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  • Bill Miller, his wife, son and two daughters make up an entire family in Still Standing. Their lifestyle is full of vile parental styles which turn their children, strange enough, into great people with their own characters.

    You can read me baby like an open book, catch me dead in my tracks with only just one look, now when the lights go down, and when it comes to you and me babe, oooo you turn me inside out, I'm still in love with you today cause you make me happy, you make me happy.

    The opening theme of the show, describes exactly what this show is about. This show is about two people who you would ironically expect to end up together. In love. They live together in their strange enough happy home, with their extra smart son, a typical teen, and Bill's favourite daughter, Tina. They correlate in this home and every episode seems to be so funny. The first time I watched an episode, well what can I say, I still watch it up to this day. I keep myself glued to the television with this one, even when the advertisement comes on, because I wouldn't want to miss any piece of it when it comes back on. To me, there is no other like 'Still Standing'.
  • This show should have gotten recognition.

    Still Standing is such a great show. It is just so funny! Although I must admit, I have never even heard of it until I once flipped the channel to Lifetime and saw it. Then, the more episodes I watched, the more I got into the show. Every episode is funny and good. I seriously think there is not one bad episode in the entire series. My favorite characters are probably Judy, Bill, and Lauren. My least favorite characters are Tina and Bill's mom. They both annoying. Still Standing is an underated and underappreciated show and it deserves a lot more recognition.
  • Wow, I don't know I how missed this show!

    I dont know how it took me so long to find this show but if you love family situation comedies then this is one for you! Another classic to add to the list along with Roseanne, Home Improvment and Reba. Try just one episode and I promises you will love it just as much as everything else. I really wish I had watched when it was on in first run episodes and then maybe it would still be putting out new episodes. The relationship between husband and wife, father and son, it really touches on what the average American family is like. Trust me, you wont be disappointed with this show one bit!
  • I think it's a cute show about two parents who try to keep their youthfullness, but it tends to backfire with it comes to raising their kids. Brian is my guy. He's a cute kid. He looks awesome wearing Converse All Star sneakers; keep wearing those shoes.

    The show is cool. It's like the Simpsons a little, but with more respect, and a little sass. Taylor Ball does a great job at being the kid who's trying to find himself and doing his best in school, trying to do the right thing, and he is awesome. I HOPE this show stays on for a long while. The other cast members are cool. The mother/father are cool. The mother is like Lois Griffin, the father like Peter Griffin. I think Brian could be tied up and gagged in an episode or two by his sisters; that'd be funny.
  • Underrated Show

    I loved this show when it was on. I lost interest in the 3rd season because I was currently hooked in video games. Lifetime has bought the syndication rights so I'm able to watch it a few times a day. I wish they would release the DVD's, but it doesn't look like a show that would do that. This show was really funny and it was something the whole family could enjoy. Too bad they cancelled it, but 88 episodes is good enough. This show wasn't really popular, but it surprisingly has a 8.7 on this site which is really good.
  • Its show about two untalented but still loving parents for their three childern with two teenagers and one young kid. The wifes sister makes appearnces and tries to fight depression by having boy friend after boy friend.

    This show had its very memorable moments, you felt connected with every characther in the show. You had Bill, the husband and provider of the family but hes lazy as hell and will do anything to get out of work. You have the hot wife Judy who cleans up for Bill's messes. You have Brian the nerdy teenager who tries so hard for realationships to happen and sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Then you got Lauren who doesn't respect her parents what so ever. Tina the little kid of the show disrespects her parents even more than Lauren. Then you got Linda who keeps a good spirit even though she has a bad life. All the characthers just clicked.
  • Go to and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!!

    Excellent Show!!

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.
  • two parents are trying to raise their children in a good way far away the way they were raised..

    i don't know why this show is not popular as the other shows...i really really like it and i think it has everything to make u happy..the family has all type of the personality , the father is a jerk :) but in a funny way..the mother is hard to catch and she's the one who is controlling the house..the eldest son is the cleverest in the house..the younger daughter is not that clever and she doesn't know what to do..and the youngest daughter is the one who spies and knows everything in the house...who that u will like it
  • i love this show i watch it everyday i wish they would have keep it longer

    This show is a laughing riot my dad and i everyday watch this show even if we have already seen it because it never gets old why was it canceled again? Bill and Judy always make me laugh Bill more i think hes my favorite character the two it gets better every episode and i don't think i can even think of a episode were i was let down i wish there were more episodes any way i would highly recommend this show to anyone who needs a good laugh and i give this show a 10 which it earned so...
  • This is show is hilarious, i can't believe i never watched it when it was CBS

    I started watching this show when it premiered on mynetwork tv about a year ago, i have to say, i was extremely suprised by how funny it was, i couldn't believe i had never heard of it until it was canceled but thats mostly because i hate CBS. I now watch this show every day i get the chance, sometimes six episodes a day between lifetime and mynetwork. i don't find cbs comedies very funny, especially the ones on now but everytime i watch this show i die laughing, i like all the characters except lauren, but everyone else is hilarious, i know brian went off to college and everything but this show shouldn't have been canceled
  • Parent's Bill & Judy, high school sweethearts from the 80's stumbling thru parenthood with 3 kids and all just staying 1 step ahead of family services. Bill is a toilet salesman in the mall. Judy is a dental assistant, and a spinster aunt.

    1st there was married with children, then came Roseanne. And finally they got it right with Still standing. Real blue collar people. They try to act like they don't like the kids, but they're not kidding anyone. You really can't help but like this show. The cast seem to really like being with each other. And it comes thru in the show. It's been cancelled, but it's showing in many places in reruns. This is a show you'll love from the start no matter which episode you come in on. The writing creates a new show with every episode with the same cast. There are no [continued] episodes, each one is an original.
  • Very good

    This is one of the best sitcoms to date, because it has a great plot, it has great comedy values, and is just very interesting. This show has really cool characters, and the family seems to be well with each other, not once was I bored seeing this. I mean this show is not like any of those shows like Everybody Loves Raymond that lasts for many many years, however it is really good. I can not say anything negative about the show, because there is nothing I see wrong with it. I like the show and couldn't resist the perfect score of this family friendly show.

    I loved this show so much. Why did they cancel it? Still Standing was the best show ever and it was really funny. Bill, Judy, and the kids were so funny to watch. I really loved the episode where they took Lauren to the Blink 182 concert for her birthday. That episode was really great! I also really liked the last episode ever. It was a really good episode also. I still watch the re-runs of this show, but I really wish it would not have ended. Still Standing is the best show ever and I miss it so much.
  • It was funny why hasn't it been syndicated

    Decent show almost always funny. Mark Addy plays lazy american to the T. I hope to see it somewhere in syndication soon. CBS cancelled some decent shows like this one and yes dear and aside from Th New Adventure of Old Christine have not replaced the funny. I know people like how I met your mother but Im not one of those people. I guess I will keep watching two and a half men and christine until the network wises up.. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • I can totally identify with the characters and humor in the show. The writing is terrific.

    How did I miss seeing this when it was when it was in regular sydication? It breaks me up. I watch the reruns, and I know what they're going to say and do, and I still bust up laughing. Thank god to made it to cable so I can catch the reruns from 3 to 6 every day. i don't know aht else to say but I need to find the fan club and become a member. Judy Miller is hot and where were women like that when I was single and younger. I'll find one like her some day.

    i always watched this show on lifetime channel. i came across this show on that channel and that was when i began to watch it all the time!!!they used to have an hour showing on the old upn channel but now they have only one episode which made me sad!!! they need to bring this show back. it is a great funny show. and in my opinion it was better than a lot of shows that are on tv now...They need to bring this show back asap!!!
  • great show really want it back

    well this show is really great the show might not all be that original but they really make me laugh. also the ast is great with great talent . until now i till dont know why they cancelled it coz it was one of the last really funny sitcoms on tv . especially the ending was that great compared to the rest of the show . so really as well i know it probably won t happen i really hope they bring this show back. and for the rest try to catch reruns if you can as it will probably be worth it .
  • BRING BACK this amazingggggg show amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious

    BRING BACK this amazingggggg show
    amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious
  • This show is underappreciated

    This was (and is still eventhough it's no longer showing) such a wonderful show with off the wall comedy.It is a real pity that concelled it ... I mean honestly they're taking off all the good shows.

    It's a refreshing comedy where the parents are just as sneaking as the children. Every scene has some good laughs, with al the drama going on on TV this was a show that you could kickback your feet grab a can of soda and just relax and have some good laughs.

    Honestly, I don't think the idea for this was overdone. It was an amazing comedy but unfortunately others did not see it that way.
  • Why is this show not available on DVD? What a delightfully funny, smart show. Powers That Be: please take note! Please put this show out on DVD!!

    I recently downgraded my cable subscription and am having to reacquaint myself with network TV, which I have avoided for years. Somehow I stumbled on Still Standing and I am addicted!! This show is witty, smart, charming and very funny. I find the situations so similar to my own childhood. The parents don't worship their kids, they love them, but they don't treat the kids like they are royalty. The teens have to save for their own college tuition, etc. You can see the love, but there's none of the "Children Rule the World/Household" that you see so much of these days on TV and in real life. That said, the kids are well behaved, cute, and thoroughly enjoyable. I'm utterly captivated by the acting and humor of this show. The writers deserve kudos for their terrific work on this underappreciated, delightful little gem! Check it out, you won't be sorry. It's on CBS at 6:00 PDT. Powers That Be: please take note! Why is this show not available on DVD?! Please release this show on DVD!!
  • "Still Standing" is one of the best shows that the whole family can watch!

    I am a fan of Jami Gertz and I have known her in the past, and seeing her in this TV show was amazingly funny. She is funny, adorable, and entertaining. I just recently saw this show on Lifetime, and got hooked on it. I wish it could come on My 20 like my other fave, "King of Queens" so I can see them both. It is sad that both of my favorite shows have to go, but I love watching re-runs and catching up with the episodes I've never got the chance to see. "Still Standing" is like "King of Queens" without kids. Love it!
  • Completley awesome.

    I don't know why they cancelled it, but they did sadly. Oh well. Another show that was just underrated. I personally thought it was the best show ever!! It was funny, entertaining, and the actors and acresseses did a great job. I would never want this show to be cancelled! But like I said, oh well. Every once in a while a boring episode would roll around, but hardly ever. Most episodes had a good plot, and more importnantly an intersting plot. And all the charcters had their own uniquie style, not normal for some tv shows now these days.
  • Yet another underappreciated comedy...

    Clearly by all the previous reviews there is no reason that Still Standing should have gotten cancelled (I assume it did and did not just end? but I could be wrong). Non stop laughs and always great story lines. It's not that often that it happens, but this show is one of few that I would actually like to see make a comeback.
  • This is the most comedic show on television. All the characters are compatable and act very well with eachother. I watch this show everyday and seeing this show go on would be awsome. This show depicts a normal family in today's society. Don't let it go..

    I give this show 2 thumbs up. It's funny and entertaining. The characters work well together and the timing is perfect. It shows the average everyday life of a typical family and although the parents act like they don't get along with thier children they would do anything for them. That is a normal family. This show desearves to continue and should. Why get rid of something that the whole world loves to watch? They learn by it and are compatable with the show. I love it and hope that my children will be able to watch it later.
  • Love the show! It's amazingly funny, the cast works well together and they really make you laugh. By far my favorite show on television!

    I absolutely love this show. I TiVo it on both Lifetime and my local channel. I really wish they would bring it back. I've seen all the reruns at least 3 times and still watch it everyday. What can I say? It's hilarous! It's also a show that all family members can enjoy. I can't understand how they could take such a great show off the air. Please Bring It Back!!!!
  • Outstanding, amazing, and hilarious show!!!

    Still Standing is a hilarious, classic show about a Chicago family, named the Millers, with a married couple, 3 kids, and the wifes sister. The couple, Bill and Judy, 40, were high school sweethearts, who barely passed high school and had 3 kids. The kids, Brian, Lauren, and Tina, are all a different age and have different styles. Brian, the geek, is a smart kid of about 16 who always has straight A's but rarely has a girlfriend. Lauren, 14, the popular one, is about an average student who is popular and always has a boyfriend. Tina, the young one, is about 8 and makes pretty good grades in school. And finally Linda, 39, is Judy's unmarried sister who Bill always makes fun of. This is a very good show!!!!!!!
  • Bring this show back!!!!!!

    Bill and Judy are such a great couple and deserve to come back with their "intersting" brood of kids. Brian is hysterical! Being a child of the 80's I soooooo pick up on their comments and nuances and I absolutely love love love this show. I have always loved Jamie Gertz and think she is a fabulous actor. It's nice to wee mark Addy is not a buff, toned type of guy- now how about a hot guy and chubby wife show?????? Lifetime TV made a great move is picking up Still Standing, maybe they could convince the actors to come back for new episodes?
  • this showw is awesomee!! in case any of you guys didnt know, its still on the air! its on every week day at 5 and 7 at night on lifetime! but anyway this show rockss! i just cant get enough of it!=]]

    this show should definitly still be airing new episodes! me and my sisters watch it everyday! even if we look at the clock and its exactly 5 o clock and were doing something really important, we just drop everything and we say to each other omg still standing is on!!!!!!!! and we go watch it and then sometims we watch reba at 6 or well go back to what we were doing and then do the same thing again at 7 thats how great this show is i have gotten all of my friends and family intoo it because this show is just soo great you just cant stop watching! this show is so great! and its even greater because it realates to our family so while were watching it well just be like wow! that sounds exactly like our family! the 2 families are so alike its amazing!
  • A Great Show

    It was a great show, maybe the most funniest show ever. I live in Iceland, and they are still showing it here because we get the shows later than you in USA. I love Judy, Bill and Linda... oh what the hey i love all of them. I don't miss a show it is shown on Thursday nights at 21:30 PM. I love the voice of Judy thats like 35% why a watch the show because it makes the show funnier.I think my favorite episode is when Bill, Judy and the kids threw the toiletpaper on their neighbours house. Thank you for reading this. :)
  • compared to alot of modern sitcoms out today this one is pretty funny

    compared to alot of modern sitcoms out today this one is pretty funny it has your basic parents that arent really very good at all and three kids one a very smart kid but kind of a pansy the other an angsty teenage girl livin with the " troubles of being a teenager" and one little gierl who is sometimes annoying but smarter than all of them combined and also a ditsy aunt that always comes in and annoys them all, the basic plot for a basic modern sitcoom only this one uses that plot and makes into a uniquely funny result
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