Still Game

Friday 9:30 PM on BBC Premiered Aug 30, 2002 In Season




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    • Still Game - Live At The Cottiers Theatre
      The play version of the smash-hit comedy series, which enjoyed a successful tour all over the world. Pensioner pals Winston and Jack visit their friend Victor McDade in his flat. The lift breaks and they are stuck together. Like Didi and Gogo, they wait for their godot, discussing Windsor Davies, how many countries they've had ('SOUTH AFRICA! Get it right up yis!') and how bets to spend their time before it runs out. Sounds wild, doesn't it. Yet wild is exactly what it is - wildly funny. For the committed Still Game fan, the play is a bleuprint for the later TV comedy's development from series 1-3. All the seeds are there. If Chekhov had been born in Craiglang, he'd have been chuffed to bits with this play. So will you.moreless
    • Cold Turkey
      Cold Turkey
      Episode 1

      Jack and Victor are taking Isa for granted by assuming that she will be cooking Christmas dinner for them. Navid is up to his old tricks by offering free samples of beer in his shop in order to get more custom, whilst Winston is having a bird problem.

    • The Party
      The Party
      Episode 2

      Jack and Victor find themselves holed up in a lift at the dodgy Ospery Heights on New Years Eve. They reminisce about New Years past and one in particular, the daddy of them all from the dim and distant past, when Craiglang knew how to throw a party.

    • Plum Number
      Plum Number
      Episode 3
      It's Christmas in Craiglang so Jack and Victor join the choir. Meanwhile Tam, Eric and Shug try to win the jackpot on Boabby's new puggy.
    • Hootenanny
      Episode 4
      Jack, Victor and Winston go on a holiday to celebrate the Hogmaney, meanwhile Navid falls for Isa.
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