, and the continuity factors of it really come together to make an outstanding show. If anyone would like to make a better show, I'd like to see you try. No really, I'd like it a lot. This show is beyond expectation, and if anything is better than this I'd have to sell my soul to it.
  • Really Improved! I Love this Show! (UPDATED REVIEW)

    This show is not going anywhere at all. It was very enjoyable. There also was no issues in the episodes plots. I would enjoy seeing Steven's improvement over time with his powers too. So far the show is pretty good. I believe the shows humor will grow over time. I hope it gets a spotlight though, this show really deserves it. UPDATE: Its so cool to see this show go this far, Steven himself is learning and growing just like I expected, the reason why this show is so great is because its unique in its humor. Its not enforcing one liners or building itself off of nostalgia, its actually giving people a new fresh spin in the animation space, its just something done very well and I don't see that in other cartoons these days. They either try to force a creative animation or use "remember this" nostalgia to feel there plots, this gives you new creativity, new type of conflict and new humor to enjoy.
  • It's really great,

    I won't say much, But how you like the show is completely fueled by how much you like the characters. The show is not much of a comedy, More of a Actionhero cartoon. Just watch at least 10 episodes before you choose to watch it or not. Its all about the characters. A lot goes on in their lives, And it gets emotional sometimes. The animation is great and it has a Theme song that will probably stay in your head for a while at least. It has great voice acting, And plot twists that are VERY unexpected. Try not to see any spoilers of it. It's simply amazing, And thats a rare thing to say about a Kids Cartoon! No matter what age you are you are sure to enjoy it, But its true that the jokes are quite juvinile. Its really based on opinion of the sisuation going on. This show has grown quite a huge fanbase. If you don't like it, Go aheas and Check out Disney's Gravity Falls.
  • The best show on tv

    thats all i have to say
  • An average show (for CN)

    Still beter than Stinky Moucrap Fart Awful,Facking Time,Uncle 'incest' Grandpa,Problem Causerz,Godawful world of Shitball,Dreadlosers,Assy McPee,Drinky Kunda Show,Lucy - The Daughter of Zly Vlk,Nigerjail...
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