Still Game

Friday 9:30 PM on BBC Premiered Aug 30, 2002 In Season





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  • This is one of the best comedies of all time !

    Still Game is one of my favourite comedies and I really think they should make a 7th series of it, at least. In fact, I think there might be a 7th series of Still Game coming out this year despite some of the main cast falling out with each other, but I think they're friends again so it is possible that there will be a 7th series of Still Game, also on this site it does say the status for the series is 'returning series' so maybe series 7 is being made the now but we're not being told yet...! To keep it a surprise...!
  • Still game follows the life of elderly people in a fictional Glasgow housing estate, Craiglang. It focusses mainly on two main characters, and best friends, Jack & Victor.

    From the makers os Chewin' the fat, Still game has got to be the funniest comedy on television today. Jack and Victor are just so comical nevermind Winston, Navid, Tam (just to mention a few). The good thing for me is that I see everyday glasgow and that alot of the things in still game acyually does happen funnily enough. Every time a new series is starting it is the main talk around glasgow. And when it finishes the first thing you'll want to know is " When does the next one start ? ". If you haven't seen it then I strongly recommend sitting down one night when its on and give it a watch.
  • The tales from the folk of Craiglang, revolving around two pensioners called Jack and Victor...

    Still Game sees the characters Jack Jarvis (Ford Kiernan) and Victor McDade (Greg Hemphill) – originally seen as short sketches on Chewing The Fat – remembering the good old days in Craiglang, and now how it seems to have gone downhill a lot.

    The scripts – written by Kiernan and Hemphill – are top quality, and the great cast of characters – especially the shopkeeper Navid, the barman Boabby and Jack and Victor's friend Winston - who lost his leg in one episode. Special guest stars who have made an appearance included Robbie Coltrane, Sylvester McCoy and Clive Russell.

    5 side-splitting seasons so far, and hopefully a few more to go yet...
  • Every time this comes on i\'m so excited about watching it. A funny , humorous show with colourful, and well written characters.

    This has to be one of the funniest programs, i\'ve watched in years. It\'s rare to get alot of Scottish sitcoms nowadays. Rab C.Nesbitt was great to watch. But now it has ended this has to be another Scotish comedy classic. OK, some episodes look at the real issues in life, the drama but it always comes to a hillarious conclusion with Still Game. Jack and Victor being the best sketch to watch in Chewing the Fat. They deserved their on series, which has given us 4 seasons and a Christmas special. And there is also a 5 series coming later this year. Still Game, Still Great!
  • It's a great comedy!

    This show is great!
    It's a spinoff to "Chewin' the fat", but it still manages to be really funny, every season is really great, it has really good characters and the acting and writing is done very well.

    The humor is mostly for people who live around Scotland because some of the jokes can only bee understood if you live/lived in scotland.
    Overall, me and my family think its really funny and i can't wait for the fifth series
  • Life-like

    Still game starring Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan (Chewin' the fat) play two old pensioners in the show Jack (Kiernan) and Victor (Greg) based in the centre of Maryhill, Glasgow. The show is almost life-like. Each episode brings along a well-written laugh and situation for them. The show contains some very funny lines and for the first time this year season 4 was broadcast nationwide over the UK instead of only Scotland. I hope that they show seasons one to three in England/Wales/Ulster because season 4 was a bit below par.

    They are both regulars at the local pub The Clansman run by barman Bobby, who brings a lot of good lines into the show a lot of patter when Jack and Victor always enter the pub. The show also gives a good representation of what it is like to be a pensioner these days. Ned's, gossip's, friends, beer, jokes you name it the show has it all.

    One to watch!
  • If Your scottish, you will love this show.

    Jack and victor are soo funny it hurts. Tam, the scrounger is also funny. the new series, season 4, is hilarious. The Dial-a-bus episode featuring Robbie Coltrane is the best so far. Also the episode "Kill Wullie" was mildly funny. Isa and winston return but appear less frequently than usual, which is a good thing. Boabie the barman just got funnier