Stickin' Around

YTV (ended 2004)


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  • Sticking around is one of my favorite pass time cartoons. It\'s scribble drawing is fun to watch, the jokes are corney and funny, the story line is kind of screwed up but we all still love it. Basically the coolest show on ytv.

    I don\'t know how many sessions there are but, if you ask me they should bring it back. The drwaing fashion is basically childish scribbles put on top of some charactors body and backround. It\'s corny jokes sometime include Bradley turning himself into a big buff man in a balerina\'s tu-tu. Bradley with an ego the size of a planet and Stacey with her cunning ability to screw up Bradley\'s every move. It\'s a great show and why would they stop airing it is a question asked by all. Just \"for your big fat information\" this show is just on the dvd sessions you can buy anywhere, just not TV. So we all wish for reruns of this great show.