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YTV (ended 2004)


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  • None of this good.

    While I don't really watch the show, I only see my twin brother watch it and it's really bad. They have nothing but obnoxious catchphrases and surreal jokes that make no sense.
  • show about two kids

    Bradley and Stacy are two kids who go to school and have adventures like the time Bradley clones himself. Thwere are also some other characters. The aimation style is interesting and simplistic. The characters are presented in a stick figurish sort of way and the drawing is kept simple yet retains much character and is allright. This is a very funny and entertaining show. I remember they used to show shorts of this and also there were half hour eps, but the shorts might have just been segments from the half hour eps idk. I only saw a few seasons and wasn't aware it had continued to 2004. one of stacy's catchphrases was 'real mature bradley' and bradley would often make references to Uranus in a joke form. it was quite fun to watch
  • The most messed up show i ever saw.

    I use to watch the show all the time when i was young cause i was stupid and most likey there wasn't anything else on at the time. First off, the show is all about Stacy's and Bradley's Imagination that turns into something out to lunch. It does have some funny moments, now and again but its not really all that great of a show. The animation is terrible looking and the color is all messed up. For some odd reason i like the music though. There isn't really anything much more i can say about this some what fair show, so i'm done. Later...
  • Sticking around is one of my favorite pass time cartoons. It\'s scribble drawing is fun to watch, the jokes are corney and funny, the story line is kind of screwed up but we all still love it. Basically the coolest show on ytv.

    I don\'t know how many sessions there are but, if you ask me they should bring it back. The drwaing fashion is basically childish scribbles put on top of some charactors body and backround. It\'s corny jokes sometime include Bradley turning himself into a big buff man in a balerina\'s tu-tu. Bradley with an ego the size of a planet and Stacey with her cunning ability to screw up Bradley\'s every move. It\'s a great show and why would they stop airing it is a question asked by all. Just \"for your big fat information\" this show is just on the dvd sessions you can buy anywhere, just not TV. So we all wish for reruns of this great show.
  • Stkckin` Around follows best friends Stacy Stickler and Bradley as they navigate their way through their elementary school lives. Every day is a new adventure, enhanced by Stacy and Bradley's wild imagination and the wacky animation in their heads.

    I thought this show was extremely creative. Stickin' Around uses the advanced computer graphics of "Boiler Paint," which makes it look like kids were actually creating their own television series. I personally loved the series because the drawings were wacky, and the situations that Stacy and Bradley managed to get themselves into were all the wackier. This is the kind of cartoon that in 10 years you could watch again and still be attached to. I know it's been 8 years since it has been on tv for me but YTV just got it back on at 8:00 AM and I'm up 7:55 AM sharp every morning to watch it. To look at this cartoon and say it is just for children would be to look at The Simpsons 16 years ago and say it was just for adults. Great series, I suggest looking for Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the show on video tape. I'm not sure how many episodes of that it is but if you don't live in a place that airs episodes of the show on their schedule anymore, that is one way to find it. In conclusion, great show, pick it up or check it out.
  • Imagination and adventure combined into one show.

    Meet Stacy and Bradley. Two young kids-the best of friends-with a large imagination accompanied by a tendancy to over-exaggerate matters or incorporate a bit of fun in situations. A series like this can become likeable easily but once you've ssen all the episodes, or ven a few, you may get annoyed.
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