Still Game - Season 1

Friday 9:30 PM on BBC Premiered Aug 30, 2002 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Flittin'
    Episode 1
    Jack is getting tired of living in his current house and is desperate to move in with Victor. When Victor's neighbor suddenly dies, Jack decides to move in next door, only to receive an unfortunate surprise.
  • Faimly
    Episode 2
    Victor's son John calls from Jo'burg and is planning a visit. Is he, as Jack says, setting himself up for a fall? When John leaves an unclear message on the phone, they enlist the help of their mate with superhuman hearing, Shug, to help out. Meanwhile Winston's embroiled in a war over gigot chops; and is Glasgow city station the paradise Jack remembers?moreless
  • Cauld
    Episode 3
    Winter arrives in Craiglang with a vengeance. Jack and Victor find an old friend of theirs drops dead of the cold - is it time to take part in Winston's nerfarious scheme to steal 'leccy?
  • Courtin'
    Episode 4
    Jack realises how long it's been since his wife died and starts to find new love with a lovely woman in the city centre. But to win the fair lady's heart, a double date is in order. What will Victor do when he sees Barbara's sister, and what will he do when it turns out that all isn't as it seems with Barbara?moreless
  • Waddin'
    Episode 5
    Navid is giving out invitations to what promises to be the wedding of the year in Craiglang. They're as rare and desired as Willy Wonka's golden tickets - so why don't Jack and Victor have one? And what are they to do when an old friend - and notorious tapper - 'dies', and the chance to slip back a few items presents itself?moreless
  • Scones
    Episode 6
    Tam, the tapping king of Craiglang, has fallen on his feet with his latest win: a lifetime's free supply of film tickets and confectionary. Not to be outdone, our boys set out to win a slogan competition. Meanwhile, an old face from Isa's past returns...