Stickin' Around

YTV (ended 2004)


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  • Stkckin` Around follows best friends Stacy Stickler and Bradley as they navigate their way through their elementary school lives. Every day is a new adventure, enhanced by Stacy and Bradley's wild imagination and the wacky animation in their heads.

    I thought this show was extremely creative. Stickin' Around uses the advanced computer graphics of "Boiler Paint," which makes it look like kids were actually creating their own television series. I personally loved the series because the drawings were wacky, and the situations that Stacy and Bradley managed to get themselves into were all the wackier. This is the kind of cartoon that in 10 years you could watch again and still be attached to. I know it's been 8 years since it has been on tv for me but YTV just got it back on at 8:00 AM and I'm up 7:55 AM sharp every morning to watch it. To look at this cartoon and say it is just for children would be to look at The Simpsons 16 years ago and say it was just for adults. Great series, I suggest looking for Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the show on video tape. I'm not sure how many episodes of that it is but if you don't live in a place that airs episodes of the show on their schedule anymore, that is one way to find it. In conclusion, great show, pick it up or check it out.