Stickin' Around - Season 1

YTV (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • What's The Flap Jack? / Pool Party
    What's the Flap, Jack? Stacy and Bradley spend their entire day trying to break world records. Pool Party Bradley's attitude results in the uninvitation to Melody's Pool Party.
  • It's My Parties / Do The Hookey Pookey
    It's my Parties Stacy finds herself in the middle of a war when Stella and Stanley are each throwing simultaneous surprise birthday party for her. Do the Hookey Pookey Stacy and Bradley decide to play Hooky, avoiding school.
  • Bar None / All Washed Up
    Bar None Selling chocolate bars for a school trip leads to an adventure in the ruthless world of big business. All Washed Up After having to constantly clean up after the kids at the Latchkey Complex, Stanley volunteers the gang in the Saturday Morning Garbage Patrol.
  • Gross Anatomy / Stacy And Bradley Sittin' In A...
    Gross Anatomy Stacy and Bradley go on a fantastic voyage through Dill's Anatomy. Stacy and Bradley Sittin' In A... When their classmates started teasing Stacy and Bradley, accusing them of being boyfriend and girlfriend, they are driven apart from each other.
  • Hold It / Journey To The Centre Of Stacy's Closet
    Hold It On a leaf-collecting expedition with Stacy at the park, Bradley guzzles an entire six-pack of Mister Fizzy. Journey to the Centre of Stacy's Closet Stacy and Bradley go on an expected spelunking journey when Stella orders Stacy to clean up her closet.
  • Lights Out / Do The Russell
    Lights Out Stacy and Bradley, when discovered that Lance is afraid of the dark, launches a plan to scare Lance out of his pants. Do the Russell Miss Mobley decides to teach the children country line dancing in the gym when it is heavily raining outside during recess, and the kids have to stay inside.moreless
  • Untitled / Untitled
    Untitled / Untitled
    Episode 13
  • Photo Oops / Casa Blank Stare
    Photo Oops Stacy dislikes having her picture taken. Casa Blank Satre
  • Coat Of Many / Environmentally
    Coat of Many Stacy's jacket has a terrible past. Environmentally Stacy and Bradley discover a new planet.
  • Buttnocchio / Dill, Man Of...
    Buttnocchio Stacy's butt grows when she lies. Dill, Man of... Stacy and Bradley go to the library.
  • Disciplinary / This Is A Hiccup
    Disciplinary Bradley's joke gets Stacy in trouble. This is a Hiccup Hiccups.
  • Lassie Go Home / Hit The Showers
    Lassie Go Home Pet day at school. Hit the Showers Locker-room showers.
  • Jumbo Frank / Owed To A Tree
    Jumbo Frank Frank is put a diet. Owed to a Tree Stacy and Bradley plot to save a tree.
  • The Mucus Touch / If It Ain't Fix, Break It
    The Mucus Touch: Bradley misses an extremely fun day due to a cold. So stacy reads fairy tales to him to keep him happy & such. Then, lance & Russel arrive & anyone knows they always love to pound "Scradley". Bradley then tells them the story of "The Mucus Touch" (Parody of the Midas touch just to let ya know). They get freaked out & run away like crazy, while Stacy & him become mucus. If It Ain't Fix, Break It: (TBA)moreless
  • Didn'tCha Mr. D. / The Amazing Rub
    Didn'tCha Mr. D. Mr. Doodler reminisces. The Amazing Rub
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Scary / Bye Bye Baby Birdie
    The Good, the Bad, and the Scary While appointed Hall Monitor, Bradley becomes a bit carried away with his new job. Bye Bye Baby Birdie Stacy and Bradley have a close encounter with mother nature in Latchkey Apartments' Courtyard.
  • Beware The Lunchwad / Madam Know-It-All
    Beware the Lunch Wad: At school, Mr. Lederhosen is teaching "How the Body Works," an excellent lead-in to a close-up look at what the kids are having for lunch. Russell's lunch takes on a life of its own and wreaks havoc in the Middlestick Elementary School cafeteria. Mrs. Lewis the cafeteria lady tries to sell the kids lamb chops. Bradley taunts Stacy with "Okay, but if I said you had to choose between eating... a dead skunk... or a HUMAN EYEBALL" The Burpinator tries his best to belch Russell's lunch out of existence, but runs out of gas. In a last-ditch attempt to get away from Russell's lunch, Stacy and Bradley hide in a broom closet -- only to find Mr. Coffin in there, pointing out that kids in broom closets is against the rules. Who'd a known he'd be in there... waiting. Eventually, it's William who puts an end to the life of Russell's lunch with a hard-boiled egg fart. When Stacy gets to her Dad's house for dinner that night, his cooking doesn't look so bad compared to what she'd seen this day!

    Madam Know-It-All: Bored with television watching, Bradley and Stacy click to the psychic network. Stacy claims that she too, as Madam Go-Go, can tell the future. She knows the weather, and Bradley's future... Meanwhile, Stanley has purchased a very used riding lawn mower, and drives around the grounds issuing puffs of smoke and showers of sparks. Back at Madam Go-Go's fortune-telling booth, we get to see Bradley direct Lance and Russell in a star-making film! By the end of the story, everyone is out of control. The only way to stop the madness is with the TV remote control. Click.moreless

  • Disappearing Act / And The Weiner Is...
    Disappearing Act: When Bradley and Stacy realize that Stella's disappearing cream will make more than just wrinkles disappear ("Why?"), they make Bradley invisible first, and Stacy ("Stacerini" the magician) performs feats of magic using her invisible friend. ("Why?") Bradley's patience pushed to the limit, he makes Stacy invisible. ("Why?") The two try unsuccessfully to buy a couple of calming ice cream cones, and realize that being invisible can be a drag. ("Why?") When the neighborhood comes out looking for them -- helicopter and all! -- Bradley and Stacy see how much they are loved and missed. ("...because we love you, that's why.")

    And the Weiner Is...: The ritual of lottery ticket number selection is observed as each kid uses his or her own way of picking a number. Polly lets Pepperoni select a number. Zero. Dill calculates baseball stats. Melody counts the number of cracks she's rolled over in her wheelchair on the way here. Bradley uses facts about Uranus, of course. Stacey does a sort of play on spin-the-bottle. Each kid fantasizes about how their life might change if they won the big one. Stacy imagines the life of an amazing entertainer, while Bradley is the best athlete in the universe. Polly tours the world, and Dill is DJ at his own radio station, playin' all the tunes real loud! They hide the ticket, but not well enough to fool Lance and Russell, who are clever enough to get their hands on the ticket, but not to keep it. In the end, it's Frank who holds the ticket. The gang matched one number, zero, which means they've won a ticket for the next draw. That's enough to keep them going for another week.moreless

  • And Action! / Night of the Living Dumpster
    Aand Action!: Bradley and Stacey vie for control of Bradley's Dad's video camera. The gang is making a movie! As they race through town shooting the movie, and getting lost, they catch a robbery on tape. The kids enter their cinematic masterpiece in the local home-video show and lose. The movie didn't make first prize with the studio audience, but it was a hit with the police, who identified the robber using the gang's movie, and the kids are rewarded with an envelope full of cash for their efforts in the end.

    Night of the Living Dumpster: Taking out the garbage turns into a volcanic experience which almost sends Bradley and Stacy over the edge with fear. At Stella's request, they take the garbage out to the dumpster, which comes alive! The dumpster chases them under Stacy's bed, where Bradley gives up his locker combination with his dying breath. Only it's not his dying breath. It's not the dumpster outside the bedroom door, but Stella, asking Stacy to remember to bring the garbage bin back inside next time.moreless